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About the Role
Salary and Perks💰
Skills and Experience Required 👔
Preparation Guide 🎯
Technical Expertise
Strategic and Creative Thinking
Communication and Negotiating Abilities
Knowledge of Business Administration.
Career Path of Project Manager🧭
Associate Product Manager
Junior Product Manager
Product Manager
Senior Product Manager
Product Leader
Resources for Preparation🚀
Frequently Asked Questions
What does a Product Manager at Uber do?
What does a career path of a Product Manager look like?
What personality traits should a product manager possess?
Is it necessary for product managers to code?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Product Manager at Uber

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Uber, the world's largest ride-sharing company, was founded in 2009 and quickly grew to become the world's most valuable startup. Uber is one of the most captivating companies to emerge in recent years, its exponential growth, and disruptive technology, has made it one of the most reputed companies to work in.Take-Home

Product Manager at Uber

We will go over everything, you most probably need to know in this article to get the job role of Product Manager at Uber.

Hold on to the very end of this article.😇

About the Role

  • As a Product Manager at Uber, you'll be in charge of the platform, services, and apps essential to Uber's Business Operations. 
  • The team creates technological solutions that boost Uber operations. 
  • You'll create products that serve as the foundation for a large portion of Uber's operations, combining machine learning, data platforms, and streamlined user interfaces to create delightful experiences.
  • Your work will impact almost every aspect of Uber, including our Mobility Business, Delivery Business, Maps & Marketplace, and Safety and Compliance.
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Salary and Perks💰

For experience ranging from 4 to 11 years, the average Uber Product Manager salary in India is 34.4 Lakhs. The salary range for a Product Manager at Uber India is between 24.0 Lakhs and 48.0 Lakhs.

Average Salary

₹ 34,38,333

Estimated Take Home Salary

₹ 2,08,439 - ₹ 2,16,727/month

The salary mentioned above is subject to change.

Being a Product Manager at Uber provides you with plenty of perks and benefits, which are listed below:

🏥Health And Wellness

 🤰Parental Benefits

 💪Work Flexibility

 🆒Casual Office Life

 🏖Vacation And Time Off

 💸Financial And Retirement

 👔Professional Development
👬Diversity And Inclusion

Skills and Experience Required 👔

The skills and experiences required to become a product manager at Uber are listed below:

  • 4+ years of product management experience is required. Additional domain experience in engineering, design, and so on is encouraged.
  • Customer obsession: You are obsessed with understanding your customers and creating experiences that will delight them. You should be able to show several examples of this.
  • A clear understanding of the Product process: defining and operationalizing user goals, strong prioritization, iterative product development process.
  • Collaborative: You can form strong bonds with a wide range of stakeholders. This position will require you to collaborate with other Product and Engineering teams and Design, Operations, and Marketing.
  • Starting with the basics: You don't make assumptions or accept the status quo. Your solutions are based on data, product intuition, and a hypothesis + experimentation-driven approach.
  • Vision: Your multi-year vision can inspire teams. A quarterly roadmap can help you progress toward your vision.
  • Technically efficient: You worked with engineers to develop the technical architecture of the products you built.

Note: The skills needed may vary depending on the project's nature.


Being a Product Manager at Uber comes with ample responsibilities, which are listed below:

  • Bring a genuine passion for developing and releasing platforms, services, and apps critical to Uber's business operations.
  • Take broad, conceptual ideas and collaborate closely with Design and Engineering to bring them to life.
  • Evolve our operations platform to be industry-leading by designing for Uber's specific needs and leveraging industry best practices.
  • Thrive in an environment with frequent feedback loops and a rapid prototyping and iteration mindset.
  • Develop strong relationships with product managers, engineering, design, data science, local city, and global operations teams to ensure our products support Uber's global business objectives.
  • Communicate the product vision, roadmap, and impact to various audiences, from internal stakeholders to the executive team.

