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Table of contents
Facebook Preparation Guide
What to Expect in Interviews
What Happens Behind the Scenes
Ways to Join Facebook
Learn about Facebook's culture
Practice with Peers
Practice with Ex-Interviewers
Program Manager at Facebook
Salary and Perks
How to become a Program Manager
Tasks and duties
Job Expectations
Roadmap and Carrier Map for the Job 
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I negotiate salary at Facebook?
Could you at any point work for Facebook from home?
What do program managers at Facebook do?
Is a program manager a stressful job?
What is the Facebook interview process?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Program Manager at Facebook

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Do you plan to apply for the Program Manager post on Facebook? You are in the proper location.

Here, we'll provide you with a detailed road map for obtaining your ideal position.

This article will go over the duties of a program manager, the necessary skill sets, road maps, and significant links that you may also use as references.

Program Manager at Facebook

Facebook Preparation Guide

Facebook's (Meta) program manager interviews are tough. The questions are challenging, particular to Facebook, and touch on various subjects.

Facebook Preparation guide

The good news is that you may increase your chances of receiving a job offer with the correct planning. To support you, we've put up the definitive guide below.

What to Expect in Interviews

What is the timeline and interview procedure for Facebook program managers? The steps are as follows, and it typically takes between four and eight weeks:

  • References, a resume, and a cover letter
  • Phone screening by a recruiter, one interview
  • Interview with the hiring manager: one interview
  • Four to five interviews are typically conducted onsite.

Resume, Cover Letter, and Referrals

The first step is to secure a Facebook interview initially. We'll keep this section brief because the discussions are the main focus of this guide. You'll require a strong CV and cover letter catered to Facebook's program manager openings.

You can submit your application once you have all of your supporting documentation. Additionally, obtaining a recommendation from a Facebook employee or contacting the internal recruiting staff can be beneficial if possible.

Recruiter Phone Call

Most of the time, your interview with Facebook will begin with a phone call to an H.R. recruiter. Be ready to discuss your past and why Facebook is a good fit because they want to ensure you have any chance of landing the job. The typical behavioral and résumé inquiries, such as Tell me about yourself," "Why Facebook?" and "Tell me about a time," should be expected.

Recruiter phone screen

The recruiter will assist you in setting up an interview with the hiring manager when you pass this initial H.R. screening. One fantastic thing about Facebook is that they are open about their employment process. They usually provide additional information on what comes next if you get past this first hurdle.

If you want to ace the interviews please go through this link.

Hiring Manager Interview

The next step is typically a video chat with the recruiting manager for the position. Almost the same questions will be asked of you during this interview as during the onsite interviews (see below).

Hiring manager interview

Use the phone screen to determine whether it is worthwhile to bring you onsite. As a result, your interviewer will check to see whether there is anything that makes you particularly weak and unlikely to pass the hiring standard.

Onsite interviews

The onsite interviews are the final significant step in the interview process. You'll typically interview with Facebook for this over an entire day. Each interview will last roughly 45 minutes and likely cover one of the following topics:

Onsite interviews
  • The program section will assess your understanding of program management and execution.
  • Partnership, where you'll need to show that you can collaborate well with teams from various fields (e.g., engineering, product, etc.)
  • Leadership, where you'll have to demonstrate that you've previously led teams successfully (e.g., motivate, resolve conflict, etc.)
  • You may be asked questions on the particular role or functional area for which you have applied, as well as more specific technical questions.
  • Expect your interviews to emphasize cooperation and project management-related skills (such as managing deadlines, balancing conflicting objectives, etc.). (i.e., working cross-functionally, communication, etc.).

What Happens Behind the Scenes

You are being guided through the process and moved from one step to the next by your recruiter. What happens in the background is as follows:

  • After the hiring manager interview, your interviewer submits their evaluations and remarks to the internal system. After reviewing the comments, your recruiter selects whether or not to advance you forward to the onsite interview based on how well you performed.
  • After the onsite, the recruiter will put together your "package," and the five interviewers will recommend whether or not to hire you (interview feedback, resume, referrals, etc.). At the following candidate evaluation meeting, they will present your case if they believe you can land the job.
  • All applicants who have recently completed their interview cycles and are on the verge of receiving an offer are evaluated during candidate review meetings. Your material will be reviewed, and any potential issues will be discussed. The candidate review meeting is open to your interviewers. Still, they typically only show up if there is a significant discrepancy in your grades (e.g., two no hires, three hires). To resolve a disagreement over whether you should receive an offer after negotiations, you can be invited to participate in a second interview. A recommendation for hiring or not is made to the hiring committee after the candidate review meeting.
  • The recruiting committee consists of senior Facebook executives. The committee generally suggests the candidate evaluation meeting at this stage, which is merely a formality. The main emphasis is on adjusting the precise level and, therefore, the compensation you will receive.
  • It's also crucial to remember that hiring managers and those who recommend you have little impact on the entire procedure. At first, they might be able to assist you in getting an interview, but that's about it.
Interview Prepartion


Check Out this link for the interview bundle for guided preparations for Facebook.

