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Other Roles on Facebook
About the Roles 
Product Designer 🖌️
Security Analyst 🔐
UX Researcher 🔍
Business Engineer 🕴️
Decision Scientist 🧪
Skills and Experience required for each role
Salary and Perks with the job
Salary 💸
Perks 📈
Job Expectations
Preparation Strategy and Carrier Map of These Profiles 🗺️
Frequently Asked Questions to get more info.
Could you at any point work for Facebook from home?
How to get ready to get employed at Meta?
How long is the Facebook recruiting process?
What is Facebook's acknowledgment rate?
What advantages do Facebook workers get?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Other Roles at Facebook

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Hey Ninja🥷 Meta is assisting in fabricating a future where people have more ways of playing and interfacing in the metaverse. They look for gifted individuals eager to help build the following part of social association.

To start looking for jobs, look online for employment opportunities on facebook opportunities

While a large number of the positions at Facebook are tech-centered, there are many positions that you can apply for that emphasize different kinds of work. 

facebook prep guide CN

You have come just to the right spot as we have everything prepared for you to achieve your success. 😉

Other Roles on Facebook

Facebook work postings permit businesses to present positions straightforwardly on their page and to Jobs on Facebook. Bosses can then run the postings as promotions and target possible workers. Requests for employment can be finished with the candidate's profile data, which candidates can alter.

We will be talking about a few essential roles on Facebook, like Product Designer, Security Analyst, UX Researcher, Business Engineer, and Decision Scientist. 📇

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About the Roles 

Jobs on Facebook are pretty demanding but are as beneficial and worth it. There are not many ways of venturing out on your profession way at Facebook. You can apply on the web or a companion can suggest you. In the event that you are an expert with an exceptional LinkedIn profile, odds are scouts will find you. Undergraduates can quickly take advantage of amazing entry level position chances.

The employer should recognize what clients need, then, at that point, utilize an assortment of configuration-related abilities (like UI and UX) to fullfill the job requirements.

There are 5️⃣ key subjects (with a couple of statements from guides and partners) that have risen out of Facebook professional training:

🔸Communication is vital

🔸Diversity is significant

🔸Be human first

🔸Accept disappointment

🔸Feedback (truly is) a gift

Product Designer 🖌️

Meta's plan is spearheading advancements to unite individuals. Their groups share in the obligation of doing it on a worldwide scale. Their groups plan and construct Meta innovations on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Workplace, Novi, Portal, and Meta Quest for billions of individuals all over the planet.


Product Designers at Meta assume a focal part in how meta fabricates items, guaranteeing their items and elements are significant for individuals, simple to utilize, and of the most critical degree of art and execution. By zeroing in on individuals and doing the basic things first, they foster quality encounters for a portion of the world's most significant, most testing issues.

Security Analyst 🔐

Meta hires an accomplished Information Security Assessment Analyst to join the Information Security group. This position will be answerable for leading security risk appraisals against first-party/inward data frameworks and applications, making sensible and faultless proposals, and the following advancement on remediation until the conclusion. An ideal applicant is somebody with technical information on the expansive parts of data security and can recognize protection lacks not given any systems or rules but rather founded on the real gamble presented to Meta and its clients.

Security Analyst

UX Researcher 🔍

Meta's work means to comprehend individuals who will utilize their items, gathering bits of knowledge to drive item course and methodology. Their techniques range from generative to evaluative, ethnography to trial and error, and close cooperation among researchers and our cross-useful accomplices.


As they scale the group, they're searching for partners with a scope of mastery from experts to systemic generalists with abilities in subjective and quantitative research techniques. The right competitors will be fantastic communicators, proficient in item improvement and plan, curious about the connection between innovation and society, agreeable to a quick association, eager to team up, and enthusiastic about understanding and aiding individuals.

Business Engineer 🕴️

Business Engineering is searching for influence-engaged, pioneering engineers prepared to bring their thoughts and have an effect. Meta is an innovation specialist that applies its programming abilities to get an exciting mix of business and innovation mastery to guarantee our accomplices succeed. Their group is at the convergence of business and development, where you will execute on settling actual business challenges through Meta's foundation and local area in many of the present most thrilling ventures and items. These incorporate Video, Commerce, Monetization, Metaverse, Gaming, Creators, AI, and Messaging, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. You will compose versatile creation grade code across Meta's foundation in a joint effort with other item designing groups. 

Business Engineer

Decision Scientist 🧪

The Marketing group centers around building Facebook's image presence by further developing client feelings and item schooling. Meta's Marketing group tries to comprehend how their clients feel about their items so they can assist people with a better comprehension of Facebook's goal and mission and guide their clients to critical elements that can improve their lives. The Decision Science group gives a sagacious investigation on shopper impression of the Facebook experience as a consultative accomplice to their Marketing group so they can more readily interface their clients to Facebook and their items.

