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About Salesforce
About the Role 
Skills and Experience required
Salary and Perks with the job
Benefits and Perks
Responsibilities with job 
Preparation Strategy 
Career Map
Levels of Job Profile
Frequently Asked Questions 
Why is a Security Analyst required in a company?
Is being a Security Analyst challenging?
What is a Firewall?
What is cognitive security?
Can a fresher join as Security Analyst at Salesforce?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Security Analyst at Salesforce

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Hey Ninjas!! Have you heard about Security Analysts? Are you thinking of a career as Security Analyst at Salesforce? Well, you are at the right place to explore all the details of it.

Security Analyst Image

In this article, we will discuss the profile of a Security Analyst at Salesforce. 

Without further ado, let's get started.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is a technology company founded in 1999. It is an American technology company based in San Francisco, California, United States. It was founded by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff.

Salesforce Image

Salesforce is among the most used Customer Relationship Management software available. It is one of the leading tech companies. The company provides end softwares to the users. It should come as no surprise that many individuals are interested in working with them. 

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About the Role 

Security analysts detect, stop, and prevent attacks on personal information. These IT experts design and implement software programs and firewalls to safeguard networks and data. Cybersecurity analyst occupations may see an increased demand. The world depends more on technology to store information.  Security analysts protect this information. 

Security Analyst Image

An analyst might study a hazardous email, look into an odd login, and examine a PC that may have a malware problem in a typical hour. They communicate with Salesforce employees worldwide who contact security analysts with issues ranging from lost laptops to suspicious gadgets.

Skills and Experience required

The skills and experience required for the position of Security Analyst at Salesforce are as follows:

Skills Image

✨2 to 5 years of full-time Experience working for a security operations centre.

✨Knowledge of scripting and common web technologies

✨Strong technical Knowledge of network fundamentals and basic Internet protocols.

✨Experience investigating security issues or complex operational issues on Windows and Linux.

✨Experience with Linux and Microsoft Windows security measures and system administration.

Salary and Perks with the job

Security Analysts are highly paid professionals. The average salary for the Security Analyst at Salesforce is given below:

Salary Image
Average Annual Salary  ₹ 15,40,000
Estimated Take-Home Salary monthly ₹ 1,05,000 - ₹ 1,08,000


However, the salary figures which are mentioned above are subject to change.


Let's discuss some benefits and perks the company provides for the Security Analyst at Salesforce.

Benefits and Perks

🌟Following are the benefits that the company provides.

💠Company social outings

💠Work from home policy

💠Healthcare(Health Insurance)

💠Annual leave

💠Public Holidays 

💠Free Transportation

💠Life Insurance 

💠Retirement Benefits

💠Maternity leave


💠Further Education Assistance Policy

💠Sports & Social Club

Responsibilities with job 

 The primary duties and roles of a Security Analyst are as follows:

Job Responsibility image

🎯Making use of vast amounts of security sensor log data to proactively search for previously unidentified internal and external threats across various platforms.

🎯Identifying security measures to improve incident response.

🎯Recognize the significance of security in system and technology integration and the fundamental elements and resources needed for the integration process.

🎯Identifying solutions to improve the company's defensive capabilities.

🎯Taking ownership of planning, implementation, and coordination of assigned security tasks.

🎯Providing hunting expertise to priority incident investigations and threat intelligence.

Preparation Strategy 

Preparation plays an essential role in getting a job. You are at the best platform if you are preparing to get a Security Analyst role at Salesforce.

Preparation Strategy Image

You can have a look at the following Resources:

🔷Aptitude: Aptitude is the key requirement for the Online Assessment Examination.         

🔷Data Structures and Algorithms: DSA improves your problem-solving skills. 

🔷Competitive Programming: Competitive programming surely gives you an edge in interviews.

🔷Interview Questions: You can review the Questions to strengthen your preparation.

🔷Interview Puzzles: The interview puzzles will make your thinking skills stronger.

🔷Diversified Section: The diversified section will help you to go through different technical topics.

🔷IT Certifications: IT certification can boost your confidence, expand your knowledge and increase your reliability and performance.

Interview Ready Image

You can have a look at the topics linked below. 🔗

Checkout the video:

Career Map

Security Analysts for beginners typically start from Cybersecurity specialists all the way up to Security Manager.

Carrer Map image

The Cyber Security Specialist is the starting position. Each advanced position requires approximately three years of experience at each level to upgrade. 

The position with their experience level are as follows:

🎖️Cyber Security Specialist [Freshers]

🎖️Cyber Security Analyst [3 - 5 years of experience].

🎖️ Cyber Security Manager [5 - 8 years of experience].

Levels of Job Profile

The three levels of the cybersecurity professional career are entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level. 

Levels of Job profile

Entry-level jobs are typically described as analyst jobs, mid-level jobs as architect jobs, and senior-level jobs as engineer jobs.

The Entry level job includes Cyber Security Specialist, Cyber Crime Specialist, Incident Analyst and IT Auditor.

The Mid level job includes Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Consultant and Vulnerability Tester.

The Advanced level job includes Cyber Security Manager, Cyber Security Engineer and Cyber Security Architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is a Security Analyst required in a company?

Security analysts play a critical role in a company as the first line of defense against unwanted access from outside sources and potential security issues. 

Is being a Security Analyst challenging?

In comparison to other technological fields, studying in the field of cyber security isn't difficult. Although there are difficulties, they can be overcome with the correct tools, experience, and openness to learning.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is a hardware or software entity that monitors and manages incoming traffic based on pre-established security policies. It acts as a barrier between the intranet and the public internet. 

What is cognitive security?

Cognitive security is one of the uses of AI technology that is utilized explicitly for recognizing risks and safeguarding physical and digital systems based on human understanding processes.

Can a fresher join as Security Analyst at Salesforce?

Yes, a fresher with the required skill set can join as a Security Analyst at Salesforce. 


In this article, we have thoroughly discussed the Role of a Security Analyst at Salesforce. We hope this article has helped you enhance your knowledge regarding the Role of Security Analyst at Salesforce and its preparation strategy and process. 

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