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About the Role
Salary and Benefits
Responsibilities of SEO Analyst at Google
Skills and Experience Required 
Basic Requirements:
Technical Skills:
Soft Skills:
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the work of an SEO analyst?
What is SERP in SEO?
How many types of keywords are there in SEO?
How much can SEO increase traffic?
What are the backlinks in SEO?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

SEO Analyst at Google

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A search engine optimization (SEO) analyst at Google ensures that the company's online material is found and viewed by potential and existing consumers. This analyst is a member of a marketing team who assists in the planning of the company's marketing campaign.

About the Role

A search engine optimization (SEO) analyst ensures that future and existing customers can find and access a company's online content. This analyst works as part of a marketing team to help plan the company's marketing campaign. Search engine optimization analysts can provide insight into search engine optimization and the user experience with digital content, and they can link this information to marketing managers to assist design the marketing campaign to be more successful, owing to their technical skills.

The search engine optimization analyst gathers data on the company's websites, blogs, social media, and e-commerce webpages to assess how visible they are to the target customer and how useful the digital resources are after the parameters of a marketing campaign have been determined.

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Salary and Benefits

₹232,801/ year

Avg. Base Salary (INR)

The average salary for a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst is ₹232,801.

Salary Breakdown

  • Base Salary - ₹122k - ₹411k
  • Bonus - ₹4k - ₹92k
  • Profit-Sharing - ₹5k - ₹400k
  • Total Pay - ₹122k - ₹427k


Based on 28 salaries, an entry-level Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst with less than 1 year of experience can expect to make an average total compensation of 176,663 (including tips, bonus, and overtime pay). According to 269 salaries, an early career Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst with 1-4 years of experience gets an average total income of 232,963. Based on 29 salaries, the average total income for a mid-career Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst with 5-9 years of experience is $330,000.

Common Benefits for an SEO Analyst at Google

Google gives innumerable benefits to an SEO Analyst. Listed below are some of the benefits for an SEO Analyst:

  1. Health Care & Insurance
  2. Life Insurance
  3. Dental Insurance
  4. Disability Insurance
  5. Performance Bonus
  6. Pension Plan
  7. Retirement Plan
  8. Maternity & Paternity Leave
  9. Work from Home
  10. Unpaid Extended Leave
  11. Vacation & Paid Time Off
  12. Sick Leave
  13. Employee Assistance Program
  14. Gym Membership
  15. Diversity Program
  16. Job Training & Tuition

Responsibilities of SEO Analyst at Google

SEO Analysts are responsible for a variety of tasks that help a company reach its marketing goals. They work on on-page and off-page optimization tactics, keyword research, and link building, among other things. To generate visitors to the website, SEO analysts collaborate closely with the content team.

Some of the primary roles and responsibilities of an SEO Analyst are listed below.

  1. Analyzing and recommending adjustments to websites and social media pages in order to meet objectives.
  2. To optimize the material, conduct keyword research with dedicated software.
  3. Producing SEO-friendly content by generating content ideas and mentoring writers.
  4. Website traffic, search results, and on-site and off-site SEO are all monitored.
  5. Managing and implementing search engine programs (XML sitemaps, shopping feeds, webmaster tools, etc.).
  6. Creating and pushing marketing material for promotional and educational objectives via social media channels.
  7. Maintaining communication with the team while managing project progress and results.
  8. Implement link-building tactics that are SEO-friendly.

Skills and Experience Required 

Let’s look at the some of the technical and soft skills required for an SEO Analyst:


Basic Requirements:

  • A BSc in Marketing or a related degree is required.
  • Experience with HTML and JavaScript.
  • CMS expertise is required (Content Management Systems).
  • Google Analytics expertise is required.
  • Expertise in the use of keyword research tools.
  • Web administration knowledge is required.
  • Practical SEO and SEM experience (Search Engine Marketing).

Technical Skills:

  • Strong understanding of SEO tools.
  • Functional knowledge of HTML coding and tags.
  • Understanding the inner workings of a search engine.
  • To track the website's uptime and downtime, you'll need web hosting expertise.
  • Understanding of Google Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, and Content Marketing Strategies.
  • Ability to assess webpage optimization requirements.
  • Knowledge of WordPress and Microsoft Office.

Soft Skills:

  • Capabilities to make quick decisions.
  • Ability to think creatively and unconventionally.
  • A knack for spotting issues and figuring out how to solve them.
  • The capacity to pay attention to detail and meet deadlines.
  • Strong organizational skills are required to manage numerous projects at the same time.
  • Communication abilities are excellent.

Please check out this video for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the work of an SEO analyst?

A search engine optimization (SEO) analyst ensures that a company's online material is found and viewed by potential and existing consumers.

What is SERP in SEO?

SERP is a search engine results page.

How many types of keywords are there in SEO?

There are 9 types of keywords: short tail, longtail, short-term, long-term, product defining, customer defining, geo-targeting, and intent targeting.

How much can SEO increase traffic?

Websites that have SEO are getting over 50% of the total traffic across the Internet. 

What are the backlinks in SEO?

A backlink is a link created when one website links to another. 


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