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Table of contents
About Expedia🏢
Roles at Expedia🧑‍💻
User Experience Designer🚀
Skills and Experience required🧠
Job Expectations 💻
Career Path📈
Preparation Strategy🔖📚
Database Engineer🚀
Skills and Experience required🧠
Job Expectations 💻
Career Path📈
Preparation Strategy🔖📚
Content Designer🚀
Skills and Experience required🧠
Job Expectations💻
Career Path📈
Preparation Strategy🔖📚
Frequently asked questions❓
What exactly does Expedia Group do?
What is the salary range of a fresher at Expedia?
What is the most crucial ability to possess to succeed in any interview?
Does a well-framed resume play a vital role in selection? 
Is there an Expedia office in India?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Other roles at Expedia

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Hi Ninja🥷! Are you interested in joining the Expedia group? If the answer is emphatical, you are on the right track. We will give a comprehensive guide on other rolesa  at Expedia.

Roles at Expedia

This blog will review Expedia's job profiles, tasks and responsibilities, and salary information.

Let's start with some background about the firm.

About Expedia🏢

American internet travel company Expedia Group focuses on leisure and corporate travel. Its websites, which essentially act as travel fare aggregators and metasearch engines, include, Vrbo (previously HomeAway),,, Orbitz, Travelocity, trivago, and          

About Expedia

According to Rich Barton, the company's initial CEO, the name "Expedia" is a combination of the words "exploration" and "speed."

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Roles at Expedia🧑‍💻

There are always opportunities around you waiting to be taken seized of; when determining which opportunity to pursue, we feel there is one factor to consider:

Expedia is a leading company in its sector, evolving and expanding yearly, creating new job opportunities at Expedia. There are numerous job profiles at Expedia that will suit you and help you build your career.

User Experience Designer🚀

Expedia believes that travel improves the quality of life and fosters interpersonal connections. To fill this position, they are looking for a self-driven problem-solver who can work with Expedia to create and enhance global customer experiences for various brands across devices and platforms.            

User Experience Designer

You will be designing the user experience for the following travel products to give travelers assurance while making reservations, peace of mind, and protection in case something unforeseen occurs while traveling.

Skills and Experience required🧠

  • Professional design experience(above five years).


  • A qualification in the field (human-computer interaction, graphic design, interaction design, computer science, or communications).


  • Portfolio exhibiting user flows, engaging typography, and product-centric thinking through navigation Portfolio showing the use of navigation, attractive typography, user flows, color, photography, grid systems, well-crafted animation/transitions, interaction design, and information architecture to create products that are focused on the needs of the consumer.


  • Portfolio exhibiting a basic understanding of the standard processes, tech stacks, and data formats for responsive web design.


  • Proficiency with native mobile design platforms, web standards, and methodologies for responsive and adaptive design



The salary of a User Experience Designer roles at Expedia Group is:

        Salary               Amount
Base Pay Average ₹14,00,000 /yr

**The figures presented above are subjected to change by Expedia


Job Expectations 💻

  • Encourage and guide teams of researchers, content strategists, and designers in producing fantastic, user-friendly experiences that support organizational objectives.


  • Enjoy creating various platforms and devices, including mobile apps for iOS and Android and responsive web applications.


  • Thrive while working with business, product, and engineering to prioritize a practical roadmap, analyze success criteria, and align on problems.


  • By using research and analytics, you can ground your work in traveler insights. You can also evaluate creative and competitive goods, mentor other designers, and promote human-centered design principles in designs and technological approaches.


  • Consider design as a system, expanding and sustaining pattern libraries as a strategy to affect the effectiveness and quality of products. Take pleasure in considering the universal design to be the most pleasing design; consider people of all abilities when creating.


Career Path📈

The opportunities you receive after gaining a certain level of experience and skills for senior-level roles at Expedia as User Experience Designer:

  • User Experience Designer designer
  • Senior User Experience Designer designer
  • Principal User Experience Designer


Preparation Strategy🔖📚

You need to prepare the following things:

  1. Learn a Design Tool like Figma, Invision
  2. Learn Design Principles
  3. Learn UX methodologies
  4. Start Practising whatever you have learned
  5. Enrol in a recognized UI/UX Bootcamp


Database Engineer🚀

The Data Infrastructure team is devoted to creating a top-notch database platform to support international travel. Working with leading database technologies, such as non-relational databases for document data, indexing, and search, key/value, caching, and relational                 

Database Engineer

databases is a must for database engineers (AWS Aurora). Experience and skills needed for each role.

Skills and Experience required🧠

  • Experience using MySQL/PostgreSQL in production for at least four to five years(Must have)


  • Proficiency in shell, perl, python, or other programming languages


  • Knowledge of data replication, management, and architecture


  • Extensive understanding of PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Linux/Unix, and a total of 5+ years of DBA expertise.


  • Quick learner, problem-solver, and creative thinker. Responsible, devoted, and available when needed outside of working hours, Detail- and action-oriented



The salary of a Database Engineer roles at Expedia Group is:

        Salary               Amount
Base Pay Average ₹25,53,164/yr

**The figures presented above are subjected to change by Expedia


Job Expectations 💻

  • Improve current NoSQL db performance for our many existing client bases by automating the management of significant database clusters.


