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Last updated: Feb 15, 2022


Pointers are variables that store the address of other variables. Every variable is stored in the memory and each memory location has its own memory address. It enables us to pass variables by reference.
What is a pointer to an object in C++? EASY
This article discusses What is a pointer to an object in C++ with its types i.e. null pointer, void pointer, array name as a pointer, wild pointer, and dangling pointer.
Array of pointers
This article discusses an array of pointers.
NaN in C++ EASY
This article aims to describe NaN in C++.
Function Pointers in C
This article describes about the function pointer.
Reference in C++
This article discusses Reference, reference vs. pointers.
Difference between Pointers and References EASY
This article will discuss the characteristics of the concept between pointers and references.
Opaque Pointer MEDIUM
In this article, we shall discuss the opaque pointers. We will see the syntax to define opaque pointers and why we use opaque pointers with an example.
Can references refer to invalid location?
In this article, we will learn what a reference variable is, its syntax and example, and whether it can point to invalid references.
Smart Pointer EASY
This blog contains the concept of the smart pointer in the C++ programming language. This blog explains the types of smart pointers with examples.
Author Aditi
‘this’ pointer EASY
This article discusses the details of the ‘this’ pointer with its properties, usage, and examples.
Delete this in C++ EASY
This blog contains the delete this concept of the C++ programming language. Various examples are presented in the blog to explain the concept in detail.
auto_ptr unique_ptr shared_ptr and weak_ptr
This blog discusses auto_ptr, unique_ptr, shared_ptr and weak_ptr. It briefly explains the use of these special pointers in C++ with examples.
Dangling, Void, Null and Wild Pointers
This blog offers a detailed guide on understanding what dangling, void, null and wild pointers are in C++ programming languages, with examples of each. To know more about it, read on!
What is Pointer to Object in C++ EASY
In this article, we will discuss about pointer to object in C++. We will also discuss how data members and member functions are accessed.