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Last updated: Mar 28, 2022


Scheduling is executing the transactions in a particular sequence. Introducing the idea of scheduling and explaining in the Database Management System what a schedule is. Later we will explain various types of schedules such as serial, non-serial, and serializable schedules in DBMS. Further moving towards the middle we will be introducing the concept of recoverability of schedule in DBMS. What is recoverability in DBMS and how can we implement it will be the key areas of focus. Towards the end, we would be wrapping up with the conditions of schedules to view equivalent.
Introduction to Scheduling in DBMS
In this blog, we’ll learn what scheduling is and different types of schedules, and how a schedule is used to preserve the order of the operation in each individual transaction.
Recoverability in DBMS EASY
This blog is about the Recoverability of schedules , types of schedules in database management systems with their suitable examples.
Condition of Schedules to be View-Equivalent
The article aims to teach you about the conditions when two given schedules are view-equivalent.