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Last updated: Aug 7, 2022

Other Algorithms

So far we have discussed various Data Structures and Algorithms in this category and covered almost every topic that'll help you understand the depth of this subject and will guide you in your journey of becoming a ninja coder. Now we'll go one step ahead and look into various algorithms that are often asked in interviews and how to analyze these algorithms, happy learning !!
Most Important Type of Algorithms EASY
The knowledge of data structure and types of algorithms can be beneficial to test the efficiency of both the freshers’ and the professionals.
What is Sorting Algorithms In Data Structures MEDIUM
Sorting is the process of arranging items in a specific order or sequence. It is a common algorithmic problem in computer science and is used in various applications.
Aho Corasick Algorithm
In this blog, we will discuss the Aho Corasick Algorithm.
Bitwise Algorithms
This article explains all about how bitwise algorithms are used to perform operations at the bit level.
Zhu-Takaoka String Matching Algorithm
In this blog, we will learn about Zhu-Takaoka String Matching Algorithm. We will understand what it means, its basics, how it works, and how to implement this algorithm.
Randomized Algorithms EASY
Randomized algorithms are a class of algorithms in computer science that use randomness or randomness in combination with deterministic steps to solve computational problems.
Priority Scheduling Program in C EASY
Priority scheduling is a method used by operating systems to manage how processes are handled based on their importance.
Branch and Bound Algorithm MEDIUM
This article will go Branch and Bound Algorithm with an example and advantages and disadvantages.
0-1 Knapsack
This article will discuss the 0-1 Knapsack problem and various ways to solve this problem.
Unbounded Knapsack MEDIUM
This article will explain the various knapsack problems and especially illustrate the Unbounded Knapsack while explaining its working with the help of a code snippet and algorithm. The blog will further discuss time and space complexity for Unbounded Knapsack.