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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024
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Scene Handling

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In this article we will learn about scene handling. But, before we learn about scene handling, it's essential to understand what Scene in Unity is.  

Scenes are the objects in the game that contain a particular scenario.

Assume you have a game with a universe divided into two halves, one on Earth and the other on an alien space planet. We can say that this world can be divided into two scenes (However, this may not be the case for more giant games), One is for the Earth, and the other is for the alien planet in space.

Image depicting the game

Let's move to the next section to know more about Scene Handling.

Scene Handling in Unity

Scenes in Unity can be considered discrete levels or screens, such as a primary menu. They are game or application assets that contain all or part of the game or application.

For example:- a simple game could be built in a single scene. In contrast, a more complicated game could have one Scene per level, each with scenery, characters, obstacles, decorations, and user interface. In a project, you can make as many scenes as you like.

Unity has started using a new library to access Scenes and traverse between them in the last several versions. SceneManagement is the name of this library. We must first include this library before we can utilise it. We execute this by writing at the beginning of the script.

using UnityEngine.SceneManagement

The SceneManager is the class you will encounter and utilise the most in this collection.

We'll see steps for loading scenes in Unity in the next section.

Loading Scenes in Unity

The steps for Loading Scenes in Unity are as follows:

STEP 1:- Confirm that the Scene you want to load is included in your Build Settings. Otherwise, when you try to access the Scene via code, it won't be recognised, and you'll get an error.

STEP 2:- In your script, include the Unity Scene Management library. This can be added to a freshly constructed GameManager Script to help track the game's progress.

using UnityEngine.SceneManagement


The stages that follow will take place in the same script as Scene Management.       

STEP 3:- Make a bool variable to track whether or not the game is over.


*If you're following this instruction to learn how to load scenes in general, you'll finish at step 4, and you can skip this step. You also don't need to provide the game over the condition in the input.*

Private bool _Isgameover = false;


STEP 4:- Set the user input for the game's restart key in the void Update. It can be any key. In my case, I'm using "RS” for Restart.

You have access to the SceneManager, which will load your selected Scene because you already added the scene management library.

Void update()
           if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.RS) && _Isgameover == true)


The Scene is identifiable by its name or the scene number assigned. The Scene is recognised in the example above by its number, which is faster than using a string/the Scene's name.

STEP 5:- To modify the value of the bool variable from step 3, create a void method.

*It's best to use methods to change bool variables rather than directly.*

public void gameover()
            _Isgameover = true;


In the end, you will get an output like below

A particular scene of 'game over'

In the next section, we'll see FAQs related to the topic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the name of the Scene?

The Scene's name should reflect the Scene's major topic or activity. It should be something you can read and know what happens in the Scene right away. Each Scene should be named in three words or less. You'll have an idea to refer to while editing when you name the Scene.

Is it possible to recreate a scene in Unity?

Yes, it is possible to recreate a scene in Unity. (CTRL+A) select all objects (CTRL+C)Copy all items and Navigate to the newly generated Scene. (Ctrl+V) to paste everything

What is the largest scene Unity can handle?

Although there is no set size restriction for the items in your Scene, you should be mindful that objects that are very far away from the world origin may be portrayed poorly.

How to halt a scene in Unity?

To pause or unpause a game in Unity, just set the time scale to zero and then back to one (the default).

What will happen when you choose a GameObject in the Scene view?

The Inspector window shows the components of the selected GameObject and provides all of its details.


In this article, we have extensively discussed the Scene Handling. We have learned Scene Handling in Unity, how to load Scenes in Unity, and some faqs related to this topic.

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How to halt a scene in Unity?
What will happen when you choose a GameObject in the Scene view?