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Skills required by a Non Computer Science Student
Project Management And Deployment
Frequently Asked Questions
I want to get a job as a Software Engineer at FAANG Companies but do not have a computer science degree?
I just want to get a job in coding with a handsome salary but do not know where to start?
I have completed DSA. How do I stay in touch with the concepts? How should I revise?
How to justify low CGPA?
What computer science jobs pay the most?
What fields of computer science will be in the highest demand after 2020?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Roadmap For Non-Computer Science Student

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Non cs students programming


If you are a non-computer science student, then opportunity and skill are the only requirements for getting the best packages from top Tech MNCs. Anyone irrespective of their branch can land at a software job with a package of 30 LPA. You don’t need the perfect 9 point GPA, you only need the minimum GPA that allows you to sit for the placement opportunity.

Problem-solving skills are essential but projects and development skills are equally important. 

Some of the very common doubts and fears prevalent among college students due to lack of proper guidance and misinformation are listed below:

  • My GPA is too low, will I get shortlisted in any company?
  • I am from a Non-Computer Science branch. How will I compete with my fellow Computer Science branch peers?
  • Will the year gap in my resume affect my shortlisting?
  • Am I on a similar footing in terms of opportunities, will I be able to get a job?

Stay assured that you are not the only one with above mentioned doubts and this article has got you covered. 

  1. CGPA and branch-specific criteria for placements

A high GPA is often one of the first factors employers look for when evaluating a potential engineering candidate, but it’s far from the only one. Most of the top product based companies have a minimum criteria of 7 CGPA. But in order to stay on the safer side a CGPA above 8 is always recommended.

Assuming 100 companies visit your campus, at least 30 would be recruiting for 7+ CGPA so instead of worrying about the other 70 companies, focus on the remaining 30 companies. Your CGPA is not in your control, but your skills are. Keep up with your Data structures practice and become skilled at problem-solving. CGPA only guarantees entry, it’s your skill that helps you sail through tough completion and reach the destination. We just need one job.

Moreover, Skills, Certifications and Gumption can conveniently outweigh a low CGPA. With the right resume, you can cover up everything. Advanced certifications, real-world experience, internships and externships and general life experiences that provide soft skills such as leadership ability are all pulses that can outweigh individual grades.

You can showcase that when you were not studying, you were actually developing. Highlight your other skills to prove you are worth spending time within an interview. Prove that while your GPA is against you, your project is the solid reason why the company should recruit you.

During your interview focus on how your experience has prepared you for the job at hand. Maybe you have been working for a technical society, or volunteer for an NGO or you developed and maintain a website that is in use. 

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Skills required by a Non Computer Science Student

The approach will be similar to that of a Computer Science branch student. Following are the three major areas you should focus upon: 

1. Why must we acquire the right skill set? What skills to focus on?

Things you can choose from:

  • 1. A Project: Deploy web application or an android app on playstore or a machine learning model. Work on projects based on software development. They highlight your interest and expertise in this field and are physical, tangible proof of your knowledge and experience.
  • A research internship: Work under a mentor to shape an innovative idea.
  • A corporate internship in order to gain work experience in an area of your interest.
  • Freelancing: You can make a profile on freelancer. in and look for projects aligning with your area of interest.
  • Any achievement in a hackathon or competition.

Some major upcoming hackathons:

  • Bruteforce 3.0: March 13
  • Rackathon: Ongoing (Ends on 13th March)
  • Ageing better with ICT- March 15:
  • HackOn 2.0- June 12

Check more live/ upcoming hackathons at: DareToCompete

Important areas to focus on in order to clear interviews:

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms: Learn data structures thoroughly and be good at problem-solving in general. Be good at writing errors: Free and readable code. Also, think about all possible test cases and edge cases related to a problem.
  2. Important Core subjects: Operating Systems, Database Management, and Computer Networks
  3. Look up company-specific aptitude questions on Code Studio.

1. Role of projects and internships in clearing tech interviews

Once you get into a company you won’t be writing simple algorithms, but, building products and hence companies prefer students who have a fair share of development knowledge. 

Everyone does DSA so in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd one needs to focus more on Development. Excellence in DSA must be followed by development and deployment. Pick up a development skill, be it machine learning, web development or android app development and start making projects. Master a particular domain and have at least one working, deployed project either as a website, a Heroku app or an app on Playstore.  

You need to move ahead of DSA and make yourself company ready. As a software developer, you will be applying DSA knowledge in creating products.

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Project Management And Deployment

  1. Learn Git. GitHub is where everyone stores their project either to host/deploy it or to showcase them. For instance, Heroku is a cloud platform that enables deployment.
  2. Use Google and Stackoverflow efficiently. Stackoverflow is the go-to resource for all your errors and problems. Just copy the error on Google and there you get the most relevant results.
  3. Learn Docker: Docker is a set of “platform as a service” products that use OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get a job as a Software Engineer at FAANG Companies but do not have a computer science degree?

FAANG companies are open for all the engineering branches including Computer science, electronics, civil, mechanical etc.

I just want to get a job in coding with a handsome salary but do not know where to start?

Start today with learning DSA and keep practising on CodeZen. Practice in the following order:

1. Arrays
2. Linked List
3. Stacks and Queue
4. Strings and Matrix
5. Hashing
6. Recursion
7. Searching and sorting
8. Binary tree, Binary search tree
9. Priority queue
10. Greedy programming
11. Dynamic programming

I have completed DSA. How do I stay in touch with the concepts? How should I revise?

Online coding sites like Codechef and Codeforces hold regular contests for competitive programming(CP). CP refers to solving a problem in a time-bound format and you get points for solving each problem. The quicker you solve, the more points you get.

How to justify low CGPA?

1. You had to work full-time to put yourself through college.
2. You have great learning experiences to show during your internship or previous work experience.
3. You have built varied projects.
4. Your grades consistently improved after a poor freshman year.
5. You participated in extracurricular activities that demanded the same qualities that are required for the job you’re interviewing for.

What computer science jobs pay the most?

The computer science jobs that pay the most are software engineer, software architect, data engineer, devops engineer and computer scientist.

What fields of computer science will be in the highest demand after 2020?

The computer science jobs that will be in highest demand after 2020 are AI specialists, data scientists, data analysts, full stack engineers, cybersecurity specialists, blockchain developers and cloud engineers.


It is definitely possible for a student from a non-Computer Science branch to land at a package of 30 LPA. Only the right skills and right mindset is required. Hence, quit worrying about your low GPA and start working on your problem solving skills, mention at least two deployed projects in your resume and if you belong from a non CS branch, start learning about OS, DBMS and computer networks right away. 

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Just like any other skill, consistency and practice is the key to excel in coding. So, Bury all your fears and just focus on acquiring skills! If you are looking for a structured course to start your coding or development journey with, head to Coding Ninjas

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