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Table of contents
About Comviva
About Product Manager
Perks of Employment at Comviva
Skills and Experiences Required for the Role
Roles and Responsibilities of Product Manager
Preparation Strategy for this role
Technical Knowledge
Thinking Strategically and Creatively
Communication and Negotiation Skills
Administration Knowledge
Resources for Preparation
Career Map and Levels of Product Manager
Product Manager
Senior Product Manager
Product Leader
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the most difficult aspect of becoming a product manager?
What personality traits should a product manager possess?
Is it necessary for product managers to code?
What qualification makes a good product manager?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Product Manager at Comviva

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Do you want to be a Product Manager at Comviva? You are at the right place!

Comviva is a product-based company that mainly works in the telecoms and finance sector. It is globally known because of its wide range of products and services. The person who looks over the product right from its development is a product engineer.

product manager at comviva

This article will discuss how to become a product manager at Comviva. We will discuss the role, salary, perks, skill set required and preparation strategy for this job profile. So fasten your seat belt, and let’s get started with our journey!

About Comviva

Comviva has been offering solutions to clients in the telecoms and finance industries for over 20 years. It has expanded to 90+ countries, having a local presence in 30 of them. Comviva works with mobile service providers, banks, and financial institutions. It delivers a range of services to customers.


Comviva is a Tech Mahindra subsidiary and part of the $21 billion Mahindra Group. In 2012, Tech Mahindra acquired a 51% share in Comviva. It acquired the mobile wallet, POS technology, and 120 deployments in over 40 countries. 

tech mahindra
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About Product Manager

A product manager describes what success looks like for a product. He pinpoints the consumer need and corporate goals that a product will fulfil. He is the one who rallies the team to make that vision a reality.

about product manager

Product managers (PMs) build cooperation and promote development throughout the entire product lifecycle. From defining product features to its vision, PMs are part of all the steps of a product lifecycle. They are the one who checks whether the products are effectively being used or not.


The average salary for a Product Manager at Comviva is ₹18,25,502 per annum.

salary at comviva

Product Manager at Comviva

Average Salary

(6-10 years experience) ₹18,25,502 per annum

**The salary mentioned above is only an estimate. The actual salary may vary.**

Perks of Employment at Comviva

Following are some of the perks you will get by being a Product Manager at Comviva:

perks at comviva

Work from Home

  • Employees can work from home when necessary.
  • WFH is beneficial to women during their maternity period.


  • Comviva offers cafeteria facilities for its employees.
  • You’ll get varieties of cuisine from different parts of the country.

Health Coverage

  • All Comviva employees are covered by health insurance.
  • Life insurance and a long-term disability plan are both available.

Job Training

  • Comviva offers job training to candidates. It assists them in adjusting to new techs and various procedures.
  • It also helps in boosting the company's efficiency and productivity.

Team Outing

  • It serves as an ice breaker between new and old employees.
  • You’ll get opportunities to visit various new places and learn about them from local resident employees.

Skills and Experiences Required for the Role

The skills required for the Product Manager at Comviva are as follows:

skillset for product manager
  • Customer understanding: You should understand your customers and create experiences that will delight them. 
  • Understanding of the Product process: Defining and operationalising user goals, strong prioritisation, and iterative product development process.
  • Collaborative: You can form strong bonds with a wide range of stakeholders. This will require you to collaborate with other Product and Engineering teams and Design, Operations, and Marketing.
  • Starting with the basics: You don't make assumptions or accept the status quo. Your solutions are based on data, product intuition, and a hypothesis + experimentation-driven approach.
  • Vision: Your multi-year vision can inspire teams. A quarterly roadmap can help you progress toward your vision.

