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Key Differences: Phalcon PHP vs Laravel
what is Phalcon PHP
Advantages of Phalcon PHP
Disadvantages of Phalcon PHP
what is Laravel
Advantage of Laravel
Disadvantages of Laravel
Comparison: Phalcon PHP vs Laravel
Which one to choose: Phalcon PHP vs Laravel?
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Laravel back-end or front-end?
What does Laravel's Blade mean?
Is phalcon fast?
What is Phalcon used for?
What’s the basic difference between Phalcon PHP vs Laravel?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Phalcon vs laravel: PHP Frameworks

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Laravel is a robust open-source MVC PHP framework primarily used to create new, innovative, and fully-featured web applications. It gives a varied selection of PHP frameworks' fundamental features.

In contrast, A web framework called Phalcon was created in C, PHP, and Zephir. Andres Gutierrez and a group of programmers created it. For improved efficiency and customization options, it employs MVC architecture. It was introduced in 2012 and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Unix, and other operating systems.

phalcon vs laravel

So now, in this article, Phalcon PHP vs laravel, we will examine each framework individually.

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Key Differences: Phalcon PHP vs Laravel

  • As a result of the framework extension being constructed in C, which is very quick and effective, Phalcon has one of the quickest PHP frameworks. Due to its heavy reliance on PHP and Symfony, Laravel is a relatively sluggish framework.
  • Laravel performs poorly and moves more slowly than Phalcon in terms of performance and speed.
  • To comprehend Phalcon, you must have strong programming abilities and be familiar with C programming. Programming knowledge is required to comprehend and develop the code for Laravel.
  • Phalcon offers greater project structure flexibility. In comparison to Phalcon, Laravel is less flexible.
  • Phalcon uses the Volt template system. The blade is a highly strong template system that is part of Laravel.
  • Laravel adheres to poor design practices, whereas Phalcon implements good design practices.
  • Compared to Laravel, Phalcon has a weak community or documentation. The Laravel community is strong, and the documentation is thorough and excellent. It covers everything and is excellent for both new and seasoned users. Creating web applications with authorization features and a fully functional authorized class is simple.
  • Zephir customization and loosely linked components are features of Phalcon. The command-line interface that comes with Laravel is called Artisan. With this, several operations can be carried out, including database migration and seeding. It is mostly used to create resource routing, logical Eloquent CRUD, and REST APIs and requires less writing time.
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what is Phalcon PHP


An open-source PHP 5 web framework called Phalcon was created in the C programming language to provide excellent performance with little resource use. The functionality of the framework is displayed as ready-to-use PHP classes. Thus learning C is not necessary. The advantages of utilizing C are

  • Its platform independence and superior performance.
  • Making it compatible with Mac OS X.
  • Microsoft Windows.
  • GNU/Linux.

Even though Phalcon is only a couple of years old, it already offers development, community, and documentation tools that rival many other PHP frameworks on the market.

Advantages of Phalcon PHP

  • The architecture is loosely connected.
  • It enables developers to incorporate many framework capabilities without altering their base code.
  • It uses less memory, which reduces the likelihood of assaults.
  • In comparison to other frameworks, it offers substantially superior performance.
  • The first Object Relational Mapping (ORM) framework for PHP built-in C, Phalcon, offers developers exceptional efficiency and simplicity when interfacing with databases. Phalcon has the most recent routing features, making it simple and quick to define routes and link them to controllers and actions.
  • Incur relatively little cost in contrast to other frameworks that are accessible.
  • Using a world-class global auto-loader setup, you can get advantages and keep complete control over the business logic by registering prefixes, namespaces, classes, or directories.
  • Software that is simple to design and use to test entire applications is made possible via direct injection.
  • Very clear, accurate, and user-friendly API with strong code created using a variety of design patterns.

Well, every useful thing has some minor-major shortcomings; in the next section of the article, Phalcon PHP vs laravel, we will look into some disadvantages of the Phalcon PHP framework.

