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About Cvent
About Project Manager
Salary and Perks
Skills and Experience Required
Job Responsibilities
Preparation Strategy
Data Structures and Algorithms
Interview Rounds
Career Map
Senior Project Manager
Program Manager
Portfolio Manager
Director of Project Management
Frequently asked questions
What is the major responsibility of a Project Manager?
Does a project manager need to communicate with clients?
How is the work culture at Cvent?
What is the hiring process at Cvent?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Project Manager at Cvent

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Hey Ninjas, we are back with yet another preparation guide.

Do you aspire to become a Project Manager at Cvent but need to know how to start? Don't Worry; we have got you covered. Coding Ninjas will help you understand the job profile better.


This article will discuss the Project Manager at Cvent, the skills required, and the preparation strategy. Sounds interesting, right? We will also look at the future scope and how you can achieve them, so stay with us and let’s begin.

About Cvent

Before discussing the role, we must know about the company and its work, so let's start.

About Cvent

Cvent is a leading meeting, events, and hospitality technology provider company. They work on a mission of using technology to revolutionize the meetings and events industry to deliver live engagement and maximize the impact of virtual, in-person as well as hybrid events.

They provide software solutions to organizations of almost every size to connect with customers, students, members, and employees. They are listed in more than 29000 hotels and venues worldwide and have more than 4700 Working employees.

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About Project Manager

Now, before any further delay, let’s discuss the position of Project Manager at Cvent.

About Project Manager

Project Manager leads the team through the phases of the project life cycle, which includes initiating, planning, organizing, and managing the projects with an aim to reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and increase revenue. Besides this, they work in cross-functional teams and act as a bridge between them and upper management, and stakeholders. They use software to track the project's costs, time, and progress.

Before exploring further about this role, let's first see what Cvent has to offer you for this position.

Salary and Perks

Refer to the table below for the Project Manager's average salaries at Cvent.

Salary Table

However, the salary figures which are mentioned above are subject to change.

Salary and Perks

Apart from salary, the company offers a lot of perks as you work for them. Let's look at some of them:

💥 Short-term income protection and supplemental life options

💥 Employee onboarding and engagement programs

💥 Paid time off for holidays

💥 Employee discount programs 

💥 Company-sponsored social events

💥 Employee referral program

💥 Professional development amends

💥 Business travel support

What are the skills someone requires to become a Project Manager at Cvent? Let's look at the Skills and Experience Required for the same.

Skills and Experience Required

Skills and Experience Required

You can refer to these skills and experience required for the Project Manager at Cvent to boost your preparation: 

🎓 Bachelor's degree in the fields of computer science, business, or a related field

🎓 Proven work experience in the field of project management or related field

🎓 Excellent knowledge of project management software tools and methodologies

🎓 Ability to analyze problems and solve them creatively

🎓 Strong communication and interpersonal skills

🎓 Familiarity with projects life cycle and industry experience

🎓 One with Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is preferred

🎓 Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills 

🎓 Proven ability to complete projects according to outlined scope, budget, and timeline

🎓 Experience interacting with clients to recognize their needs and understand the problems

🎓 Sound knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office.

Job Responsibilities

Once you make it into the company with these skills, you need to perform certain tasks and give your best.

Job Responsibilities 

Following are some of the responsibilities you acquire as a Project Manager at Cvent:

👉 Working as a bridge between upper management and team members

👉 Defining project scopes and objectives to ensure technical achievability 

👉 Ensuring flawless execution of the project to deliver them on time, within budget and scope of the project

👉 Determine and define project scope and objectives, and work on proper requirements

👉 Manage resources for the project to reach objectives and meet budget

👉 Ensure proper work plans and schedules for various tasks to ensure the best standards throughout the project

👉 Determine and escalate project performance using appropriate tools and techniques

👉 Minimize the project risks by performing risk management and appropriate techniques

👉 Communicate and maintain relationships with vendors, management of the company, and stakeholders

👉 Developing new techniques by doing proper research for the improvement of project performance

Preparation Strategy

You must be well-prepared before sitting in the interview process. With this preparation strategy's help, you will crack the Project Manager at Cvent. 

