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Resources to Prepare for Infosys Certification Exam 2023
Course Highlights
InfyTQ Eligibility Criteria
InfyTQ Exam Pattern
Previous Asked Questions during InfyTQ
Prerequisites for InfyTQ
How to Register?
InfyTQ Preparation Tips
Frequently Asked Questions
Can the 2022 batch apply for InfyTQ?
How can I apply for InfyTQ 2023?
How many times is the Infytq exam conducted in a year?
How can I get a job at Infosys?
Is InfyTQ certification free?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Preparation Guide For Infosys Certification Exam (InfyTQ) 2023

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Often we are on the lookout for certifications and exams that help in showcasing our programming capabilities. There are numerous tests available that claim that they will back your credentials as a software programmer, but what is better than getting certified from the industry itself? 

InfyTQ Certification is an exam that offers you a chance to bring forward your programming knowledge and capabilities to prove your industry readiness.

Preparation Guide For Infosys Certification Exam (InfyTQ) 2023

The test is based on programming and Database concepts. The final certification which says “Infosys Certified Software Programmer” is awarded to the students. In addition to this, students are also given a chance to interview at Infosys for the Systems Engineer role.

This article covers everything you need to know about the InfyTQ 2023 examination and offers tips on how you can prepare and ace the test.  

Infosys also conduct the exam like HackWithInfy, to know more please visit the link.

Resources to Prepare for Infosys Certification Exam 2023

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InfyTQ Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the InfyTQ certification exam 2023 is as follows: 

  • You should be a student of B.E / B.Tech / M.E / M.Tech / M.Sc / MCA / MCM with a precondition of your graduation year being 2022.
  • In case you are still confused, in simpler words – if you are graduating the next year, from the degree programs as mentioned above, you are eligible to apply for the InfyTQ certification exam. 

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InfyTQ Exam Pattern

The exam process and pattern for the InfyTQ Certification Exam 2023 is as follows: 

1. Qualifying Round: This round tests your programming abilities, knowledge of database management systems and also tests your aptitude skills. There are three sections for the qualifying round: 

  • Test for Java/Python programming language. (You will have to select the programming language at the time of registration). There will be 20 questions in this section. 
  • Test for Database Management Systems. There will be 10 questions in this section. 
  • Test for Aptitude. There will be 10 questions in this section. 

The test duration (all sections combined) will be 60 minutes and the marking scheme dictates that you will be awarded  +1 mark for every correct answer and -0.25 marks for every incorrect answer. All questions will follow an objective type pattern. 


2. Final Round: This round is a test for your programming abilities and database management systems. There are three sections for the final round:

  • Programming Test: You will be given two programming questions that you have to solve using the programming language of your choice (Java/Python). 
  • Multiple Choice Questions: You will be required to answer 10 MCQ questions based on the programming language of your choice (Java/Python).
  • The final section is to answer 10 questions based on database management systems. 

There is no negative marking for this round. You will get three hours to attempt the final round. 

Upon clearing the final round, you will be rewarded with the certification and the opportunity to interview with Infosys if you score more than 65%


3. Advantage Round: This round is mainly aimed at testing the programming capabilities of the candidate. In addition to Java and Python, you can appear for the test in any other programming language of your choice. There will be three programming questions after which the top performers will get a chance to interview for the Systems Engineer Specialist role at Infosys. 

Previous Asked Questions during InfyTQ

Some of the previously asked programming questions are: 

  • Reset Matrix: You have given a 2-dimensional array ‘ARR’ with ‘N’ rows and ‘M’ columns in which each element contains only two values,i.e., 0 and 1. Your task is to convert the given matrix into the Good matrix in which if an element is 0, you need to set all elements values present in its entire row and column to 0. Solve on Coding Ninjas Studio.
  • Print Diagonal: You are given a 2D matrix, your task is to return a 2D vector containing all elements of the matrix in a diagonal fashion. Solve on Coding Ninjas Studio.
  • Print Time Again: Given two integers ‘D’ and ‘P’. Where ‘D’ is the number of hours in a day and a day can be divided into ‘P’ equal parts. Your task is to find total instances of equivalent prime groups. Prime group refers to the group of elements (hours) which are prime and measure the same equivalent time since the start of the day. Solve on Coding Ninjas Studio.
  • Rotting Oranges: You have been given a grid containing some oranges. Each cell of this grid has one of the three integers values:
    • Value 0 – representing an empty cell.
    • Value 1 – representing a fresh orange.
    • Value 2 – representing a rotten orange.

Every second, any fresh orange that is adjacent(4-directionally) to a rotten orange becomes rotten. Your task is to find out the minimum time after which no cell has a fresh orange. If it’s impossible to rot all the fresh oranges then print -1. Solve on Coding Ninjas Studio.

  • Merge Sorted List: For a given Singly Linked List of integers, sort the list using the ‘Merge Sort’ algorithm. You have not required To Print The Elements, Just Sort The Elements And Return The Head To The Updated Singly Linked List. Solve on Coding Ninjas Studio  

Prerequisites for InfyTQ

The prerequisites for appearing for the Infosys Certification Exam (InfyTQ) 2023 are:

  • Knowledge of any one programming language out of Java and Python. The first two rounds are based on programming concepts of Java or Python (based on which language you pick during the test registration). 
  • Knowledge of database management systems. DBMS is a crucial subject that every student who studies computer science should be well aware of. 

How to Register?

You can register on the official website here.

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InfyTQ Preparation Tips

Topics you need to prepare for the exam: 

For understanding programming fundamentals, object-oriented programming and data structures and algorithms in Java you can choose – Java Foundation with Data Structures and Algorithms. Similarly, for understanding programming fundamentals, object-oriented programming and data structures and algorithms in Python, you can choose – Python Foundation With Data Structures

For understanding database management systems, you can refer to an amazing book – Database System Concepts by Korth and Navathe which you can buy on Amazon here. Make sure you are practising previous year questions asked in the InfyTQ test. 

For learning SQL, you can take up any course online but make sure you are able to implement it practically and understand which query you need to run to perform a certain operation.  

Check out Infosys Interview Experience to learn about their hiring process.

Know more about HackWithInfy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the 2022 batch apply for InfyTQ?

No, the students who graduate in 2023 are eligible.

How can I apply for InfyTQ 2023?

You can apply through the official website.

How many times is the Infytq exam conducted in a year?

InfyTQ exam is conducted once a year.

How can I get a job at Infosys?

You can go through the general recruitment process or apply through the InfyTQ Certification exam.

Is InfyTQ certification free?

Yes this is a certification being offered for free for pre final year students.


The InfyTQ certification exam is a milestone that can be conquered in no time if you have the right tools at your hand and a dedication to work for it. With this preparation guide, you now have all the information you need to kickstart your preparation and emerge victorious in the final examination.

Please make sure you are rigorously practicing the concepts and ensuring you are understanding the code that you are writing.

The goal is not only to get a certification but is also to enhance your knowledge pool for your future endeavors. You can also consider our Aptitude Course to give your career an edge over others.

Happy Learning!

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