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Table of contents
About Oracle👨‍💻
Life at Oracle😍
Roles Offered by Oracle🚀
Software Development Engineer(SDE)
DevOps Engineer at Oracle
Data Scientist at Oracle
Database Administrator at Oracle
Application Developer at Oracle 
Eligibility Criteria👀
Recruitment Process✅
On-Campus & Off-Campus Drives
Difficulty level 🤓
Syllabus for the Roles🧾
Preparation Strategy for Oracle Exams
Resources for Preparation👩‍💻
 Interview Resources
   Coding Resources
   Aptitude Resources
   Technical Resources
Oracle Interview Experiences 🤓
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Oracle?
How many rounds of interviews does Oracle conduct to hire engineers?
What is the technical hierarchy at Oracle?
Does Oracle hire freshers?
What is the highest salary at Oracle?
What kind of cloud is Oracle?
What kind of resume gets shortlisted for interviews?
What is it to work at Oracle?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Oracle Preparation Guide

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Willing to join oracle but don't know how to start? Don't worry. Coding Ninjas is here for you.

Oracle Preparation Guide

In this blog of Oracle Preparation Guide, we will discuss Oracle Company, the company's work culture, the different roles oracle hires for, the eligibility criteria, the preparation plan, and every detail you need to know to get into Oracle.  

About Oracle👨‍💻

Oracle is a multinational company with its headquarters in Austin, Texas. 

Oracle is an OORDMS that stands for Object Oriented Relational Database Management System. It is the world's largest database management company. 


There are many products of Oracle. Some of them are Oracle cloud, Oracle ERP, Oracle Applications, and many others.

In the world of revenue and market capitalization of 2020, Oracle is ranked as the third-largest software company in the world.

Oracle has its domain in many fields like ERP, HCM, CRM, EPM, SCM, etc.  

For every domain, Oracle hires employees. Oracle is well known for solving today's problems with future technologies. Oracle is focused on new technologies and updates available in the market.

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Life at Oracle😍

Excited to join Oracle? If yes, let us get you more excited by giving you information about the perks and benefits you receive when you join Oracle. 

Oracle is known for its work-life balance. It is the best company for employees to work with because of its work culture. 

Oracle follows principles where the employees get expert training and their colleagues' support.

✨Flexible working hours

✨Medical and health insurance facility

✨Free snacks and meals

✨International reallocation

✨Maternity/paternity leave

✨Transport and paid vacation

✨Social gatherings and fun

✨Performance bonus and stock equity

✨Health and fitness gym

✨No probation period

Roles Offered by Oracle🚀

This Oracle Preparation Guide will look at the roles oracle hires candidates. Oracle gives you a chance to work directly with its product team. There are different roles for which Oracle hires candidates. Oracle hires both freshers and experienced candidates.  

Roles offered by Oracle

Some of the popular roles for which oracle hires are discussed below. In this blog, we will also look at the roles and responsibilities, the eligibility criteria, and the test pattern Oracle follows to hire candidates.

Software Development Engineer(SDE)

Oracle hires candidates for the SDE position. An SDE engineer's primary responsibility at Oracle is to design and implement the new technologies in the development. They are skilled in various programming languages like C++JavaC#, Javascript, and UNIX scripting.


👉As a software engineer, you will be responsible for developing the software and fixing bugs and errors.

👉Maintaining the code readability and increasing the efficiency of the product.

👉Demonstrating the product to the stakeholders and understanding their requirements.

👉Troubleshooting and maintaining the scalability of the code. 

DevOps Engineer at Oracle

DevOps Engineer is an Engineer that does the development and the operational work. As a DevOps Engineer at Oracle, you interact with the development team and help increase the product's efficiency. They maintain the smooth process of the product and manage the SDLC process.


👉Focus on automation of tools and methodologies. Test the code of other developers and troubleshoot the bugs and errors.

👉Identify technical problems and update the software with the latest technologies.

👉Interact with the stakeholders and discuss the update with the development team.

👉Involvement in the project's complete process, i.e., planning, development, testing, maintaining, deployment, and decision-making. 

Data Scientist at Oracle

Oracle hires candidates for data scientists. As a data scientist at Oracle, you are expected to perform and analyze large amounts of data and provide new insights about data. As a data scientist, you need to be skilled in Machine LearningData ScienceData MiningStatisticsPythoncomputer science, and data analytics. 


 👉As a data scientist at Oracle, you help to grow the oracle cloud business of the organization.

👉Understanding Oracle cloud services and providing solutions to the customer's needs.

