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What are Meta Keywords?
Points to Remember
Create Meta Keywords
Frequently Asked Questions
SEO meta keywords come under which SEO methods?
Can we write any number of keywords on a single page?
Can we repeat the meta keywords?
Does using meta keywords an excellent idea to get traffic on the site?
Does all search engine uses meta keywords?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

SEO Meta Keywords

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This blog's content will help you understand the SEO meta keywords technique and its importance in web searching. SEO means Seach Engine Optimization, which helps to make your website more accessible to users searching a similar topic in search engines.

On-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and Local SEO are the four methods that come under SEO and help you to improve your website ranking on a search engine.

Each of the mentioned techniques plays a vital role in website exposure. You cannot ignore one and focus only on one method. You have to consider each method if you want to boost your website.

meta keywords

What are Meta Keywords?

When you write about a particular topic, you might use some specific words for your content that represent the whole idea about the topic. For example: if I am writing about React, a frontend framework, I will use the word React more often in my blog. So if the searcher types the word React, my content might show in its feed. This is a general idea about the meta keywords. Meta keywords can be more than one, but they should be relevant.

Now let's try to understand the meta keywords better. Meta keywords are part of the backend means they will not be visible on the live content on a site. Meta keywords help the search engine to get an idea about the content available on the page, so if a user searcher searches a particular keyword, your content gets recommended to him.

Meta keywords are included in the HTML code with the help of meta tags available in HTML.

We will see an example of meta keywords later in this article.

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Points to Remember

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Some points you must consider when choosing meta keywords for your page.

  • You must choose meta keywords relevant to your content so the user can easily search for your page.
  • You should not overflow your content with meta keywords. It will degrade the quality of your content.
  •  Try to include 10-12 meta keywords in your content for a single page.
  • You should not repeat the meta keyword in the meta tag.
  • You must include the crucial meta keywords at the beginning of the keywords list.
  • You must use commas to separate the meta keywords from each other.

Create Meta Keywords

Now let’s give you a brief example of the meta keywords so you can know how to choose meta keywords for a page.  With the help of HTML, we will implement the meta keywords using the meta tag.


      <meta name=”keywords” content=”React“/>
      <h1> React </h1>
      <p> React is an open-source frontend framework developed by Facebook. React uses JSX to write code. JSX is a combination of HTML and Javascript. React is easy to learn as compared to other frameworks. </p>

In the above example, we can see content is based on React, which means the keyword React is relevant to this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO meta keywords come under which SEO methods?

SEO meta keywords come under the on-page SEO method.

Can we write any number of keywords on a single page?

You should write only 10-22 keywords on a single page otherwise it will degrade the content quality.

Can we repeat the meta keywords?

You should not repeat a particular meta keyword. Just mention it once.

Does using meta keywords an excellent idea to get traffic on the site?

Yes, using meta keywords is excellent because your page will get recommendations on users' feeds if you have used relevant keywords.

Does all search engine uses meta keywords?

No in the present time meta keywords are not used by all active search engines.


n this blog, we discussed the SEO meta keywords and their importance in SEO. We have also discussed the points we should keep in mind when writing meta keywords, and in the end, we created a small example of meta keywords in HTML.

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Happy Learning!

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