Disadvantages of Phalcon PHP

  • Lack of publicity and ignorance of Phalcon's existence among programmers
  • No built-in plugin
  • Installation that is demanding and complex
  • Run away from shared hosts
  • code for the programming language C
  • No Assist (for example, you need to convert raw PHP code to create a security image)
  • Small town; therefore, you need help finding where to fix your mistakes or get the answers to your inquiries.

In the article's next section, Phalcon PHP vs Laravel, we will have a basic overview of the Laravel framework.

what is Laravel


An open-source PHP framework for building web apps is called Laravel. Expressive command-line interfaces, quick web development tools, a sizable library of reusable components, and comparable features are all provided by Laravel.


Laravel allows developers to create reliable applications with minimal code. These programs have extremely scalable codebases and are simple to maintain. Additionally, Laravel developers access and work with databases using object-relational mapping.

Advantage of Laravel

  • The limitations between distinct database objects are maintained with the aid of Laravel. Using an advanced search mechanism builder, this is accomplished.
  • The framework has an automatic loading feature. It does not need manual upkeep or incorporation of roadways.
  • Using a LOC container, Laravel facilitates the development of new tools.
  • The version control method offered by the framework is simple. This solution facilitates the handling of migrations more simply.
  • Last but not least, installing and customizing the framework is quick and simple.

Disadvantages of Laravel

  • Due to its youth, Laravel is less developed than many other frameworks. The composer is less powerful than npm, ruby gems, and pip.
  • When compared to Ruby on Rails, the development is slower.
  • It is a new platform for developers to work with and is extremely slow.
  • When extending codes and classes, novice developers encounter difficulties.
  • Compared to other platforms, there is less widespread community support.
  • In the reverse routing process, there are numerous complicated methods.
  • Transferring legacy systems to Laravel is complex.

Comparison: Phalcon PHP vs Laravel

Features Laravel Phalcon PHP
Performance 500 queries can be processed per second. 1000 queries per second can be readily handled.
Customization Fewer design elements and functions are used. There are many different design features accessible.
Source Code Laravel made its source code available for learning; you can access it at On, you can find Phalcon's source code.
Scalability More Scalable Less scalability exists
Database Support Supports fewer databases. Supports fewer databases.
Popularity One of the top 5 most used PHP frameworks is Laravel.  Due to a lack of marketing and advertising, it could be more well-known.
Complexity Simple. Relatively complex.
Features It has the fundamental PHP foundation and Symphony features. Features include low overhead, MVC, and HMVC, among others.

Which one to choose: Phalcon PHP vs Laravel?

Though essentially identical, Phalcon and Laravel each have their advantages and disadvantages. Because Laravel is so commonly used and favored, it can be claimed that it is preferred to Phalcon.

Some programmers opted to use frameworks with greater community support and quick bug fixes. There is no harm in using the other as we will only be able to use or feel comfortable with that once we investigate the technology.

Consequently, the choice of web application framework depends on the needs and available time of the developer.

So that’s the end of the article Phalcon PHP vs Laravel. Now, let’s look at frequently asked questions to clarify doubts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laravel back-end or front-end?

A back-end framework called Laravel makes it easier to create server-side applications with functions like user accounts and order management.

What does Laravel's Blade mean?

Laravel's The Blade templating engine provides distinctive templates and streamlines syntax writing.

Is phalcon fast?

The quickest PHP framework ever created, offered as a C extension, is Phalcon Web Development. It offers classes and functions that are ready to utilize for any application. The dependency injection pattern is the foundation upon which Phalcon development is built.

What is Phalcon used for?

A variety of projects are designed with Phalcon. Yii supports all relational and non-relational databases. Laravel supports all relational databases. Relational databases and those that don't receive equal support from Phalcon.

What’s the basic difference between Phalcon PHP vs Laravel?

As a result of the framework extension being constructed in C, which is very quick and effective, Phalcon has one of the quickest PHP frameworks. Due to its heavy reliance on PHP and Symfony, Laravel is a relatively sluggish framework.


In this article, we learned about the major differences between Phalcon PHP vs Laravel. Later, we looked into each of the frameworks individually. Lastly, we learned which of the two is better according to conditions.

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