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Table of contents
What is TCS CBO?
Resources to Prepare for TCS Recruitment 2024
Course Highlights
Job Profile & Salary
TCS CBO Eligibility Criteria
TCS CBO Exam Pattern
Previously Asked Questions 
Prerequisites for TCS CBO
Registration for TCS CBO
Preparation Tips
Frequently Asked Questions
What is TCS CBO?
How can I apply for TCS CBO?
Is CBO good at TCS?
What are TCS CBO interview questions?
What is TCS BPS salary?
Is BPS a call center?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Preparation Guide For TCS CBO Recruitment 2024

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TCS remains in the news all year round, owing to its hirings for various technical posts. Since most of the openings demand graduates who have completed B.Tech or M.Sc, students from other fields feel dispirited. Many have a picture in mind that job openings at TCS call for only technically sound lads. And I agree with them, to some extent. 

Tata Consultancy Services being a tech giant in India deals in IT services, consulting, and offering business solutions. Hence, it ropes in engineers and graduates from computer science backgrounds, to help them offer quality services. But TCS does hire graduates and postgraduates from non-technical domains as well! Yes, you heard it right. TCS hires non-technical/science graduates through TCS CBO. Let us know more about it.


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What is TCS CBO?

TCS CBO stands for Tata Consultancy Services Cognitive Business Operations. Cognitive Business Solutions in TCS are responsible for upholding the various business processes. Just like NQT, TCS CBO is also a hiring event, but it is only for graduates from Arts and Commerce backgrounds. Cognitive Business Solutions in TCS are responsible for upholding the various business processes like Automation, Cloud, IoT, Agile practices, and other Cognitive technologies.

TCS conducts multiple exams and contests such as the iBeginTCS DigitalTCS NQTCodevitaInframindTCS NextStep,TCS HackQuest, and so on.

Through CBO practices TCS upscales its delivery by offering business hyper-personalized services, through which they can enhance their customer experience.

TCS CBO domains include Banking, Finance, Banking Telecom, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, Insurance, Pre-sales, Life sciences & Healthcare, Media and information sciences, etc. Every year TCS conducts CBO recruitment exams. And this year as well TCS has called for TCS CBO Recruitment 2024.

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Resources to Prepare for TCS Recruitment 2024

Before we jump into understanding the job profile and salary. Coding Ninjas has launched the best course for complete preparation of TCS Digital Interviews, IBM, Infosys, and other similar exams and companies.

Course Highlights

  • Covers everything you need to learn, Programming(C++/Java/Python), Aptitude(Quantitative Analysis, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning).
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Job Profile & Salary

The job profile for TCS CBO requires candidates to be able to monitor and execute non-technical and business deliverable processes. The candidate will be required to perform activities that are of L1 type, like Ticket Handling, etc. You will be initially, starting as a 

Level -1 employee, where you will be doing testing and may be asked to work in night shifts, as per business demands. 

The compensation that will be given to you for discharging your duties, depends on your interview and the profile/domain you have been selected for. For the recruitment at an entry-level post, the salary ranges from 2.6 LPA-3.7 LPA. Apart from the salary, there are other perks and allowances that you might receive. 

We have also created a preparation guide for TCS Ninja Recruitment 2024.

TCS CBO Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for TCS CBO Recruitment 2024, one must possess the following eligibility criterion-:

  • The candidate must have a degree in the following: BA/ BBA/ BMS/ B.COM/ BCS/ BBM/ BAF/ BBI/ Journalism/ BFM/ B.Sc (non-technical)
  • Must be a graduate of batch 2021/2022/2023
  • Must have a minimum of 60% in 10th,12th, graduation 
  • No current active backlogs
  • The gap in academic years should not be more than two years.

TCS CBO Exam Pattern

So now after knowing about the eligibility criteria for TCS CBO RECRUITMENT 2024, let us see how the exam pattern would be. TCS CBO RECRUITMENT 2024 is going to have a two-phase selection procedure.

