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Python Language
Python Frameworks
Advantages of Python
JavaScript Language
JavaScript Frameworks
Advantages of Javascript
Python VS JavaScript
The key difference between Python VS JavaScript
Frequently Asked Questions
What is complex Python VS JavaScript?
Which is more lucrative, Python VS JavaScript?
What features of Python can JavaScript not?
What type of coding do hackers use?
Is Python suitable for developing websites?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Python VS JavaScript

Author Amarjeet Kumar
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Currently, two of the most used programming languages are Python VS JavaScript. Even though both are object-oriented programming languages, they have different scopes. Python VS JavaScript is an excellent candidate for beginning a coding career because they are both relatively simple to learn and have a lot of job prospects.

Python Vs Javascript

Python Language

Python's strength and versatility have made it an indispensable tool in almost every scientific application worldwide. It is a multipurpose programming language that is compatible with several paradigms.

It is extensively utilised in various scientific and specialised fields, including astronomy, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer science education, computer vision, and image processing.

Web development is another usage for it. Here is where we may start contrasting its uses with those of JavaScript. Python is used in back-end development, the part of web design responsible for producing elements that users don't see, such as an application's server-side. Now we will look into Python VS JavaScript advantages.

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Python Frameworks

There are two types of Python frameworks – Lightweight and Heavyweight frameworks. Heavyweight frameworks include all the libraries and tools developers required to create a full-fledged application. They mostly have well defined boilerplate code and the developer just has gaps to fill to make his app.

Some of the heavyweight frameworks are like Django, TurboGears, Web2Py, and more. Lightweight frameworks do not provide complete features and functionalities. Developers need to add certain specific libraries to create several features. It provides more flexibility and less boilerplate code to start with. Some of the lightweight frameworks are Flask, FastAPI and Cherrypy.

Advantages of Python

  1. Crucial scripted object-oriented language with approachable data structures.
Advantages of Python

2. Open-source software and community building.

3. Reading, understanding, and writing are adaptable and simple.

4. It is compatible with various libraries (NumPy for numerical calculations, Pandas for data analytics, etc.).

5. It is a dynamically typed language, meaning that the data type is determined by the value that has been assigned rather than by explicitly mentioning it.

6. Ideal for prototypes because it requires less coding and offers greater functionality.

7. Highly Efficient (Python is more efficient because of its straightforward object-oriented design, which enhances process control, and because the language has good text processing and integration features and a built-in unit testing framework.)

JavaScript Language

can be used to create both the back-end and the front-end of a web application, unlike Python, which can only be used to create the back-end.

The application area that users see and interact with is called the front-end. You use Javascript "in the background" every time you view or use a website or web application.

Similar to how JavaScript may be used when interacting with a mobile app, frameworks like React Native enable us to create platform-agnostic software.

Because it is a flexible language that gives us the tools we need to construct the parts of a web application, JavaScript is used so frequently in web development. Now we will look into Python VS JavaScript advantages.

JavaScript Frameworks

Some of the popular frameworks that one should learn are – Vue.js, React.js, Angular, Node.js, Ember.js. Companies like PayPal, Netflix, eBay, Walmart, Facebook, Twitter and Google are rapidly adapting to the latest frameworks.

Python supports less in-built features compared to JavaScript for mobile development. The development time is also more in Python than JavaScript. The most popularly used Python frameworks for web development are Django and Flask.

Advantages of Javascript

  1. All current browsers can be supported using JavaScript, and the end effect will be the same.
  2. Global corporations promote community development by initiating significant projects. Facebook and Google, which developed the Angular framework, are examples (they created the React.js framework).
Advantages of Javascript

3. JavaScript is always run in the client environment to conserve bandwidth and hasten execution regardless of where it is hosted.

4. Microsoft created the crucial script object known as XMLHttpRequest. The XMLHttpRequest object calls are made as part of an asynchronous HTTP request to the server to send data without refreshing the page. Now we will look into Python VS JavaScript differences.

