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Last Updated: Jul 9, 2024

PwC Off Campus Recruitment Drive 2023

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PwC is one of the top Fortune 500 companies with an extremely good track record. Not just that, it serves 418 of the same names on this list of the most reputable companies in the world.

With many clients and thousands of active operations on a daily basis, the MNC needs massive support from computing experts, software developers, and IT infrastructure specialists. PwC needs all the young budding talent it can acquire as well, due to its ever-expanding nature of operations. 

PwC Off Campus Recruitment Drive

Notably, the company operates in 157 countries and advises more than 100,000 private businesses. Even though it is an audit giant, there is an immense need for software engineers to support PWC’s existing IT architecture and various services.

The PWC off-campus drive is your opportunity to join this massive company from the United States. The firm experienced constant growth over the years and generated over $43 billion in revenue in FY2020. PwC is definitely a company you should apply for. 

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What is PWC Off Campus Recruitment Drive?

PwC needs software engineers more than ever, especially with more operations moving online now than before. The additional IT support requirement and the need to expand the company’s IT infrastructure ensure that the famous audit giant is always in need of skilled developers and IT professionals.

PWC Off-campus Recruitment Drive has been orchestrated to satisfy these operational requirements and is a great opportunity for freshers to start their professional life by working for such a big MNC. Earning industry experience in a company such as PwC is a great choice for both experienced candidates and greenhorns. You can apply directly from here.

According to PwC, the recruitment drive is open for applicants all across the country and interviews will be hosted in all major cities such as Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Coimbatore, Pune, and Kolkata. However, this particular opening is for the Bengaluru location. And, candidates who are comfortable with working in PwC’s Bengaluru office should apply for this particular off-campus drive. There will be more future drives for its Kolkata offices such as PwC Kolkata Recruitment 2021. 

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Eligibility Criteria Of PWC Off Campus Recruitment Drive

Candidates applying for jobs in PwC are expected to have excellent business communication skills and a minimum of 60% marks in their academics. They must also be comfortable with working in teams and collaborating on projects. They must be dedicated and have a history of showing good decision-making skills through either extra-curricular activities or on projects. 

Other than these basic requirements, here are the eligibility criteria for PwC Off-campus Drive 2021 or PwC Campus Recruitment 2021: 

Qualification For PWC Off-campus Recruitment Drive

B.Tech or BE 2023 or 2022 graduates with IT, CSE, EEE, Instrumentation, ECE, or Telecom can apply. MCA 2020 graduates are also welcome to apply. 

Skills Required For PWC Off Campus Recruitment Drive

  • Knowledge of Java and algorithms alongside other programming languages such as C++ or C is required. Also, candidates with the know-how of .NET framework and HTML are also highly preferred.
  • Numerical and analytical skills and strong domain knowledge are required.
  • Basic presentation skills and the ability to use Excel are a must.
  • Experience with Agile methodologies such as SCRUM and tools like TFS or Jira is an advantage.
  • A solid foundation in object-oriented programming and experience in working with servers is a plus. It is good if candidates have worked with Apache Tomcat.
  • Exposure to scripting languages and experience with DBMS is good.
  • Experience with Linux and Windows infrastructure will be great.
  • Strong verbal and written skills are mandatory.
  • Candidates must be creative and they must be problem solvers.
  • Strong strategic thinker and engaging personality are required as well.


However, it is to be noted that the PwC eligibility criteria 2021 for freshers and the PwC eligibility criteria for experienced are different. Experienced candidates applying for senior positions are expected to have more industry and domain knowledge alongside a wider set of skills.

Application Process For PWC Off Campus Recruitment Drive

The application process for PwC Recruitment 2023 for freshers is as follows:

  • First, candidates should visit the official website and go to the careers page or simply apply here using the link.
  • Then, applicants should register using their e-mail addresses on PwC’s MyWorkDayJobs portal. 
  • Fill in all your relevant details and upload your updated resume or CV.
  • Once you have finished filling in your details, you can also provide the link for your LinkedIn profile.
  • You will also have the option of writing a cover letter. Ensure that you prepare your cover letter beforehand, in order to not make any mistakes.
  • Submit the form. Upon submission, you will receive a username and password. 
  • After registration is completed, stay updated by checking your MyWorkDayJobs profile and your e-mail inbox.
  • Once your profile is selected, you will be contacted for an aptitude test. Here, you will be assessed for your verbal ability, reasoning ability, and quantitative ability.
  • After clearing the first set of tests, you will be invited for a group discussion. Here, you need to stand out among the rest of the candidates.
  • After the GD round, you will be called for the technical interview rounds which will be followed by the HR interviews.


During these segments of the process, applicants will be evaluated based on their skills and their eligibility will be determined. Candidates need to clear every single round in all the assessments and interviews in order to get selected to join this prestigious company.

Documents Required To Advance With The Application Process

  • Updated resume
  • ID proof such as Aadhaar and voter ID. A passport is a plus
  • PAN card
  • Recent passport-size photographs
  • Diploma and course completion certificates
  • Academic documents for graduation, higher-secondary and secondary education

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get off-campus PwC opportunities?

You can get off-campus PwC opportunities by checking PWC’s career page and staying up to date about its various recruitment drives.

Does PwC give you a laptop?

Yes, PwC provides its employees with a laptop and all the basic accessories.

How do you get placed in PwC?

You can get placed in PwC by clearing all the assessments and interviews that follow the application process. You can prepare yourself for the technical assessment by checking the questions from the PwC off-campus drive 2020. You can also additionally prepare yourself for the interview by checking how it is conducted in drives such as KPMG Off-campus Drive 2021.

How much do PwC employees make?

Software engineers working at PwC make anywhere between INR 7 and 10 lakh per annum.

Does PwC pay well?

PwC pays one of the best salaries in the industry. Not just that, PwC rewards its IT professionals and software developers very well.

Does PwC give bonuses?

Yes, PwC is highly known for giving regular bonuses and compensations for good quality work.

Is PwC a Fortune 500 company?

Yes, PwC is a Fortune 500 company that holds a good reputation in the world.

PwC is in which Indian cities?

PwC has three offices in Kolkata and two offices in Bengaluru.

How is the work environment at PwC?

PwC boasts of a very supportive and rewarding working environment. The people from the management are known to be very friendly and it is really fun working in this firm.


PwC also offers one of the best packages in the industry for its freshers and engineers. The company pays handsome bonuses on the basis of performance and promotes frequent appraisals or pay hikes. PwC also provides a huge number of facilities to its employees.

The experience of working with such a company is highly appreciated when you decide to switch jobs or wish to look for senior positions in the industry. This off-campus drive is a great opportunity and you must try your best to get selected for the job roles.

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