Ways to Join Facebook

Let's concentrate on getting ready now that you know the questions to anticipate. We advise you to take four actions to get hired as a Facebook program manager.

Learn about Facebook's culture

Most contenders fall short in this regard. However, it would help if you took some time to make sure Facebook is indeed the ideal firm for you before spending tens of hours preparing for an interview there.

Learn about Facebook's culture

Given Facebook's prestige, it may be tempting to overlook this step. However, in our experience, distinction alone won't make you happy daily. The individuals you deal with and the type of work you do will determine this.

Practice with Peers

Practicing alone won't get you very far. Communicating your various stories during program manager interviews is one of the primary problems. Therefore, we strongly advise having a peer interview while you practice program manager interviews. If you can, practicing with friends or family members is an excellent place to start.

Practice with peers

Practice with Ex-Interviewers

Peer practice is usually free and can be a huge help. But eventually, you'll realize that your peer criticism isn't helping you anymore. When you get to that point, we suggest rehearsing with former tech company interviewers.

Practice with ex-interviewers

It would be excellent if you knew a program manager or someone with experience conducting interviews at Facebook or another major tech firm. But finding the necessary relationships to make this happen is difficult for most of us. If you don't know them well, it could be challenging to rehearse for several hours with them.


Program Manager at Facebook

For software organizations wanting to distinguish in the face of intensifying competition in the digital space, the Technical Program Manager (TPM) function is becoming vitally important. TPMs are essential to advancing business strategy, bringing teams together, interacting with stakeholders from various departments, and completing numerous complex projects.

Program Manager at Facebook

Here’s a link for Technical Program Manager (TPM) at Amazon. Relate to every experience which will in the end get you to your dream job.

Companies frequently develop "unique processes" to interview candidates and adhere to guiding principles when screening candidates and choosing who to recruit due to the diversity of what this function includes. One of the most significant internet organizations today, Facebook is always looking to hire TPMs as it strives to develop its clientele and global presence. Before we start the interview process, here is some information on what a TPM at Facebook does.

Role of TPM at Facebook:

To hasten the delivery of products and programs, product TPMs uses a distinctive combination of technical prowess, leadership, and program management abilities. They also lead cross-team initiatives that call for simplifying complexity, solid teamwork, and execution to deliver a product solution. Product platforms and specialized technical domains are responsible for strategy and execution. Here is a brief explanation of what TPMs do daily.

Role of TPM at Facebook:
  • Manage cross-functional software engineering programs for infrastructure in a matrix organization that spans several domains.
  • Create comprehensive project plans, manage them, and guarantee delivery on schedule.
  • During the phases of analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and post-implementation, offer practical program management.
  • Projects should practice risk and change management.
  • Reduce unexpected events during execution and self-report progress.
  • Drive internal and external process improvements across many teams and functions.
  • For project needs and project scope, communicate with engineers and business owners.
  • Encourage cooperation and inspiration to accomplish challenging goals.
  • Promote product decisions that are in line with corporate goals.

Preferred Skills/Qualifications

Preferred Skills/Qualifications
  • Computer science B.S. or an equal level of expertise
  • Eight years or more of software engineering experience, systems engineering, program/product management(regarding this, read this experience), or a related discipline
  • Knowledge of creating and delivering tech programs or products.
  • Critical thinking and thought leadership were proven by experience working independently across several teams.
  • Communication abilities and practical management team experience.
  • A hectic environment helps to multitask and have high organizational and coordination skills.
  • Skills in analysis and problem-solving, knowledge of complex systems, and programming/query writing experience.
Dot Net Engineer at Nagarro

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Salary and Perks

The average salary for the Facebook Program Manager is below.


**The salaries as mentioned above are subject to change.**

Salary and Perks

In addition to a competitive wage, the corporation offers several benefits, including:

  • Flexible scheduling and Strategic Planning
  • Relaxed Attitude and attire
  • Paid Vacations/Holidays
  • Discretionary Work from home, telecommute or receive traininginstruction, or Certification Reimbursement
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How to become a Program Manager

Program managers oversee and plan operations to ensure that project objectives align with business goals and that tasks are finished on time, within budget, and to the required quality standard.

