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ReadyAPI in Private Network
Activate a Fixed User license in Private Network
Free fixed user license seat 
Frequently Asked Questions
What is ReadyAPI?
How can we use SmartBear ReadyAPI?
What is the difference between ReadyAPI and Postman?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

ReadyAPI – Licensing in Private Networks

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ReadyAPI is an API testing platform. It allows the developers to automate testing. 

It can be used for different types of testing:

⭐ Functional Testing - You can set tests for each application's functionality and check if your service works as expected. You can also test the security of your service and verify that it can resist the most common attacks. 

⭐ Performance Testing - You can test the performance of the service against various situations. You can put a huge amount of load on the service to check if it is working properly in such conditions.

Licensing in Private Network

After downloading and installing the ReadyAPI software, you will need a license to use the ReadyAPI software. The licenses are handled by the ReadyAPI License Management Portal which is available on the global web, however, you might want to use the license through a private network that is not connected to the global web. In this case, you will have to activate offline licensing in ReadyAPI. 

In this article, we will discuss using the ReadyAPI license in Private Networks. 

ReadyAPI in Private Network

As mentioned above, ReadyAPI licenses are handled by License Management Server that is connected to the global web. A license administrator manages the license on the server. The license manager can be anyone, you can appoint anyone from your team to be the license manager or if it is just you who is using the license (i.e, the license belongs to one person), then you yourself can be the license manager. 

If you are using ReadyAPI through a private network, then you will have to activate special licenses. 

In ReadyAPI a single license can be owned by an individual or by a group of people. 

Fixed License - It strictly defines the users who can use the license seats. 

Say, there are ten seats in the license, then ten seats can be revoked and reassigned each seat once, or one seat 10 times, or in any combination up to a maximum of 10 reassignments. 

There is a limit on the number of times licenses can be reassigned. After the limit has been crossed the license management server will return an error. 

The license is bind to the user device. 

Floating License - Floating licenses are used by organizations where multiple employees need to work with the same product concurrently. 

The license administrator assigns the license to several users and every user to whom the license is assigned can run this product if a free license seat is available.

Let’s learn how to activate these two types of licenses in a Private Network.

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Activate a Fixed User license in Private Network

⭐Steps to be followed by the User:

🐻 Start ReadyAPI. Go to Help > License Manager. 

🐻 Select install offline license. 

🐻 Copy the fingerprint text on the dialogue box and send it to your license manager. 

Activate Fixed User License

NOTE: Do not close the dialogue box. 

⭐Steps to be followed by the License manager-

🐻 Open the License management portal. Select Assign Offline License. 

🐻 In the dialogue box, enter the fingerprint text obtained from the user.

🐻 Click on Download the File and Assign the License.

Assign Office License

🐻 Send this .DAT file holding the offline license data to the user. 

Now, the user needs to open this .DAT file, copy and paste the offline license data in the dialogue box. Click OK. 

✅ Your offline Fixed user license has been activated. 

Free fixed user license seat 

You might want to free the license seat. 

⭐Steps to be followed by the user-

🐻 Start ReadyAPI. Go to Help > Manage License 

🐻 Select Uninstall Offline license.

ReadyAPI Test Subscription License Key

🐻 A prompt screen will open, select Yes. 

Uninstall Offline License

🐻 A new screen will open with a dialogue box holding the fingerprint data. Copy and save this data. Close ReadyAPI. 

🐻 Send the fingerprint data to the License manager. 

⭐Steps to be followed by License manager-

🐻 Open the License Management portal. 

🐻 Select the Offline License that is to be freed. 

🐻 Save the fingerprint text sent by the user in a file. 

🐻 Click on ‘Insert Its Content’ and upload the fingerprint file. 

Free Offline License

🐻 Finally, click on Upload the file and free the seat.

Update the File

✅ The Offline License seat for the fixed user is Free now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReadyAPI?

ReadyAPI is an API testing platform. It allows the developers to automate testing.

How can we use SmartBear ReadyAPI?

To use ReadyAPI, download and install the product. There is a 14 days free trial of the product. After the free trial has ended you can buy the license to use the product for commercial use. There are two types of licenses- File Based and SmartBear ID based. These licenses are valid for 1-3 years.

What is the difference between ReadyAPI and Postman?

Since Postman is designed to work with each individual API endpoint, it is nearly hard to manage and monitor end-to-end testing over time. Since each test case is customised for ReadyAPI, tests may include a variety of endpoints, resources, or data sets. Then, inside a Test Suite and, ultimately, a Test Project, each test case can be added, copied, or deleted. As a result, managing and keeping up with test cases is easy.


Congratulations on finishing this article. In this article, we discussed how to activate ReadyAPI license in private network and how to free the license. The license in ReadyAPI are maintained by a license administrator. 

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