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About Atlassian💁
About the role 🤷
Salary and Perks with the job💰
Skills and Experience required 👩‍🎓
Job Expectations/Responsibilities with job 🧑‍💻
Preparation strategy 👩‍💻
Career Map 🗺️
Frequently Asked Questions
What does a Salesforce engineer do?
Do you need to code as a Salesforce Engineer?
Is Atlassian's salary in India competitive?
Is it difficult to learn Atlassian?
Does Atlassian allow remote work?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Salesforce Engineer at Atlassian

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At Atlassian here to make software that enables everyone, from fledgling businesses to the titans of the computer industry. Collaboration is at the core of every product Atlassian envisions creating at Atlassian, which is why Atlassian created tools like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello to aid teams everywhere more dynamic, creative, and coordinated. Atlassian seeks people who want to shape the future and think that working together will enable us to accomplish much more than working alone.

salesforce engineer at atlassian

At Atlassian, dedicated to fostering a culture where everyone has the autonomy and freedom to flourish, as well as the support of like-minded coworkers who are driven by a shared vision to Unleash the potential of every team.

About Atlassian💁

An Australian software company serves product developers, project managers, and other software development teams. The corporation is based in the UK but has US and global headquarters in San Francisco and Sydney, respectively.



With 10 million monthly active users, Atlassian claimed to serve 242,623 clients in over 190 countries during the fourth fiscal quarter of 2022. In June 2022, the business employed 8,813 people. With offices in 13 different nations, including Amsterdam, Austin, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Mountain View, Manila, Yokohama, Bangalore, and Sydney, Atlassian has a worldwide crew.

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About the role 🤷

A dedicated group of engineers called Sales Technology COE is working hard to find solutions to various customer-centric issues and challenges. Working with the Sales, Partner, and Marketing Operations teams, Atlassian help other Atlassians reach their full potential. Our group creates analytical, intelligent tools and support and sales systems that take advantage of a wide range of Atlassian services.

As a Salesforce developer, you will design and deploy Salesforce solutions, as well as Salesforce integrations using MuleSoft and micro-services, sharing your knowledge with other Atlassians.

The right person will have a fantastic opportunity in this role to contribute significantly to developing High Tech-Low, Cost Enterprise Selling processes. You could even consider switching job, see whats required for switching your job. Strong expertise in sales automation and a proven track record of success in defining enterprise-scale solutions are required.

A particular computer programmer, a Salesforce developer, creates software for the Salesforce CRM platform or another Salesforce cloud product. Creating websites and developing apps are examples of this. A Salesforce developer works with computer code like HTML and JavaScript every day.

Salary and Perks with the job💰

Salary estimates are based on the salaries submitted by Atlassian employees.



Annual Salary Range

1 - 2 yrs exp

~ ₹ 35.9 Lakhs

2 - 3 yrs exp

~ ₹ 40 Lakhs


 ** Above salary figures are subject to change

Skills and Experience required 👩‍🎓

Skills Required
  • 4–10 years of solution, design, and development experience.
  • Working with Salesforce Lightning for at least a year, developing custom lightning components, using SLDS, and working with JavaScript.
  • Experience with the whole solution life cycle, including definition, development, and unit and apex testing of the Salesforce application.
  • It will be appreciated if you have deployment expertise utilizing ANT migration tools, changesets, eclipse, or workbench for salesforce.
  • You need to have proper IT certifications.
  • Ability to analyze a problem to suggest the best technical solution.
  • Complicated SFDC application implementations in enterprises include reports, workflow, and interaction with various SFDC objects.
  • proficiency with HTML, SOQL, AJAX, XML, JavaScript, Visual Force, and Apex.
  • Create and maintain pages, Visualforce, and integration with other third-party solutions.
  • Keep track of various user roles, security settings, profiles, workflow rules, etc.
  • Strong technical and virtual teamwork abilities are required.
  • Mandatory PD1 certification; PD2 preferred

Job Expectations/Responsibilities with job 🧑‍💻

A particular computer programmer, a Salesforce developer, creates software for the Salesforce Google Cloud Platform or another Salesforce cloud product. Creating websites and developing apps are examples of this. A Salesforce developer works with computer code like HTML and JavaScript every day.

  • Possess an ownership mentality by taking ownership of the whole project delivery process, from technical planning to performing/guiding implementation to testing to final delivery.
  • It also requires you to constantly develop your coding skills, see why.
  • Understanding the application's target audience and their most frequent use cases
  • Follow the engineering best practices established by the team, including testing standards, standardized patterns, and documentation.
  • Participate in team activities, including code review, estimate, technical specification planning, requirement definition cooperation, and feedback during retrospectives to contribute to team processes.

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Preparation strategy 👩‍💻

Although this technical interview will last 60 minutes, writing code is not the primary objective your Aptitude skills matters too. Instead, your interviewer will pick from a list of prepared questions to better understand how you would approach the issues Atlassian at Atlassian solve, such as architectural difficulties and scaling systems under particular circumstances. Atlassian wants to know how you investigate a problem—what inquiries you would make, how you would discuss limitations like cost and dependability, with whom you may collaborate for assistance, and which technologies you would employ. You should also know the basics of Computer Organization and Architecture.

