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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Post Round Insights for HWI (IE)

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Infosys is one of the major recruiters conducting off-campus hiring through Infytq and Hackwithinfy. Based on your performance, Infosys offers two roles with Hackwitinfy, System Engineer Specialist Role(SES) and Power Programmer Role(PP). I will be discussing my interview experience and how I performed in my earlier rounds to get an interview call.



Round 1

Round 1 of Hackwithinfy is an online coding round. The round comprises three coding problems and 3 hours for it. The questions level will range from medium to hard level. You can expect an interview call if you have solved 1 question completely and two other questions partially(this may vary). In my case, I solved two questions completely and one partially. After a month, I got an interview call for the 'Power Programmer' role.

Earlier, Hackwithinfy consisted of one more coding round( Round 2) in which three coding problems were given to solve in 3 hours of time span. It was similar to round 1, but the problem's difficulty level used to be a bit higher. But now there is no round 2, and you get the interview opportunity if you performed well in Round 1. However, if you are in the top 100 participants, you will get a chance to participate in the grand finale hackathon and win prizes. You can check more details from the Infosys careers website( Hackwithinfy 2022 details).

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Interview Insights

The interview is generally scheduled on the Webex platform for nearly one hour. The questions asked, and sequence of the interview was: 

  • The interviewer introduced himself, asked me whether I was nervous or not, and then asked me to introduce myself.
  • After that 3-4 coding questions. (One need to explain as many approaches as possible, starting from brute force approach to optimized versions)
  • The first question was easy related to searching and sorting.
  • Then a greedy question in which 2D matrix is involved.
  • Simple DFS, BFS question related to the graph.
  • A bit-manipulation question. 
  • He may also ask you to code what you have explained. I have to code two questions out of the above four.
  • Project-related questions (We discussed my project in detail and how to optimize it and how its practical applicability can be increased). My project was a mobile application for scanning images and extracting texts from them.

Note: You should have a great knowledge of your project in order to make an impact in the eye of an interviewer. 

  • Moreover, questions on Operating Systems, DBMS could be there. In my case, the interviewer asked all the main concepts of Operating Systems and popular questions like deadlock and zombie process.

He asked questions on Object-Oriented Programming(OOP's) and told me to implement or elaborate on the concept using a real-life example. Some of the questions are:

  • What is Abstract Class, and can its object be created?
  • What are types of polymorphism?
  • What is Normalization?
  • What are ACID properties?
  • What are joins and their types? 
  • DBMS architecture questions?


  • Some HR questions 
    I have been asked various questions too. I tried to write some questions and also some sample answers that are somewhat similar to what I said. 

Some questions are as follows: 

Why Infosys?
Infosys is the second-largest Indian IT company famous for its employee-friendly culture. Working with such a big company and in a friendly environment is what I want. I will learn much and be at my full potential.

Any leadership role?
I have been leading a coding society at my university, organized many contents across global coding platforms, helped to build a better coding culture in my university.

What new technologies in the industry are going on?
I discussed blockchain, AR( Augmented reality, gave the example of Meta), ML, and how the world is moving towards an AI boom.

In HR questions, you need to show some enthusiasm and don't be dull. Just give honest reasons how you can be a valuable asset to the company. You can explain in-depth if you want, and you can also close at one line if you think that will be fine and you portrayed yourself well.

  • Lastly, he asked any questions for him?

In my case, firstly I asked what he thinks, whether I was properly able to explain things and what are areas he thinks I need to work on? The interviewer replied positively and said that the way I explained things with examples is great.

Then, I asked what a working day feels like in Infosys and in which technologies I will be getting opportunities to work if I got selected in Infosys?

The interviewer replied about the working culture, shared his ten years of experience at Infosys, and lastly gave me some tips to perform better in the corporate sector. 

Note: Always ask questions so that the conversation becomes two-way; this will have a huge influence on your confidence. You may inquire about the working culture at Infosys, as well as how it feels to work with Infosys and the new technology they are developing.

To conclude, my overall interview was great; the interviewer was nice and helped me when I got stuck. I tried to explain my answers clearly with examples, and fortunately, he got impressed.


  1. Firstly, prepare well for the interview. Knowledge is the key to success. 
  2. Be confident, and introduce yourself well( prepare it before).
  3. Look at the camera and try to explain things as you are having proper eye contact with the interviewer; it will help you to look confident.
  4. Don't mention unnecessary things on your resume; you will be asked many questions about your mentioned skills.
  5. Prepare DBMS well, including important concepts like normalization, acid properties, transactions, joins. You can be asked to write queries during the interview.
  6. Even if you are from a non-IT background, you should have a clear understanding of subjects like DBMS, OS, OOPS, and others that you have mentioned on your resume.
  7. Having a clear understanding of Data Structures and their implementations is necessary.
  8. If you don't know an answer during the interview, just say 'NO.' along with the statement, I will have to prepare or revise the topic to answer your question.
  9. Don't panic, be honest, and just be yourself.
  10. Lastly, All the best Ninja, you’ll crack it. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. From where can I register for Hackwithinfy?
    You can register Hackwithinfy from the official careers site of Infosys. Follow the link: Hackwithinfy.
  2. How many rounds are there in Hackwithinfy?
    Hackwithinfy consists of two rounds, Round 1 is an individual online test, and the next round is the Grand finale. If you performed well in round1 and in the top 100 performers, then you will get an opportunity to participate in finale hackathon. But you can get an interview call on basis of round 1 performance.
  3. How many questions do I need to solve to get an interview call?
    Well, you can expect an interview call if you solved at least one complete coding out of three. And two other questions partially. This can vary, depending on the difficulty of the questions and the overall performance of candidates.
  4. What type of coding questions are asked in the coding round?
    The questions are generally medium to hard level. You should have a good understanding of data structures and algorithms and other important concepts like dynamic programming.
  5. What will be one key tip for the interview?
    Prepare your resume well, don't mention anything unnecessary over there. Generally, the interviewer will discuss your resume and the mentioned skills.

Key TakeAways

We discussed my interview experience and other points related to Hackwithinfy. Here are some more tips for you:

  1. Confidence will help you a lot.
  2. The interviewer will be nice, and he will try to help you if you get stuck.
  3. Enjoy the process.

You can also visit Coding Ninjas Studio to practice programming problems for your complete interview preparation and land your dream job.

Check out Infosys Interview Experience to learn about their hiring process.


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