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Problem statement
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should we have to solve a puzzle?
Is programming similar to puzzles?
Do solving puzzles improve our coding skills?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Policeman and the Prisoner

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Puzzles are good exercise for the brain. They help in enhancing the cognitive abilities of the brain helping with Problem Solving and related skills. There are numerous types of puzzles; each one having a logic inherent to itself which helps in cracking it. A good puzzle well is actually like a good mystery that we may have read about or watched on TV. It has the finest of hints which help in reaching its solution.

The following article discusses one such puzzle so let's get right to it.

Problem statement

A Prisoner has been scheduled to be punished by the Police and as a result, they had to give a statement. However, there is a catch if the statement the prisoner makes is true, the prisoner will be hanged to death whereas if the statement is false, the prisoner would be shot to death.

The Prisoner wants to stay alive. What statement should they make such that they live after making the statement and save themself?

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Reply as per the prisoner “I will be shot dead.”

If the policeman marks the statement as true, the prisoner would be hanged to death, violating the statement.

If the policeman marks the statement as false, the prisoner would be shot dead, which will support the assertion. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we have to solve a puzzle?

The main reason behind solving puzzles is to test the depth of your thinking. It also confirms that you were not a nerd, and you can think beyond the imagination.

Is programming similar to puzzles?

Yes, programming is similar to a puzzle based on data and math that works in the background. 

Do solving puzzles improve our coding skills?

Yes, it does improve our competitive coding skills. Competitive coding is all about solving a puzzle using a computer. 


In this article, we have extensively discussed the problem statement and solution regarding the Prisoner and Policeman Puzzle.

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