Preparation Guide 🎯

A product manager is in charge of coordinating the efforts of sales, marketing, and product management. While product managers come from various backgrounds, including engineering, computer science, communications, and marketing, all successful product managers have mastered a few essential hard and soft skills. While hard skills and technical knowledge are relatively simple to acquire, soft skills distinguish the best product managers from their peers. The following skills are necessary to develop if you want to apply for a product manager at uber.

Preparation guide

Technical Expertise

A great deal of technical detail goes into the creation of a product. While a product manager is not required to work on them, they should know how all technical elements interact in the final product. Technical expertise includes understanding how the product works at the code level, understanding software development lifecycle methodologies, running A/B tests, working on product analytics, and so on.


Empathy and understanding what the user wishes and how the user thinks, however strange they may appear, are crucial soft skills that a product manager must develop.

Strategic and Creative Thinking

Innovation and creativity are essential in a product manager's day-to-day tasks, whether creating a roadmap to bring a product to market or responding to problems that may arise along the way. Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities cannot be taught; instead, they must be acquired through experience and exposure.

Communication and Negotiating Abilities

A product manager acts as a link between various departments and stakeholders within an organization. The role necessitates practical diplomatic, interpersonal, and communication skills to ensure smooth understanding and collaboration between the company leadership, departments, and stakeholders.

Knowledge of Business Administration.

All other skills will be helpful only if the product manager is organized and understands how to lead a team effectively. Administrative skills are required to ensure that even the most complex project phases run smoothly and that the product is delivered on time and within budget.

Career Path of Project Manager🧭

Now that we've identified what a product manager is and what it does, let's look at how a product manager at Uber's career path might look.

Career Path of project manager

Associate Product Manager

An associate product manager is an entry-level position. Larger organizations with large product teams frequently employ associate product managers, who are typically recent graduates. 

Junior Product Manager

Following that would be a junior product manager position, which may be interchangeable with an associate product manager in some instances. For those who differentiate between the two, this position is more hands-on as a product team member and requires minimal product ownership.

Product Manager

The product manager role we've discussed extensively in this article is the next significant one. It may take 1-3 years to reach this level, depending on your background and the organization you work for.

Senior Product Manager

A product manager can advance to the position of senior product manager after gaining 3-5 years of experience.

Product Leader

Depending on the organization, you may become a product leader before becoming a chief product officer or vice president. One key distinction between this role and the senior product manager is the product leader focuses more on the product itself. In contrast, a senior product manager is more concerned with management.

Resources for Preparation🚀

Here are some links given below it will help you in your preparation:-

Interview Questions: It is always essential to go through the interview questions before applying to any role in the company.

Interview Puzzles: These interview puzzles will help you quickly get your answers. You will be able to understand the interviewer's point more precisely.

Data Structures and Algorithms: It is very important to have strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

Competitive Programming: To help you better understand the topic, competitive programming helps you problem-solve.

Java | Learn & Practice: Java is the fundamental programming language, and this structured course will help you prepare.

General Aptitude: Prepare your aptitude for every exam.

Python with Data Structures and Algorithms: Learn the basics of Python with data structures and algorithms.

IT Certifications: These certificates will help you prove your excellence in any skill.

Also, refer to our YouTube video to get a step closer towards your Product Manager journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Product Manager at Uber do?

As a Product Manager, you'll be in charge of the platform, services, and apps essential to Uber's Business Operations.

What does a career path of a Product Manager look like?

Career Path– Associate Product Manager, Junior Product Manager, Product Manager, Senior Product Manager, Product Leader.

What personality traits should a product manager possess?

Methodical organization, creative thinking, and vision are just a few skills required to be an effective project manager.

Is it necessary for product managers to code?

Although PMs are not required to code, having a basic knowledge of coding and technical fundamentals may help them do their jobs well.


This article has gone into great detail about the job of Product Manager at Uber. This blog covers the Roles and Responsibilities, Preparation Strategies, and Career Path to Your Dream Job at Uber.

We hope that this article has helped you enhance your knowledge.

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Happy Learning!

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