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Last updated: Nov 29, 2022

Scripts and Collections

Though the word script mind gives you some ideas like test scripts, and running the scripts. These are a few phrases associated with scripts. How can we write such scripts in postman or how can we write the tests in postman? Later, we will be running these tests. Collections are a very important topic in postman. It is the collection runner that enables one to run the API requests in a collection in a predefined or particular sequence.
What are Scripts in Postman?
In this article, we will discuss what are scripts and how to write them in postman. We will discuss both pre-request and test scripts and how to create them.
Examples of Test Scripts EASY
In this article we discussed some of test script examples along with multiple assertions, parsing response data and making assertions on the HTTP response.
JavaScript Libraries available in Postman MEDIUM
There are several built-in libraries available in Postman. We will cover these libraries and concepts like scripting, pm object, etc., in this article.
Using the Collection Runner and scheduling runs with monitors in postman
In this article, we will discuss the introduction to the Collection Runner, configuration, running, sharing, automation of a collection run, and scheduling run with the monitor.
Triggering runs with webhooks and building request workflows in postman
In this article, we will discuss the introduction to the webhooks and triggering runs with webhooks, creating webhooks, accessing the request and Tips for building requests workflows in postman.
Importing Datafiles in Postman
This blog discusses importing and exporting data in Postman. It also explains the use of data files in a Collection run and how they can be imported.