👉Providing support to the technical teams and giving solid proof points to customers to make them understand the importance of Oracle cloud.

👉You must be a go-to person for the customer to discuss their issues and requirements.

👉To have expertise in data analytics, data science, and data management.

Database Administrator at Oracle

Oracle hires candidates as database administrators/ engineers. They are expected to be skilled in DBMS. They should have completed oracle certification. You should have a solid understanding of PL/SQL and be able to write advanced functions/procedures/packages.


👉Be able to solve complex technical issues and provide solutions.

👉Work under pressure and be ready to work in shifts.

👉Providing solutions to customer support issues and advocating for their needs and requirements.

👉Solid understanding of Oracle cloud and troubleshooting various issues in the installation and patching.

👉Handle complex database scenarios and provide support to products by using the enhanced functions of DBMS.

Application Developer at Oracle 

Oracle Application Developer is responsible for performing and developing Oracle Applications. They are primarily responsible for creating and maintaining the application according to the customers' needs. 


👉Maintain the scalability of the application. Design and develop the application with new technologies.

👉To convert the issues of customers from Steamserve to XML publisher.

👉Reviewing and writing thousands of lines of SQL and packages according to the standards of Y2K.

👉To support the end user by providing training for reporting tools.

Let's go ahead with Oracle Preparation Guide and look more at Oracle's eligibility and recruitment process. 

Eligibility Criteria👀

Let's understand the eligibility criteria that are asked for maximum roles before you apply at Oracle. 

Below are the details that you must fulfill in order to be eligible to sit for the recruitment process.

👀A bachelor's degree or equivalent degree in a related field. A minimum of 4 years of Bachelor's Degree is required in these domains, i.e., CS/ IT field.

👀Consistent academic records, i.e., no year gap between X and XII.

👀No active backlogs. Students must be passed in all semester exams before applying.

Recruitment Process✅

Oracle hires candidates through on-campus and off-campus drives. Oracle comes to different colleges every year to conduct a recruitment drive.

Recruitment process

Oracle follows the same hiring process for the on-campus and off-campus recruitment drives.

On-Campus & Off-Campus Drives

Oracle conducts a total of 4 rounds when hiring for software engineering roles through on-campus drives.

1️⃣Online Test( Aptitude+ Technical )

This is the first round and the elimination round. An online test consists of questions from aptitude, quantitative, reasoning, computer science fundamentals, OOPs, Operating system, Networking, and DBMS(Database Management System). It consists of MCQ-type questions. This is the elimination round as well. Students who cannot clear this online test are not eligible for Technical Discussion with the panel.

2️⃣Technical Round 1

This is the second round and first technical interview round for the candidates. The candidates are asked questions on Data Structures and Algorithms(DSA). The interviewer generally asked two questions that were of medium-hard difficulty. The candidate is expected to solve questions with the best and most optimized solution.

3️⃣Technical Round 2

This is the 3rd round of the hiring process. In this personal round, the candidate is asked questions on DSA. The questions are more complex and require a good set of practice and problem-solving skills. The interviewer asks questions about your project and the skills mentioned in the resume.

4️⃣HR Round

The shortlisted candidates from the above two rounds are now eligible for HR discussion. The candidates are asked questions on tell me about themselves, what are your future plans after five years, why they want to join oracle, and some more details about their career goals.

Difficulty level 🤓

The hiring process of Oracle is similar to other product-based companies. The questions are medium- hard, difficult. The technical rounds are DSA-centric and programming based. 

The questions are mostly focused on Dynamic programming, Backtracking, Graphs, recursion, and many other topics.

Syllabus for the Roles🧾

In this Oracle Preparation Guide, we will look at the syllabus you must study in order to get a job opportunity at Oracle. 


The general syllabus for every role at Oracle is discussed here.

Oracle focuses on technology and advancement in methodologies. You should be skilled well in your technical and should have sound knowledge of mathematics and reasoning to clear their online test. You should be excellent at problem-solving. The general syllabus and topics you should be familiar with to get into Oracle are discussed below.

Programming Language

It is important for any software engineer role that you should have excellent knowledge of any one programming language with DSA. Programming language plays an important role in the selection of software developers. Try creating good projects and having hands-on practice with any one programming language. Java, C, C++, Python, Go, Ruby, etc.

✅OOPs Concepts

Don't worry about this. After learning a programming language, get an excellent knowledge of OOPs concepts. It is a very important skill in the SDE roles to have sound information about OPPs. 