Preparation Strategy

So, let's look at the preparation strategy for this position:


To shortlist the number of candidates, the company first conducts an online MCQ Round in which aptitude is majorly asked. So prepare well for the important topics and practice some questions of the same. Follow these resources to prepare for the same.

📗 General Aptitude

📗 Data Interpretation 

📗 Percentages  

📗 Time and Work

📗 Permutations and Combinations

📗 Probability 

📗 Ratio and Proportions 

📗 Order and Ranking

📗 Cause and Effect

📗 Error Detection and Correction 

📗 Aptitude | Learn & Practice

Data Structures and Algorithms

Along with aptitude, you will be judged based on your knowledge of computer languages with Data Structures & Algorithms. Learn some programming languages and practice DSA questions on important topics like Trees, Graphs, Tries, Dynamic Programming, etc.  Following are the best-picked resources to prepare for the same.

📘 Data Structures and Algorithms

📘 Free Coding Competitions | Coding Ninjas Studio

📘 CN Library | Free Online Coding Resources

📘 Coding Ninjas programming courses

📘 Competitive Programming

📘 Coding Ninja Test Series

📘 Java | Learn & Practice 

Interview Rounds

You will be asked various questions in an interview related to different skills like coding, project management, and communication. You should be well prepared for questions from topics like project cycle, Stakeholder analysis, etc. Follow these resources to begin preparation.

📙 Interview Questions

📙 Interview Puzzles

Watch this bonus video for a great set of advice that will help you in preparation.

Career Map

Now let’s discuss the future possibilities which open up once you attain the relevant experience. 

Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager

A Senior Project Manager is usually the most experienced project manager who is responsible for solving more complex problems and generating more effective solutions for them. They plan, manage, and track all project activities on a regular basis. 

The experience required for this role is 5+ years and the average salary is ₹ 26 Lakhs per year.

Program Manager

Program Manager

The program manager’s main job responsibility is to coordinate the organization’s projects. They assign tasks and organize activities to ensure that the project goals are achieved. They organize and manage inter-connected projects. One needs 3-5 years of experience to be a Program Manager. The average salary for a Program Manager is ₹ 17 Lakhs per annum.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager

A Portfolio manager’s job role includes increasing investment performance by building and managing investment allocations for their clients. They aim to provide their clients with a portfolio based on their successful investment strategy. The average salary for this role is ₹ 12.5 Lakhs per annum and they require more than 5-10 years of experience.

Director of Project Management

Director of Project Management

The Director of Project Management is usually the highest-ranking position in the management operation of a company. Their job responsibilities include creating strategic plans for organization-wide projects. They develop and direct multiple projects at once. This role requires experience of 5+ years and the average salary is around ₹ 40 Lakhs per year.

Frequently asked questions

What is the major responsibility of a Project Manager?

One should be able to determine and define project scope, and objectives, work on proper requirements to escalate the project performance and manage risks using appropriate risk management techniques.

Does a project manager need to communicate with clients?

Yes, as a project manager, you will be facing clients to understand their needs and requirements. You need good communication and interpersonal skills for the same.

How is the work culture at Cvent?

At Cvent, employees are passionate about giving time, skill, and money to address the issue our world is facing. Here they try to empower everyone to achieve more. Cvent has a strong set of values one should follow in the workplace. Cvent provides a lot of benefits to their employees. 

What is the hiring process at Cvent?

Cvent is a tech giant which offers both on-campus and off-campus hiring. The hiring process at Cvent includes an Online Round where aptitude and technical skills are judged. Next, they conduct a few technical rounds and interviews. If you make these rounds, you will sit in an HR round. 


This article discussed the role of the Project Manager at Cvent. We have also discussed the skills and experience required for this job role. We have gone through the preparation strategy and career map for the same.

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All the best for your future!!

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