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What is SEO meta description?
Importance of Meta Description
Points to Remember
Create a Meta Description
Frequently Asked Questions
SEO meta description come under which SEO methods?
Can we neglect the SEO meta description?
Is meta description the only metadata?
What should be the maximum number of sentences in a meta description?
Can we use complex words in meta descriptions?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

SEO Meta Description

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This blog's content will help you understand the meta description technique and its importance in web searching. SEO means Seach Engine Optimization, which helps to make your website more accessible to users searching a similar topic in search engines.

On-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and Local SEO are the four methods that come under SEO and help you to improve your website ranking on a search engine.

Each of the mentioned techniques plays a vital role in website exposure. You cannot ignore one and focus only on one method. You have to consider each method if you want to boost your website.

meta description

What is SEO meta description?

When you try to visit a website or search for a particular topic on a search engine, you must have seen a brief description of that website or topic. That brief description is the meta description that we will be discussing. Check out the following image to understand it.

example meta description
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Importance of Meta Description

Now that you have the basic knowledge about meta description let's try to understand its importance in SEO. When you search for a particular topic, you will find many results on your screen. As a user, you only want the outcome which is relevant to you. The description of the topic you see below the URL plays an important role when you want the user to visit your website. The meta description of that particular topic will give the basic idea to the user whether the topic he is searching for is available on your website or not. 

But it is not an easy task to as it seems to make a meta description because you have to consider many factors when you will try a meta description for your website. After all, you cannot write anything in a meta description. A meta description must be precise and relevant to the user searching for that particular topic. If it is not, then you are making a massive mistake by neglecting the potential marketing you might get from your website if your meta description is inaccurate.

Points to Remember

remember png
  • You must write your meta description in 140-160 characters long. Try to write it in 1-2 sentences.
  • Your meta description should be easily readable to the audience. So don't try to use complex words. Try to write a simple and relevant sentence for the user.
  • Your message should be clear about what you are trying to say through your words. It should not have random jargon to make it harder to understand.
  • Do not repeat the same meta description for multiple web pages because it is not a good practice, and you may get penalized.
  • Try to add a repeated keyword to your website so the user can better understand your website.
  • To make the snippets more appealing, you may include features like customer reviews, star ratings, product details, and more using schema markup.

Create a Meta Description

Now we have discussed all the necessary points on meta description. Let's create one and thoroughly understand the meta description. You make a meta description with the help of a meta tag available in HTML. A meta tag is one of the tags like  h1, div, p, and many more whose role is to provide information on metadata like keywords, meta descriptions, Author name, and viewports.


<meta name=” “ content=” “>

In name, we write the type like keywords or description, and in content, we write about meta content.


      <meta name=” description ” content=” This article contains information on coding ninjas.“ />
      <h1>Welcome to coding ninjas</h1>

Remember that it is short, simple, precise, and relevant; you will easily write an informative meta description.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO meta description come under which SEO methods?

SEO meta descriptions come under the on-page SEO method.

Can we neglect the SEO meta description?

You can avoid your website ranking on a search engine if you do not care about your website ranking on a search engine, but it is not a good practice.

Is meta description the only metadata?

No, there is more metadata available like Keywords, author name, and viewports setting,

What should be the maximum number of sentences in a meta description?

It should not exceed more than 2 sentences in a meta description.

Can we use complex words in meta descriptions?

A meta description should be simple and precise. So it can be easily understood by the user,


In this blog, we discussed the SEO meta description and its importance in SEO. We have also discussed the points we should keep in mind when writing a meta description, and in the end, we created a small example of a meta description in HTML.

To learn more about SEO, check out the following articles.

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Happy Learning!

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