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Last updated: Aug 2, 2022


In the field of Data Structures in Computer Science, queues are a very important data structure. A Queue is a linear data structure, which is simply a collection of entries that are tracked in order, such that the addition of entries happens at one end of the queue, while the removal of entries takes place from the other end. In this category, we will look into all operations and problems related to Queue.
Applications of Queue Data Structure MEDIUM
This blog will discuss the topic of Queue Data Structure and its applications, which includes the coding and the proper explanation of the given codes.
Implementation Of Queue in Java using Array and Generics MEDIUM
A queue is a linear data structure and follows FIFO methodology to perform operations on elements, which states that the data stores first will be accessed.
Queue Data Structure and Implementation in Java EASY
This blog defined queue data structure in the Java programming language. The blog also explains implementation of queue, its basic functions, application and limitations of using queue.
Author Aditi
FIFO (First-In-First-Out) approach in Programming
This blog will discuss the FIFO (First-in-First-Out) approach in the Programming Paradigm.
How to Remove a Specific Element from Queue MEDIUM
The following article explores a method how to remove specific elements from a queue along with its implementation and complexities.
Queue Remove Method in Java EASY
In this article, we will understand the remove method of the queue in the java language.
Dumping Queue Into List or Array in Python EASY
In this blog, we will see how one can dump a queue into a list or an array in Python.
Find the Index of the Array Elements after Performing given Operations K Times EASY
In this article, we will find out how to find the index of the array elements after performing some operation k times.
Find Nth Positive Number Whose Absolute Difference of Adjacent Digits is at Most 1 MEDIUM
This article will discuss the Nth positive number whose absolute difference of adjacent digits is at most 1 problem.
Queue of Pairs in C++ STL MEDIUM
This blog will discuss the topic of the queue of pairs in C++ STL with examples.
Difference Between Queue and Deque in C++
The following article discusses a comparative analysis of the functions provided by the Queue and Deque data structures in C++ briefly discussing both of them.
Enqueue and Dequeue in C EASY
Enqueue and dequeue are the processes of inserting and removing elements from a queue. This article discusses enqueue and dequeue in C.
Advantages of Circular Queue Over Linear Queue EASY
Explore the advantages of circular queues over linear queues. They ensure efficient memory usage and enhance performance for frequent enqueue/dequeue.
What is the Difference Between Simple Queue and Circular Queue? EASY
The article revolves around the differences between Simple (Linear) and circular queues, along with some frequently asked questions.
Circular Queue Implementation and Operations EASY
This blog will discuss circular queue implementation and operations, its examples, implementations, and procedures.
Implement Dynamic Deque using Templates Class and a Circular Array MEDIUM
This article discusses how to implement dynamic Deque using templates class and a circular array.
Design Front Middle Back Queue using STL MEDIUM
This article discusses how to design Front Middle Back Queue using STL by using Deque
Implementation of Deque Using Doubly Linked List MEDIUM
Deque, or Double Ended Queue, is a popular data structure that extends the functionality of Queue data structure. It supports operations at both of its ends.
Generate a Permutation of First N Natural Numbers having Count of Unique Adjacent Differences Equal to K MEDIUM
In this article, we will learn how to solve the problem of finding a permutation of n numbers such that the number of unique differences between adjacent numbers is equal to k
Find the First Non-Repeating Character in a Stream MEDIUM
This blog covers a popular interview question involving finding the first non-repeating character in a stream along with its Java implementation.
How to Efficiently Implement K Queues in a Single Array? MEDIUM
This article discusses an important interview problem: Implement K queues in a single array. Various approaches along with code in Java are discussed.
Implementation of Queue using Linked list
Reversing a Queue MEDIUM
This blog covers a popular interview problem, “Reversing a queue,” with different approaches and code in C++.
Sorting of Queue
The blog covers an important interview problem: Sorting of queues using various approaches along with code in Java.
Interleave the first half of the queue with second half
In this blog, we will discuss different approaches to interleave the first half of the queue with the second half. Then we will discuss their algorithms, implementations, and complexities analysis.
Implementation of Queue using Arrays in C++
In this article, we will discuss the queue data structure and its array implementation.
Generate Binary numbers from 1 to n using queue in Java
In this blog, we will discuss a problem in which we have to print the binary numbers from 1 to n using a queue data structure.
Author Harsh