It is important for an IT professional to have sound knowledge of databases. Oracle is an MNC company with its famous product Oracle RDBMS software. You should have excellent knowledge of database management systems and how data works in the software. Learn SQL, Oracle, MySql, etc.

Operating System 

As an engineer, you must be familiar with different types of operating systems and their functioning. You must study Linux, windows, and other operating systems to get sound knowledge of how the computer bodies respond to functions and their storage process.

✅Networking System

This is an important skill that is asked in your interview. Questions related to Networking are asked in technical rounds, and for this reason, you must be familiar with different models of networking, the network workflow, and many other network devices. You should have good knowledge of switches, buses, routers, firewalls, and other networking devices.

✅Cloud computing

Cloud is the new market in the IT industry. To get into Oracle, you must have excellent knowledge of different cloud technologies and platforms. Get hands-on experience on any one cloud provider, i.e., AWS(amazon web services), Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, GCP(Google cloud platform), and many others. 

Preparation Strategy for Oracle Exams

Let's go ahead in this Oracle Preparation Guide with the preparation strategy you must do so that you can grab the job opportunity at Oracle.

Preparation Strategy

The preparation strategy entirely depends on the exam for which you are applying. Oracle provides you with different Oracle certification exams and job opportunities. 

🚀You must have strong basics of your fundamentals. Prepare yourself well with object-oriented programming language, reasoning, and computer science subjects.

🚀Before applying for exams, ensure that you have studied all the contents and subjects of the exam. The description of the exam gives you a brief about the topics that you should prepare.

🚀Ensure you have read the job description(JD) before applying for the job.

🚀Learn communication and presentation skills. It is important that you must have soft skills like thinking ability, problem-solving, team player, and time management.

🚀Build your resume and update it according to your job profiles. Do not forget to add experience and internships if you have done any in previous years.

🚀Apply for on-campus or off-campus drives of Oracle. You can also connect with the employees of oracle to provide you with the referral, and this helps in increasing the hiring process. 

Resources for Preparation👩‍💻

Don’t worry about preparation. Coding ninjas have well-structured and well-planned courses just for you. The below resources will help you in your preparation and will help you to get the job.

 Interview Resources

   Coding Resources

   Aptitude Resources

   Technical Resources

Oracle Interview Experiences 🤓

In this oracle preparation guide, we have more information for you. Below we have shared the interview experiences of some candidates that have successfully cleared the interview rounds and are placed in Oracle. 

1️⃣Nandita Hans Interview Experience

2️⃣Tushar Mohod Interview Experience

3️⃣Varun Sharma Interview Experience

4️⃣Aaditya Chopra Interview Experience

To learn more about interview experiences, please refer here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oracle?

Oracle is a multinational company with its headquarters in Austin, Texas. It is best known for its work in databases. In the world of revenue and market capitalization of 2020, Oracle is ranked as the third-largest software company in the world.

How many rounds of interviews does Oracle conduct to hire engineers?

Oracle hires engineers in 4 stages. The first stage is the online test, the next two stages are a technical interview and the final stage is the managerial interview round. All the rounds are elimination rounds for the candidate.

What is the technical hierarchy at Oracle?

At Oracle, you first get placed as an Associate Engineer. Then later, you get promoted to Engineer. The promotions follow this pattern. After as an Engineer, you are promoted to Senior Engineer, then promoted to principal engineer, then the senior principal engineer, and finally to the IC 6 level, i.e., Architect.

Does Oracle hire freshers?

Yes, Oracle hires freshers for various roles. Every year Oracle conducts drives in different colleges for different roles with different variable pay. 

What is the highest salary at Oracle?

The highest salary at Oracle is given to a sales director with a pay of ₹ 95,90,000 lakhs per annum.

What kind of cloud is Oracle?

Oracle provides different types of services, i.e., IAAS, SAAS, and PAAS. These services help you in testing, integrating, deploying, and extending applications to the cloud. 

What kind of resume gets shortlisted for interviews?

A resume that has sound and expert knowledge of technical gets a greater chance for an interview. It is important that you have hands-on practice and expertise in technical problems.

What is it to work at Oracle?

Oracle is well known for its work-life balance. There are various benefits and perks you receive when you join Oracle. Some of them are life insurance, performance bonus, international reallocation, maternity leave, etc. 


In this blog, we have discussed the Oracle preparation guide. We have looked at the skills, the roles Oracle hires for, the eligibility criteria, the recruitment process, and much other information about Oracle in detail. In the end, we have also looked at frequently asked questions at Oracle. 

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