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Search Engine⭕
Goals Of a Search Engine📃
Search Portal💻
Search Engine Vs Portal🎯
Search Engine vs Portal In A Tabular Form✅
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the types of search engines?
What is the difference between a web portal and a website?
What are examples of web video portals?
Which is the best search engine?
How can one search for information without getting hacked?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Search Engine vs Portal

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The first thing that strikes our minds whenever we have to search for something is Google❗. Have you ever wondered what Google is? It is a search engine. Have you ever thought about the working of search engines like Google? 🤷‍♀️


Usually, search engines and search portals are misunderstood to be the same thing. This blog will discuss the idea behind search engine vs portal. Let’s get started!✅

Search Engine⭕

search engine

Before jumping to the search engine vs portal directly, let us discuss the search engine in detail✍.

We have to do a lot of web searches in our day-to-day lives. There should be a dedicated system designed to carry out these searches. This system should ensure that the required information is provided to the user from the internet. This system that is specifically made to carry out searches is called a search engine. Some examples of search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.



Example 2:




 The user types in the topic that is to be searched for. Many web pages are listed at the backend of search engines using some particular keywords. The search engine matches the words typed in by the user with the keywords and returns the matching webpages.

Goals Of a Search Engine📃

🎯The goal of the search engine is to fulfill the user's information requirement in the minimum possible time.

🎯The search engine has to provide reliable information.

🎯The order of webpages returned by the search engine should be in accordance with the query typed by the user.


A common term that we encounter while exploring the search engine is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are tons and tons of information present these days. Similarly, there are numerous web pages for the same information. Naturally, every web page wants to improve its ranking and visibility in the search engine. This will help them increase the traffic on their website and engage more people.

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Search Portal💻

search portal

As the name suggests, a search portal is also used for searching. The world wide web has all the information available on the internet. A portal is a point of access on the internet that is private in nature. This contains all the information. It has specific credentials to access the information. It cannot be randomly accessed by anyone looking for any information. It is generally a website. A particular URL can access it. The main task of the search portal is to combine the information from different resources. Some common examples of the portal include and

Example 1: Facebook portal


Example 2: Gmail portal


Search Engine Vs Portal🎯


📌By now, we have a basic understanding of search engines and a search portal. Our primary concern was to discuss search engine vs portal. Let us now explore about search engine vs portal. Searching for information and the internet has become so common these days that many people believe that search engines and portals are the same. We will break this myth in this blog. Search engines and portals are different things and have different agendas.


search engine matches the keywords and other resources of the typed-in query of the user and the available web pages. After the comparison is made and relevant webpages are found, it returns the appropriate webpages on the screen. This is not the case with a search portal. A search portal receives the query from multiple resources and displays the information in a combined manner. 


A portal is more secure than a search engine because no one can just access it. It requires a login id and password.

🎯Access information

In the portal, the HTML web pages in the server get accessed. In a search engine, the user can access information from anywhere.


A search engine has databases, parameters for ranking web pages, keyword-matching components, etc. A portal contains a specific URL, login id, and password.


The design of a portal is more complex than a search engine.

Search Engine vs Portal In A Tabular Form✅

Search Engine

Search Portal

Any user can access information.

Specific credentials are required to access the information.

The components of a search engine are database,methods and the matching parameters for specific keyword matching.

The components of a search portal are URL, id, password.

It is not private in nature.

A portal is private in nature.

Examples include Google, Yahoo etc.

Examples include,

We hope you have understood the basic concept of search engine vs portal.🎯

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of search engines?

There are primarily four types of search engines. They are private, vertical, computational, and mainstream search engines.

What is the difference between a web portal and a website?

A website is designed for people to engage and get information from the website itself. Web portals require specific credentials and are used to limit the traffic to some users.

What are examples of web video portals?

Examples of web video portals are youtube, Dailymotion, etc.

Which is the best search engine?

Google ranks as the number 1 search engine, followed by bing.

How can one search for information without getting hacked?

One way to ensure safe searching on the internet is to use VPN and a private browser.


In this blog, we discussed search engines vs. portals. We started by discussing the brief of search engines and portals one by one. We then finally addressed the search engine vs portal. The blog also depicted the differences in a tabular form for easy understanding.

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Happy Learning Ninja! 🥷

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