Python VS JavaScript

Comparative Point Python JavaScript
REPL(Read-Eval-Print-Loop) We shall obtain it along with the installation of Python and call various installations of Python. In contrast, because Java-Script is typically run in a browser, we didn't have an integrated REPL for it. But installing node.js enables us.
Mutability sets and lists are examples of mutable and immutable data types in Python (Immutable). Unlike Java-Script, which doesn't understand what mutable and immutable means
Strings Python source code is ASCII by default unless another encoding format is specified. Java-Script, on the other hand, has no built-in functionality for processing raw bytes and should be encoded as UTF-16.
Numbers Different numerical types, such as int, float, fixed-point decimal, etc., are available in Python. Java-Script, however, only supports floating-point numbers.
Hash tables Dictionaries, sets, and other built-in hash tables in Python can be used to create hashes with keys and values. Unlike Java-Script, which lacks built-in support for hash tables
Data types As opposed to Python, which has the data types list and tuple. Java-array Script and Python's list are very comparable. There is a built-in array type in Java-Script.

The key difference between Python VS JavaScript

1. JavaScript is weakly typed, but Python is strongly typed, meaning there is never an implicit conversion between types.

2. Python is often considered to be the default language, but JavaScript has standard synchronous and blocking code.

3. Python is used for server-side programming or the backend, whereas JavaScript can run on the front end.

4. Java-Script lacks procedural programming, although Python does.

5. Python uses a newline as a statement terminator, whereas Java Script uses; it instead.

6. Python is easier to maintain than JavaScript since it is a better-built language.

7. Java-Script is better for mobile development than Python.

8. Python runs more slowly than JavaScript.

9. JavaScript has a small standard library compared to Python's extensive one.

10. JavaScript doesn't extensively rely on assignments, but Python does, with no distinction between variables and assignments.

11. JavaScript lacks the numerous libraries for machine learning, data analytics, and scientific computing that Python does.

12. Unlike Java-Script, which mainly uses floating-point variables, Python supports a wide range of numeric data types, including int, float, and fixed-point decimal.

13. JavaScript lacks a built-in REPL, although Python does.

Built-om REPL

14. Python is usually used for server-side programming, whereas JavaScript is capable of running on both the client and the server.

15. Compared to JavaScript, Python, is simpler to learn and use.

16. In comparison to JavaScript this year, Python is easier to acquire new employment.

17. Python enables a programming language that uses specific functions and variables, and its object-based capabilities are almost on par with JavaScript.

18. Unlike Python, JavaScript is the most complex current programming language.

19. There are minor differences between the lexical scopes used by Python and JavaScript.

20. Unlike JavaScript, which accessed the object using "this," Python uses a Self-argument as the first parameter for each method.

21. Python does not have an inheritance mechanism as JavaScript does.

22. Python is ideal for data analysis, machine learning, or tasks that need a lot of math. In contrast, JavaScript is suitable for creating websites or native apps because it is faster at UI work

I sincerely hope you enjoyed and learned from this essay. The main distinctions between Python VS JavaScript are now clear to you. Now I hope you are a bit clear about Python VS JavaScript. If you want to look more into different languages please checkout this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is complex Python VS JavaScript?

The answer is that Python is easier to learn than JavaScript. Python is frequently the preferred language for beginners, particularly those without prior programming experience. Python code is renowned for being more readable, which makes it simpler to comprehend.

Which is more lucrative, Python VS JavaScript?

The annual salary for a mid-level Python developer is $111k, and that of a senior Python developer can reach $122k. A junior JavaScript developer can make up to $60k annually. Senior JavaScript developers might make up to $113k annually as well.

What features of Python can JavaScript not?

JavaScript can be used to create both the back-end and the front-end of a web application, unlike Python, which can only be used to develop the back-end. The application area that users see and interact with is called the front-end.

What type of coding do hackers use?

JavaScript is currently one of the top programming languages for breaking into web apps. Since most web applications use JavaScript or its libraries, knowing JavaScript enables hackers to identify weaknesses and carry out web exploitation.

Is Python suitable for developing websites?

Since they both have a wide variety of libraries and frameworks, PHP and Python are excellent choices for developing online applications. For instance, PHP offers a variety of solid web frameworks that many well-known firms utilise. Among PHP developers, frameworks like Symfony and Laravel are particularly well-liked.


Python VS JavaScript is an incredibly sophisticated programming language with various practical uses.

Python has many applications, including web development and scientific ones. JavaScript is mainly utilised in the front-end and back-end construction of websites and mobile applications.

Despite their significant variances, they share the same fundamental components required to create effective programmes.

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