  • Participate in the community. Participate at conferences and meetups, then progress to writing wiki articles, blogging, etc.


  • Using creative solutions, provide emotional support to our clients (portfolio or product based).


  • Utilize cutting-edge cloud computing platforms like AWS or GCP/Azure to work with huge database and search environments and apps should be installed, configured, updated, and troubleshot. Create surroundings that are enduring and upkeep-free for our NoSQL venues.


  • Work together on technical challenges with engineers, DBAs, and system administrators.


Career Path📈

The opportunities you receive after gaining a certain level of experience and skills for senior-level roles at Expedia as a Database Engineer:

  • Database Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Senior Information Technology Manager [above 10 year of experience]


Preparation Strategy🔖📚

You need to prepare following things:

  • Knowledge of data mining, and data models is must.
  • Learn programming language (e.g. Java and Python)
  • Learn about  practical implementation of SQL database design
  • Remarkable arithmetic and analytical abilities
  • Degree in computer science, IT or a related discipline; a master's is a plus point.


Content Designer🚀

Content Designer helps to envision and deliver delightful customer experiences for travelers booking vacation rentals. It would help if you worked globally for multiple brands, across devices and platforms, in a diverse and collaborative environment.

Content Designer

Skills and Experience required🧠

  • A bachelor's degree or equivalent and expertise in fundamental techniques like conversational design, information architecture, content audits and analyses, content mapping, and storytelling. (This position is not in content marketing).


  • Able to independently audit, evaluate, organize, produce, and display content using pre-established frameworks.


  • Knowing the principles of human-centered design (HCD).


  • An approach to content design that is thoughtful, compassionate, and inclusive meets every user where they are.


  • Increased attention to content issues across all system and product categories.


  • Strong facilitation, presentation, and storytelling abilities, as well as the capacity to persuade your team and partners with appealing arguments and stories.


  • A love of the world and of what we do.


  • A collection of your best work in a portfolio. Examples of your work for Android and iOS apps are highly welcome, and it's a significant plus if you have prior platform or two-sided marketplace expertise.



The salary of a Content designer roles at Expedia Group is:

        Salary               Amount
Base Pay Average ₹11,05,832 - ₹11,80,584/yr

**The figures presented above are subjected to change by Expedia


Job Expectations💻

  • Knowing intricate content systems and using platform-scale content strategy.


  • Utilize comprehensive, customer-centered methods to inform our VRBO and vacation rental experiences' content strategy


  • Find scalable frameworks (such as matrices and other organized documentation) and employ them to address structural issues with product content.


  • Design scalable content solutions using UI frameworks, modularity, localization, reuse, and similar ideas.


  • Design, create, and test content solutions that address real client concerns using human-centered design principles.


  • Create a consistent voice and tone throughout several complex product areas, even if you don't own all the material.


  • Create content solutions that enhance systems, get around technical limitations, and cut down on content debt.


  • To drive content insights and solutions, combine business analytics with qualitative and quantitative data.


  • Work with teams to increase the product content's readability, inclusiveness, accessibility, and translation.


Career Path📈

The opportunities you receive after gaining a certain level of experience and skills for senior level roles at expedia as Content Engineer:

  • Associate content designer
  • Junior content designer
  • Content designer
  • Senior content designer
  • Lead content designer
  • Head of content design


Preparation Strategy🔖📚

You need to prepare following things:

  • Pursue a bachelor's degree like web design.
  • Gain relevant experience like web editor or content manager.
  • Develop your skills of relevant software like Adobe photoshop, research
  • Good understanding of business goals.
  • Try to improve communication skills, collaboration and management skills.



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Before we say Goodbye, let us look at some frequently asked questions to clear your doubts:

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Frequently asked questions❓

What exactly does Expedia Group do?

Expedia is one of the world's largest full-service online travel businesses, assisting travelers in simply planning and booking holiday packages, flights, hotels, rental cars, trains, cruises, activities, attractions, and services.

What is the salary range of a fresher at Expedia?

Salary ranges between 12,00,00 to 20,000 LPA for a fresher at Expedia.

What is the most crucial ability to possess to succeed in any interview?

Excellent communication skills and a technical grasp are essential during the job interview process. Written, vocal, and nonverbal communication abilities are all included. 

Does a well-framed resume play a vital role in selection? 

Your Resume is the most crucial factor that potential employers consider before taking you to an interview. As a result, you must have a beautiful resume before looking for work.

Is there an Expedia office in India?

Yes, Expedia has offices in India, Gurgaon, and Banglore. Moreover, Expedia is a big company with offices in major parts of the world.


In this article, we've explored various roles at Expedia. We've extensively discussed the Required skills, Job Expectations, Salary, Syllabus, Resources, and Interview Experiences. 

To know more about the Roles at Expedia, the way to get into Expedia, or different profiles, you can check out these articles:



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