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Last updated: May 27, 2022

Pivot Tables in Excel

In this module, we are going to discuss Pivot Tables a powerful tool to calculate, process, and summarize the data that helps you spot patterns or trends and other useful information.
Introduction to Pivot Tables EASY
This blog will cover the introduction to pivot tables. Moreover, we will see how we can use them with examples.
Group Pivot Table Items EASY
This blog will teach us about how to group pivot table items. Furthermore, we will learn how to group products and dates by quarter.
Multilevel Pivot Table in Excel
This article will discuss how to create a Multilevel Pivot Table in excel.
Frequency Distribution using Pivot Table
This article discusses how to form a frequency distribution of excel data using a pivot table.
Pivot Charts EASY
This blog will cover the topic of Pivot Charts. Furthermore, we will learn how to represent our data in the Pivot Charts and how we can update pivot charts.
Slicers and Timeline
You can use slicers and timelines to filter your PivotTable data, and at a glance, you can see what filters are applied.
Calculated Field and Calculated Item EASY
In an Excel pivot table, calculated fields and calculated items are custom formulas.
GetPivotData EASY
This blog covers the concept of the use of Excel GetPivotData function, which is specifically designed to extract data from a pivot table.