The experience required for being a product manager at Comviva is as follows:

  • Must have an MBA or BTech degree or equivalent.
  • At least 5-6 years of professional exp and 3-5 years of exp in technology and solution consulting.
  • Experience with Commerce, Order Management, Catalog, Billing, or CRM projects in the telecoms area, including client app deployment.
  • Experience in the telecom domain, particularly the Business Support Solution (BSS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) domain. With a focus on Commerce solutions, CRMs and Telecom Product Catalog and Commerce solutions.
  • Knowledge of the applicable TM Forum requirements.
  • Analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Outstanding verbal, written, and interpersonal communication abilities

Roles and Responsibilities of Product Manager

The roles and responsibilities of the Product Manager at Comviva are as follows:

roles and responsibilities
  • Client consultation: You will be consulting clients on BSS solutions and architecture. You should also know about its implementation strategy as well.
  • Understanding BSS: You should know the BSS business process well.
  • Analyzing product potential: Analyzing and matching business and client needs to product capabilities.
  • Research and Presentation: Engaging important board members to get an agreement on the most feasible solution.
  • Product Presentation: You should be able to convey product capabilities and benefits effectively to consumers.
  • Partnerships: Developing successful board member partnerships.

Preparation Strategy for this role

A product manager is in charge of integrating sales, marketing, and product management initiatives. While product managers come from a variety of disciplines, including engineering, communications, and marketing, they all have a few important technical and soft skills.

While technical skills and knowledge are relatively easy to learn. Soft skills set the greatest product managers apart from their competitors. If you want to work as a product manager at Comviva, you must have the following skills.

preparation strategy

Technical Knowledge

A product is created with a considerable lot of technical detail. A product manager is not supposed to work on them, but they should know how all technical parts work in the final product.

Understanding how the product works at the code level, the software development lifecycle, doing testing, working on product analytics etc., are all technical expertise.


Empathy and understanding what the user wants and how the user thinks is important. Having a perspective is an important soft skill for a product manager to have.

Thinking Strategically and Creatively

Product managers must be innovative and creative in their day-to-day activities, whether they are designing a roadmap to get a product to market or responding to difficulties that may arise along the route. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills cannot be taught; they must be learned via experience and exposure.

Communication and Negotiation Skills

A product manager serves as a liaison between various divisions and stakeholders within a company. The function requires practical diplomatic, interpersonal, and communication skills to promote easy understanding and collaboration between the company's leadership, departments, and stakeholders.

Administration Knowledge

All other abilities will be useful only if the product manager is organised and understands how to effectively lead a team. Administrative abilities are essential to ensure that even the most complicated project stages operate well. It also ensures that the product is delivered on time and on budget.

Resources for Preparation

Here are some links that will help you in your preparation:-

resources for preparation

Also, refer to our video to get a step closer towards your Product Manager journey.

Career Map and Levels of Product Manager

The career map and different levels of Product Manager at Comviva are as follows:

career map and levels of product manager

Product Manager

The product manager role is an entry-level role for Product Manager at Comviva. You must have at least 6 years of work exp for this profile. Product managers supervise a product throughout its market life cycle.

Senior Product Manager

A product manager can advance to the position of senior product manager after gaining 2-3 years at the company. The Sr product manager leads the team of product managers and supervises them accordingly.

Product Leader

Depending on the organisation, you may become a product leader before becoming a chief product officer or vice president. One key difference between this role and the senior product manager is the product leader focuses more on the product itself. While a Sr product manager is more concerned with management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most difficult aspect of becoming a product manager?

For many product managers, organisational communications and deadline management are the most difficult aspects of their jobs. Another aspect that a product manager should be good at is saying no. Most of the time, it is not easy to agree with all. You should know when to say no.

What personality traits should a product manager possess?

PMs must have methodical and creative thinking. They should also possess a vision to see through details to be an effective project manager. Apart from that, they should also be great influencers and a great communicator.

Is it necessary for product managers to code?

Although PMs are not required to code, having a basic knowledge of coding and technical fundamentals will help them with their jobs. As most of the tech domain demands knowledge about basic coding. It will be good to have some understanding of coding. 

What qualification makes a good product manager?

A bachelor's degree is required for product managers. That degree could be in any related field, such as administration, computer science, management etc. The most preferred degrees of product managers are BTech, MBA, DBA, Data Science PGP, and Digital Marketing.


This article briefly discussed how to become a product manager at Comviva. We discussed the role, salary, perks, skill set required and preparation strategy for this job profile. We hope this blog has helped you know about the product manager at Comviva. If you like to learn more, you can check out our articles: 

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Nevertheless, consider our paid courses to give your career an edge over others!

Happy Learning!    

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