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SEO Article Submission

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SEO means "Search Engine Optimization". It makes a website simple to read and understand. So that a user can read and comprehend a page's content and quality. Businesses use SEO techniques to profit from free searches before investment. SEO Article submission is also an SEO technique for submitting articles on directories. It is an off-page component of SEO.


We will discuss SEO Article Submission, its benefits, tips on how to submit an article, and much more. So, let us dive deep into the SEO Article Submission without delay.

About SEO Article Submission

Article submission refers to submitting your articles on recognized websites. It is one white-hat SEO technique used to enhance your website ranking. It allows you to write and publish your articles on popular submission directories. SEO article submission helps increase the number of backlinks related to your business. One can gain traffic on their websites using this component.  

about seo article submission

SEO considers article submission as the most effective and trusted way to increase the ranking. SEO article submission enables two types of links:

  1. Do-follow links allow other search engines to point back to your website. 
  2. No-follow: SEO ignores these links. They do not enhance page ranking. 
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Advantages of Article Submission

SEO article submission is one of the most valuable components for increasing traffic. Along with this, it provides various other benefits:

  • Increase visibility: Companies, businesses, bloggers, etc., use article submissions. It helps them to increase the visibility of their websites and blogs.
  • Free Marketing: Nowadays, various article submission websites have been developed. These websites provide instant and free approval.
  • Generating traffic: Posting your articles on various well-recognized websites. It helps generate high website traffic. 
  • Adding links: Article submission increases do follow, and no follow backlinks. Each backlink is like a vote toward visibility. 
  • Large Exposure: Submission on popular websites creates larger exposure. It also helps in generating new customers. 
  • Increase Ranking: It helps increase your website's ranking on search engines. 
  • Enhancement: Helps in enhancing the credibility of your articles. 

One can achieve these advantages only if article submission is made effective. So, let us discuss some tips on how to submit an article. 

Tips for Article Submission

There are various factors to keep in mind while submitting an article. So, a few essential tips for SEO article submission are:

Tips for Article Submission
  • The article should not be too long, as readers avoid reading long articles. The information should be straightforward.
  • Ensure to include proper keywords, as it is imperative to attract an audience. Try to make your article related to that keyword. 
  • Avoid creating duplicity by submitting the same article on various submission directories.
  • Maintain a proper ratio of visual content and written content in your article. 
  • Make the article user-friendly using a heading, subheading, proper formatting, bullet points, etc. 
  • Give a proper category to your article. It helps in selecting the website and type of audience. 
  • The article must be fascinating, with minimal grammatical errors. 
  • After the writing process, proofread your article and edit it before submission.  

Process of Submission

After writing the article following the above guidelines, the next step is to submit it. The process of submitting an article is as follows:

Process of Submission
  • Select a directory according to the category of your article. 
  • Register on that directory by creating a new account. 
  • After this, you will get permission to submit your articles. 
  • Go to the article submission form and fill in the details asked. 
  • Write your article in the body section. 
  • Finally, click the 'SUBMIT' button. 

Free Websites for SEO Article Submission

Selecting a popular article submission site is very important to promote your content. We are providing you with a list of some popular article submission websites:

free websites
  • It is one of the best article submission websites offered by Google. It is a medium for generating links free of cost.
  • Article Factory: This website allows users to submit their articles on various topics. You don't have to pay anything on this website. 
article factory
  • Quora is a Q&A (Question and Answer) Website to share and gain knowledge. Users can contribute unique and quality content on the website to help others. 
  • Academia: Educational institutes use academia. You can submit articles related to topics like education, learning, courses, etc.
  • BuzzFeed is a news and entertainment company. It focuses on digital media. So, a category like news, quizzes, celeb news, journals, etc., can be submitted here. 
  • Tumblr is a social networking and microblogging website. This website allows its users to publish short blogs.
  • GoArticles: This site provides instant approval for submitting articles related to multiple categories. It allows users to submit their content on serval websites as well. 
  • Ezine Articles is a free website for promotion and marketing. The audience base of this website is also solid. 
ezine articles
  • GitHub is a widely used website that gathers a good audience for articles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What effect does Article Submission have on SEO?

SEO Article submission increases traffic and creates brand awareness. It helps post and market your articles on various social media websites. And generate attention and traffic. 

How do SEO rankings change?

The ranking data is refreshed every 24 hours by default. You must update rankings when you have an extensive list of keywords. You'll be able to respond to ranking drops more this way.

What is off-page SEO?

In off-page SEO, you are concerned with the inbound links from other websites to your site. It improves the site's popularity, authority, relevance, and trust. 

What is a do-follow backlink?

Dofollow is any link that allows a search engine or visitor to view another website using the link. These links improve the ranking of your articles on search engines. They also offer high chances of increasing traffic if people click on the links.

How to select a suitable site for submitting your articles?

Check if the website follows the copyright policy, terms, and conditions. If the site is not free, your payment doesn't get stuck. The site must not change its content.


In this article, we discussed SEO Article Submission. Hopefully, you have understood the advantages of using this component. We also discussed the steps for submitting your article and provide you with a list of the website on which you can submit your articles with instant approval.  

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