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Key Differences
Key Features of Angular
Key Features of React
When should you use React?
When should you use Angular?
React vs. Angular: The Complete Comparison
Key Takeaways
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

React vs Angular

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Javascript is one of the most widely used programming languages today. Many developers use JavaScript to build their applications or projects, but they are often confused when deciding which framework or library to use for their projects.

Although Angular and ReactJs are their top priorities, most of them cannot decide which one is best for their project. However, we cannot define best, but we can certainly examine which is better in which case.

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Let's start with a basic overview of Angular and ReactJs.


ReactJS is developed and maintained by Facebook. It was released in 2013. React is an open-source JavaScript library.  It is widely used for front-end development. It allows users to build UI components.


It's a full-featured JavaScript framework for creating dynamic, single-page web applications. Developers can use HTML as a template language and HTML syntax to define the application's components.

Google developed AngularJS. It was initially released in 2010. Later, it was completely re-written in 2016, and JS was dropped from its name, and it became Angular from AngularJS.

Key Differences



AngularJS is a framework used to build web applications. React is a javascript library for creating user interface(UI) components.
AngularJS is based on Model View Controller(MVC) React is based on Virtual DOM.
AngularJS provides a single tool for both testing and debugging. React requires a set of tools to perform different types of testing.
Angular is based on Typescript. React is based on Javascript.


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Key Features of Angular

  • Angular has built-in support for Observables, HTTP, AJAX.
  • Large community support.
  • Consistent with current technology.
  • Typescript offers good efficiency.
  • Solid support for error handling.
  • Seamless updates using Angular CLI.
  • Server-side rendering is quick, supporting views that don't have browser-side rendering.


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Key Features of React

  • It allows you to use 3rd party libraries.
  • Simple and time-saving.
  • Better user experience and high performance.
  • Great components in React.
  • You can use the URL router library like ReactRoute

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When should you use React?

You should use react in the following cases:


  • You'll need an app that can handle many events.
  • When your team has HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge.
  • It offers Redux-like state containers for faster development in apps like using dynamic elements and managing rendering.
  • There is a need to use code bundler like web pack.

When should you use Angular?

You should use Angular in the following cases:


  • When you want ready-to-use solutions as well as increased productivity.
  • When your team has worked with Java, C#, and prior versions of Angular.
  • When you want to build a large-scale feature-rich application.




React vs. Angular: The Complete Comparison





Type React is a JavaScript library.  Angular is a framework.
Use of libraries We can use 3rd party libraries in React. We are not allowed to use other libraries here.
Learning curve It is easier to learn as compared to Angular.  Learning Angular is not easy. It requires a lot of practice and training.
Community support React doesn’t have much community support. It has a dependable community support system.
Installation time React takes longer to set up.  Angular is easy to set up.
Best feature It allows you to choose the tools, architecture, and libraries you want to use when creating an app. Here are some limitations.
Data binding The Ul elements in the React language employ one-way data binding, which means they can't be updated without updating the model state. Angular uses the two-way data binding method. It automatically changes the model state when any change is made.
Updates Updates in React are simple. It aims to update every six months, giving it enough time to make necessary migration changes.



If you want to create native apps, hybrid apps, or online apps, this is for you. If you want to create a SPA (Single Page Application) or mobile apps, you should use this framework.
Written in JavaScript Typescript
Model Virtual DOM MVC (Model View Controller)



Instagram, Netflix, Facebook, Uber Technologies, etc. Auto Trader, Wepay, Beam, Mesh, etc.



  1. What are the advantages of using React?
    It offers HTML-like syntax that allows templating and highly detailed documentation. It is easy to learn, and it has enhanced support for server-side rendering. 
  2. What are the advantages of using Angular?
    It is a framework that takes care of routing. It gives high performance and has a Material Design-like interface.
  3. What is the difficulty in using react?
    Using ReactJS would need a thorough understanding of integrating a user interface with the MVC framework.
  4. What are the major problem in using Angular?
    Angular sometimes becomes slow with pages embedding interactive elements. And it is tough to debug as well.

Key Takeaways

In terms of single-page applications, both React and AngularJS are excellent choices. There may be arguments that React is better than Angular or vice versa. However, these are two entirely different. 

Whatever your opinion on the React vs Angular debate, you should always decide what to use based on your functional and usability requirements.

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Happy Coding!


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