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What are Posts
Important Sub-Menus in Post 
Add Post
Publish Post
Edit Post
Delete Post
Preview Post
Publish Post
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a dashboard in WordPress?
What is WordPress?
What are different sub-menus in Posts?
How many WordPress posts can be created?
How do we publish a post on WordPress?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Posts in WordPress

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Posts in WordPress are a multilateral content type, as they are evergreen elements of the WordPress website. With the help of WordPress, we can take advantage of the ability to fabricate news pages, share updates, organize a briefcase, and many more. In this article, we are going to discuss how to set up and decorate the blog page and cover the circumstances where a Posts page can support your site.

A blog is an essential core of approaching any website. WordPress records your posts on the home page to point out this by default. Although, if you want to have your homepage fixed, you have to find another platform for your blog posts to live.

Providentially, WordPress also lets you build a truly post page. This is extremely useful if you want your homepage to showcase your services and products but also need to display your blog posts. 

Let's move to the next section to learn about posts.

What are Posts

Posts are structured; despite that, it is an instance segment of contentment (such as daily news). You use them to make sure your WordPress site is the latest, suitable and absorbing. Posts are listed in reverse chronological order on your home page.

Posts can be categorized into different catalogs and levels easily found by net surfers (and by search engines). Those who have signed up to your effortless syndication feed will have your posts fetched directly to them. This is easy for your posts to be shared and, in turn, for your traffic to grow.



Let us see some important sub-menus of the post.

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Important Sub-Menus in Post 

There are some sub-menu in posts like - Adding, Publishing, Editing, deleting, Preview & Publishing.

Add Post

On the left-hand side of the dashboard, go to Posts ->Add New.

See the above screenshot; the editor page will come up in front. There are two fields,

Title - Where we enter the title of the post.

ContentWrite content for your post.

In Visual mode, you can use the normal format to write.

In-Text mode, you can use HTML format to write.

Preview - This button will help you see your post before publishing it.

Publish Post

After filling both the above fields, click on the Publish button. It means you are prepared to publish a blog on your site.


See the above screenshot; you can see some other options in the publish section.

  • Preview Post/Preview - It will let you look at your post before publishing it.
  • PermalinkIt means permanent link. It holds a convenient post name derived from its title. This will be edited by using the ‘Edit button.
  • Save Draft - Post will be saved here.
  • Status - Help you change your post's status to Draft and Pending.
  • Visibility - Change visibility to Public, Private and Protected.
  • Publish - Change the date and time of post publish.

Edit Post

For editing posts, click on Posts -> All Posts.

See the above screenshot; you see the list of all created posts here. Move your cursor above the post, the following options, will appear.

See the above screenshot; it shows four options to edit - Edit, Quick Edit, Trash & View.

Once we click Edit, the following page will appear.

See the above screenshot; here, you edit the post's content.

And on clicking Quick Edit, the following page will appear.

See the above screenshot; here, you can edit the date, title, and URL of the post's valid name and the category of the post.

Delete Post

For deleting a post, click on Posts -> All Posts. 

See the above screenshot; click on the Trash option to delete the post.

Preview Post

For a preview post, click on Posts -> All Posts

See the above screenshot; once you click view, the following page will appear.

See the above screenshot; here is the Preview of our post. From here, you can see whether your post needs any changes or not.

Publish Post

To publish a post, click on Posts -> All Posts.

See the above screenshot; after writing your post, click the Publish button, and your post will be published.

Let us see some FAQs related to the topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dashboard in WordPress?

Collection of gadgets that provide information and it display the overview of websites.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the easiest, most prominent way to build your websites without prior development knowledge.

What are different sub-menus in Posts?

Adding, Publishing, Editing, deleting, Preview & Publishing.

How many WordPress posts can be created?

Unlimited posts can be created, and there is no limit on the number of posts.

How do we publish a post on WordPress?

To publish a new post in WordPress, Open your WordPress dashboard, and click on Post -> New. Write the post title in the first box, and in the second column, write your blog; once the blog is completed, click on publish. When you visit your blog, you will see your new post there.


In this article, we have extensively discussed Posts in WordPress. We saw how two create Posts in WordPress with the help of examples.

After reading about how to create posts in WordPress, are you not feeling excited to read/explore more articles on WordPress? Don't worry; Coding Ninjas has you covered. To learn, see Categories in wordpressSeo Optimizationabout slider plugin, Backup in wordpresstags in wordpress, and Wordpress dashboard.

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Happy Learning!

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