Tasks and duties

  • Throughout the program's life cycle, manage daily development.
  • Define the management strategy for the initiative.
  • Planning the overall program and keeping an eye on the various projects' progress to ensure milestones are being reached.
  • Budget management for the program.
  • Managing the risks and problems that develop throughout the program and coming up with solutions to mitigate them.
  • Managing the program's projects' interdependencies and coordination.
  • Managing the resources among the program's many projects.
  • Managing the program's stakeholders.
  • Deliver progress updates to the sponsors and stakeholders of the program.

Program managers often have a solid educational foundation, extensive and diverse project management leadership experience, and a track record of building teams efficiently.

Tasks and duties
  • Earn a bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, business management, economics, or the field you wish to enter.
  • Study for a Master in Business Administration (MBA) or a comparable post-graduate degree.
  • A professional organization such as the Project Management Professional can certify you in project management.
  • Work your way up through a corporation or acquire comprehensive project management work experience across various industries.

Job Expectations

The program manager is in charge of

  • Creating the program's governance arrangements, planning and structuring the program, actively tracking its progress, addressing problems, and taking appropriate corrective measures
  • Concentrating on the program's internal consistency and its external coherence with infrastructure planning, interactions with other programs, and corporate, technical, and specialist standards will help ensure adequate quality assurance and the program's overall integrity.
  • Managing the program's budget on the SRO's behalf and keeping track of expenditures and costs about benefits that have been delivered and realized as the program develops
  • Assisting in the recruitment of people to project teams
  • Ensuring the timely, cost-effective, and suitable delivery of new products or services from projects in compliance with the program governance arrangements and the program plan
  • Make sure that shared resources and expertise are distributed throughout the various initiatives in the program.
  • Managing program contributions from external parties
  • Coordinating conversations with all parties involved
  • Handling both the project interfaces and dependencies
  • Controlling threats to the program's success
  • They are launching additional activities and other management interventions while collaborating with the business change manager or apex representative on the transition to the new business. Reporting the program's progress to the SRO or program director, if this function is also designated, regularly whenever holes in the program are found, or problems develop.
  • In large and sophisticated programs, it may be necessary to engage other people, such as a risk manager, a communications manager, or a benefits manager, to assist the program manager with some of the specific duties stated above.

Roadmap and Carrier Map for the Job 

You may manage all of your programs in one location with the help of a program management roadmap, which is a valuable tool. Use a program management roadmap to convey your plan to key stakeholders across the firm effectively.

Roadmap and Carrier Map for the Job

This example of a program management roadmap has defined swimlanes to help you graphically express your high-level objectives and nested individual efforts. Add strategies to your endeavors to explain how you plan to reach your goals. This program management roadmap's legend identifies the group carrying out each step. It enables the program manager to create organizational alignment at scale. Quarterly timelines provide a quick overview of each goal's progress.

  • Set project deliverable priorities based on dependencies and corporate goals.
  • Calculate the time and effort needed to complete each deliverable.
  • For every deliverable, include milestones.
  • On the timetable, list the high-level tasks necessary to reach the milestone.

You cannot follow someone else's plan in this capacity. You must develop your strategy, albeit you can draw on the expertise of others.

To have mastery over Program Management, Read the blogs on why it can be beneficial to attend online boot camps where professionals share their knowledge and Why javascript is so essential? Also, check out the Free Javascript tutorial by Coding NinjasGetting start with system design, Study of Computer Architecture.

You can also visit multiple courses to help you in your journey to becoming a Program Manager at Facebook. Check out the links below for reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I negotiate salary at Facebook?

You should prefer to start by negotiating basic compensation to see how flexible Facebook is in the other components, even though they are often only somewhat flexible on base pay. 
Even though we know basic salaries aren't particularly flexible, we insist on them so that they can demonstrate where they are.

Could you at any point work for Facebook from home?

When the vast majority of the enormous tech monsters are hanging tight for their laborers back to their workplaces after the pandemic is finished and even now when the rate of the illness has diminished decisively, Facebook will permit all representatives who can work outside the workplace, that is to say, from home, to do as such after the Covid .

What do program managers at Facebook do?

Facebook program managers create and carry out entire programs. Thus they must possess good project management abilities, including planning, collaborating with others, and removing obstacles as necessary.

Is a program manager a stressful job?

It should come as no surprise that project management can be very stressful. They are accountable for delivering on time, on budget, and within scope, yet frequently struggle with resource constraints or inadequate equipment, inflated customer expectations, and a to-do list that could go to the moon and back.

What is the Facebook interview process?

The four main stages of Facebook's hiring procedure are resume screening, phone screening, in-person interviews, and hiring committee reviews. Although every step in the hiring process is essential, phone screenings (up to two rounds) and in-person discussions are the most complex and conclusive steps (4-5 rounds).


Finally, you have reached the article's conclusion. Congratulations!! You gained knowledge of the Program Manager in this blog. You now have mastery over Program Manager Role requirements.

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