Phase-1: Online Written Exam 

This will be a 50-minutes long test, which will be divided into five sections. Each section will contain different types of questions.

Let us see these sections in brief:

Verbal Ability 10
Reading Comprehension 4
Logical Reasoning 12
Quantitative Aptitude 12
Data Interpretation 12

Phase-2: Online Personal Interview

Once you successfully clear Phase-1, you will be communicated over your registered mail ID for your interview. Due to the current pandemic, the interview might be conducted online. You will be asked questions related to your hobbies, skills, etc.

The interviewer will judge how good you are at communication. You might be given scenarios and will be asked to elaborate as to how you will deal with them. They will test you whether you have leadership and teamwork qualities or not. Once you clear the interview, you will be receiving an offer letter shortly.

Previously Asked Questions 

Now you know that in the first phase you will be giving a written exam which contains five different sections. These topics include Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation.

So if you think you need practice and you are not aware of how the questions can come from these topics, then we have a solution for you. You can try Coding Ninjas’ Placement Preparation Course. This course has been mentored by pioneers like Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay. 

There are many aspirants of TCS CBO Recruitment 2024 who wish to learn to code but somehow don’t know where to start from. Many want to groom themselves for the interview and look for a suitable platform. So for tips and guidance on how to ace the interviews and learn some technical aspects as well, you can check out Coding Ninjas’ Interview Preparation Course

Prerequisites for TCS CBO

Since TCS CBO Recruitment 2024 accepts applications from candidates of all the non-technical domains, there are not many skills that are required. However, if you have some extra skills it will be an added advantage. Let us see some required skillets that a candidate must have, to clear the interview.

  • The candidate must have excellent communication skills in English.
  • Must be ready to work in day and night shifts, as per demand.
  • Must be ready to shift to any location PAN India.
  • A candidate should have good listening and analytical skills.
  • The candidate should possess basic Computer/System skills.
  • The candidate should have the ability to use various applications like MS Word, MS Excel. These are must-have skills.
  • Any other certification of any skill is an added advantage.

Registration for TCS CBO

Now that you are aware of the eligibility criterion for TCS CBO Recruitment 2024 let us see how can you register for the same:

  • Step-1: Click on the link
  • Step-2:  Search for TCS CBO Recruitment 2024
  • Step-3:  Enter all your details correctly and upload the documents
  • Step-4: Finally click on the Submit button

Preparation Tips

Before you appear for both Phases, which contain your written test and the interviews, make sure you prepare well. Some of the important things you need to make a note of are as follows:

  • Since this job profile is for non-technical posts, you need to be sure of your skills. Have a good command over them and practice whenever possible.
  • Read about the current updates in the skills you have learned. This includes the projects made using those platforms or languages, or any new release of its version.
  • Make sure you are aware of the current market trends, tools, technologies.
  • Make sure you have enough content to showcase when you are asked.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TCS CBO?

TCS CBO stands for Tata Consultancy Services Cognitive Business Operations. Cognitive Business Solutions in TCS are responsible for upholding the various business processes.

How can I apply for TCS CBO?

You can apply for TCS CBO Recruitment 2024 on their official website.

Is CBO good at TCS?

It is difficult to determine which post is good or bad. All the posts in TCS offer an opportunity to learn and grow in the industry.

What are TCS CBO interview questions?

The questions asked in TCS CBO Interview are non-technical. It is more of an HR interview, and you will be asked questions based on your interests, strengths, etc.

What is TCS BPS salary?

Salary for TCS BPS ranges from 1.6 LPA TO 3.8 LPA.

Is BPS a call center?

TCS BPS offers support work and this should not only be linked to the call center.


This was all you might need for how to apply for job roles through TCS CBO Recruitment 2024 and how to prepare for your interviews and written tests.

Stick to the syllabus and revise thoroughly. Make a good and crisp resume and add a pinch of confidence to nail the rounds and crack the job! You can also consider our Aptitude Course to give your career an edge over others.

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