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About the Role✍️
Salary and Perks🤑
Skills and Experience Required👩‍💻
Responsibilities 🙇‍♀️
Preparation Strategy📝
Career Path💥
Interview Resources
Coding Resources
Aptitude Resources
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is ZS?
How many employees work at ZS Associates?
What are the benefits for an employee in ZS Associates?
What technologies are used by ZS Associates?
How many rounds are there in the ZS interview?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Security Engineer at ZS

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ZS is a technology and management consulting firm focused on transforming the healthcare sector. ZS works with different companies to help deliver and develop products that drive customer value and company results. 

Security Engineer at ZS

ZS was founded in 1983; it has more than 12,000 employees in 35 offices around the globe. ZS is a place where passion changes lives, and ambitions are welcome. If you want to join ZS, then you are at the right place. This article will cover the Role of the Security Engineer at ZS in detail. So, Let's get started.

About the Role✍️

  • Security Engineer at ZS performs security assessments against internally developed applications and solutions.
  • Security Engineer at ZS works with development teams to ensure those valid remediation strategies are in place.
  • Security Engineer at ZS participates in information security RFP, incident response, and RFI activities.
  • Security Engineer at ZS administers and supports application security analysis tools
  • Security Engineer at ZS works with development teams to deliver secure coding practices.
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Salary and Perks🤑

Salary and perks

Salary of Security Engineer at ZS in India💥

Average Annual Salary ₹ 10,50,000
Estimated Take-Home Salary ₹ 78,487 - ₹ 80,526/month

*The salary mentioned above is subject to change.


  • ZS provides an appealing benefits package in addition to a competitive remuneration package that includes salary and bonus incentives. 
  • ZS is dedicated to providing equitable employment and promotion opportunities to all applicants, regardless of any protected class under applicable legislation.
  • ZS is dedicated to creating and upholding a secure working environment.
  • All employees are covered under a comprehensive health and life insurance policy. ZS also provides defined contribution pension plans.

Skills and Experience Required👩‍💻

Skills and experience required

The skills and Experience required for the Role of security engineer at ZS are as follows:

🚩Should have MS/BS degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or a related subject.

🚩Should have Experience of 3-6 years in information security as a penetration tester, analyst, or operator of security systems.

🚩Should have Experience coordinating with external pen-testing vendors and third parties.

🚩Should have Experience with Java, Python, C#.NET Framework, and SQL.

🚩Should have Experience using WindowsLinux, and iOS operating systems.

🚩Should have oral and written communication skills.

🚩Should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

🚩Should have Experience in AWS and cloud security

🚩Should be familiar with secure programming practices and standards like SANS and OWASP.

🚩Should know about networking security principles, programming behaviors, and best practices on web application infrastructures like web servers, load balancers, and databases.

🚩Should have thoroughness and attention to detail in work product and accompanying documentation.

Responsibilities 🙇‍♀️


The responsibilities of Security Engineer at ZS are as follows:

✅To perform security checks and troubleshoot regularly

✅To determine problems promptly

✅To suggest and execute solutions for improvement

✅To work with the development team

✅To regularly perform audits and provide reports

✅To implement new processes to optimize the security system of the company

✅To track existing processes and offer solutions 

✅To monitor server traffic and tickets of the company

✅To stay up-to-date with the latest security technologies and trends

Preparation Strategy📝

Security Engineer gains a technical role inside the company or organization. Their primary job is implementing and monitoring security protocols to protect sensitive information from hacks/theft. So Steps or preparation strategy to become Security Engineer at ZS are as follows:

🚩Research: The first step for becoming a security engineer is to research the kind of career opportunities that exist and the kinds of education, training, and certifications required to obtain roles in the security engineer position.

🚩Education: The next step is to align educational roadmaps to career ambitions and interests. Get a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity or a closely related field like computer science, mathematics, or information management. 

🚩Certification: This field often requires employees to complete a professional certification in specialized fields. 

🚩Network: Next, you should create a professional network. Developing and maintaining a network helps to discover entry-level jobs and track additional professional opportunities over time.

Career Path💥

Generally, security engineers start their careers by either working in entry-level IT positions or junior software engineers. However, there are multiple starts to the path of a security engineer, which are mentioned below:

Career path



Interview Resources

Coding Resources

Aptitude Resources

Other Technical Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZS?

ZS Associates is a management consulting and professional services company that offers clients in the healthcare, private equity, and technology sectors.

How many employees work at ZS Associates?

More than 10,000 employees work at ZS Associates.

What are the benefits for an employee in ZS Associates?

Health Insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance are some benefits for an employee at ZS Associates.

What technologies are used by ZS Associates?

ZS Associates uses over 38 technologies, services, and products, including Google Analytics, jQuery, and HTML5. 

How many rounds are there in the ZS interview?

The ZS interview process usually has 2-3 rounds. Rounds usually include Technical, Managerial, and HR.


In this article, we have discussed the Role of the security engineer at ZS. We started with the introduction to ZS, roles and responsibilities, salary and perks, job expectations and responsibilities, preparation strategy, and career map.

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Happy Learning, Ninjas 🥷!

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