There is no one correct response. There are probably numerous workable answers to the problem you're asked to tackle. However, this discussion is still intended to be practical rather than theoretical. Use specific examples and draw on your prior experience to describe what you would do and why. Additionally, it will be intended to "ladder" like all of our interview questions, meaning that your interviewer may ask you more difficult or less complex questions as you move along. If a new trade-off is presented, they might urge you to consider an alternative strategy or observe how you change your perspective. Atlassian wants to know how quickly you can think on your feet. Therefore this is a part of how Atlassian evaluates learning agility.

Atlassian will discuss who you are now and who you aspire to be at Atlassian during the manager interview.

Of course, Atlassian wants to make sure Atlassian get to know candidates as people during the interview process, and Atlassian wants them to get to know us. However, Atlassian also wants to take this opportunity to probe a little further, to discuss the potential influence you could have at Atlassian and how Atlassian might be able to support your development.

Atlassian will thus ask questions during this session—typically one-on-one with the hiring manager or more senior management on the team—to better understand who you are and what interests and excites you. Atlassian will discuss how you may benefit Atlassian not only in the position and group for which you are applying but also in the long run. Atlassian must comprehend where you are and where you want to go since Atlassian regard every Atlassian Atlassian recruit as an investment in our business.

Additionally, Atlassian will use this session to discover as much as Atlassian can about your working methods, particularly your modes of collaboration and communication. Make sure you are prepared to discuss one or two previous projects, including who you collaborated with and any technical difficulties you encountered. You may also consult the project's business case, which motivated you to start working on it in the first place. Atlassian can learn a lot about what it could be like to collaborate from how you explain what you've accomplished. You could also learn Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services which will help you in Atlassian and your career.

So remember that Atlassian is here to assist you, not stump you. Say so if you're unsure about what to do. Just see it as another chance to show off your skills since our team's communication and teamwork are crucial components.

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Career Map 🗺️

Working at Atlassian

It doesn't matter if you work in an office or a dispersed team; Atlassian fosters strong teamwork and fun. Ample time off to unwind and recharge, flexible scheduling options, five paid volunteer days per year for your favorite cause, an annual allowance to support your learning and growth, special ShipIt days, a company-paid trip after five years, and more are just a few of the great benefits Atlassian provide to support you at work (and play).

  • Development Administrator - An individual who supervises, coordinates, plans, and oversees the social and economic development of a community or organisation is known as a development administrator. These people can work in a range of fields, including construction, infrastructure, transportation, housing, and public works.
  • Senior Software Engineer - Senior software engineers also examine systems flow and work procedures, consult with users, and adhere to the software development lifecycle when creating software solutions.
  • Chief Technology Officer - The person who manages current technology and develops pertinent policies in a business is known as the chief technology officer (CTO). A CTO should have the business expertise required to match technological decisions to the objectives of the enterprise.
  • Director Of Software Development - The title of director of software development may also be used for the director of applications development or the director of software engineering. They are in charge of organising the planning, creation, and execution of an organization's applications.
  • Senior Business Analyst - A senior business analyst conducts extensive analyses of company processes and develops plans to increase effectiveness. A senior business analyst assesses the technical aspects of a business challenge before intuitively forming and creating business solutions.
  • Salesforce Administrator - In order to create system needs and customise the platform, Salesforce Administrators collaborate with stakeholders. Simply put, they make it possible for users to benefit the most from Salesforce technology. The person who knows the most about how to use Salesforce to achieve their company's objectives is the admin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Salesforce engineer do?

A particular kind of computer programmer known as a Salesforce developer creates software for the Salesforce CRM platform or another Salesforce cloud product. Creating websites and developing apps are examples of this. Every day, a Salesforce developer works with computer code like HTML and JavaScript.

Do you need to code as a Salesforce Engineer?

Executive functions and problem-solving tasks are also included. As a result, the Salesforce engineer and Admin will collaborate with a group of consultants, developers, and others. The code will be handled by them. So, coding is not necessary for a Salesforce administrator's daily job.

Is Atlassian's salary in India competitive?

For people with less than one year of experience to two years of experience, the average annual compensation for an Atlassian Software Engineer in India is Rs.40.9 Lakhs. At Atlassian, a software engineer's annual compensation might range from Rs.20 to Rs.57 lakh rupees. Salary projections are based on 110 salaries from different Atlassian workers.

Is it difficult to learn Atlassian?

In recent years, Atlassian has grown to be a highly sought-after firm, and each field has its own extremely challenging interview procedure.

Does Atlassian allow remote work?

All employees are permitted to work remotely by Atlassian, and this policy is VERY flexible. The IT staff is in favor of this project and has simplified remote employment and onboarding. Although it is not recommended because we work as a team, you can if necessary work from home.


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