Decision Scientist

Meta is looking for a skilled candidate who flourishes at the crossing point of information, human way of behaving, promoting, article, and designing. The ideal competitor will have areas of strength for a logical foundation and a powerful craving to have a considerable business effect by purchasing and driving business results. Solid using time effectively and relational abilities are essential.


Skills and Experience required for each role

🔅Experience associating your work with other related drives across the organization while driving coordinated effort

🔅Information on Risk the executives structures and strategies

🔅Program and venture the board abilities

🔅Capacity to make a research plan including sensible definition of a research speculation

🔅Fundamental comprehension of quantitative, social examination and factual ideas

🔅Experience imparting specialized thoughts to non-specialized crowds

🔅The executives counseling experience or a comparable vocation expecting one to introduce information driven bits of knowledge to business crowds

🔅Experience composing creation code for robotized models

You can practice and learn more from our preparation guides and articles below:

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🔗 Data structures and Algorithm

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🔗 IT Certifications


Salary and Perks with the job

Salary 💸

facebook roles salary

Perks 📈

Facebook workers have great opportunities, including a $250 month to month Facebook Business Ads Credit, which proves to be helpful to assist them with accomplishing their business objectives. Aside from publicizing benefits, workers get a Headspace membership rebate, a Rethink program markdown, and a cell phone rebate. 

Other than that, essential benefits like free Transport, work from home, team outings, child care, health Insurance, education assistance, job training, soft skill training, etc. are available.

Job Expectations

▶️Take expansive, theoretical thoughts and transform them into something helpful and significant for their 2 billion or more clients

▶️Configuration streams and encounters that improve and distill down complex activities into usable connection points

▶️Configuration new meetings or designs that develop and characterize visual frameworks

▶️Add to vital choices around the future bearing of Facebook items

▶️Impart results and show ideas in convincing and imaginative ways

▶️Go about as an idea chief in the space of research while supporting individuals who could utilize our items

▶️Cooperate with showcasing, research, and item associations to scope, plan, execute, measure, and work on the effect of our promoting endeavors on the world and Meta's business

▶️ Interpret information experiences into activities and proposals that will drive brand feeling, client development, and commitment, and promoting viability

You can now reach up to all the job expectations by practicing from our website through the links below:

🔗 Coding mock tests

🔗 Practice interview questions

🔗 Preparation guide

🔗 Free coding competitions

🔗 Interview experiences

🔗 CN library

Preparation Strategy and Carrier Map of These Profiles 🗺️

One great strategy is to understand and recollect that there is a lot of elements that at last impact the ultimate result of a meeting; as well as "getting the FANG offer" your definitive objective. This could sound self-important (and a piece like a survivor's inclination), yet making your target a superior specialist will be helpful. You'll probably see the extravagant results eventually falling into their places. Being severely legit about whether pursuing faster routes to an evident achievement will work for you over the long haul will likewise help your future profession movement. 

Look at our Youtube video below for a better preparation strategy.

While diagramming your vocation guide, you take responsibility for the advantages and disadvantages. No managers, coaches, or professional instructors will direct you through this stage. Subsequently, it is fundamental that before you start the excursion, you acknowledge how achievement affects you. Think about all parts of your life - individual and expert. Distinguish the social height or expert title that would cause you to feel fruitful. Have an unmistakable vision regarding where you need to be in the following five, ten, or twenty years from once in a while. Push ahead.

roadmap CN

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Frequently Asked Questions to get more info.

Could you at any point work for Facebook from home?

When the vast majority of the enormous tech monsters are hanging tight for their laborers back to their workplaces after the pandemic is finished and even now when the rate of the illness has diminished decisively, Facebook will permit all representatives who can work outside the workplace, that is to say, from home, to do as such after the Covid .

How to get ready to get employed at Meta?

With countless work candidates, Meta (previously known as Facebook) is one of the most severe organizations to get a meeting with and land a proposition for employment. 

How long is the Facebook recruiting process?

By and large, expect the Facebook screening to traverse four to eight weeks and around seven meetings. Screenings change intermittently, so if your experience doesn't follow a definite way, it's anything but a negative marker.

What is Facebook's acknowledgment rate?

The acknowledgment rate for computer programming jobs at Facebook is under 3%, making it a genuinely provoking organization to find some work in.

What advantages do Facebook workers get?

In light of this, Facebook gives its representatives a sensible work/life balance through paid debilitated leave days, adaptable timetables, and spent excursions and occasions. You will get 21 yearly passes on days and admittance to psychological well-being programs.

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The roles on Facebook are quite demanding but are as beneficial and worth it. Facebook workers have great benifits, including a $250 month-to-month Facebook Business Ads Credit, which proves to help assist them with accomplishing their business objectives. While a large number of the positions at Facebook are tech-centered, there are many positions that you can apply for that emphasize different kinds of work. WIth this we will conclude our article.

You can also check out Facebook Interview Experience to learn about Facebook’s hiring process.

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