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Site Map📑
Types of Site maps🗺️
Page Site map
Video Site map
News Site map
Image Site map
Site map Index
Things to Consider💡
Adding Your Sitemap to Google➕
Frequently Asked Questions
What does a website's sitemap do?
What does a site map look like?
How does blackhat SEO work?
What is "grey hat" SEO?
Describe White Hat SEO.
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

SEO Site Map

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In this article, we will learn about Site Map. But first, let's understand what SEO is. In the most straightforward way possible, you use SEO to improve your Google ranking and increase traffic to your website. 

site map image

A more formal definition would be, For a website page to be easily identified, crawled, indexed, and surfaced in the SERP for pertinent queries, a set of technical and content techniques known as SEO(search engine optimization)

Hidden Text is, as the name implies, text that is not visible to your visitors but is nonetheless readable by search engines. The goal is to stuff a website with words and phrases that look unattractive to users yet boost the page's rankings in search engine results without allowing your site visitors to see the material. All of the leading search engines classify hidden text as search spam.

Let’s learn about site maps now.

Site Map📑

A site map is a depiction of your website that aids in the discovery, indexing, and crawling of all of its content by popular search engines. Sitemaps also let search engines know which pages on your website are most important.

site map hierarchy image

It's crucial for several reasons, including:

  • Serving as a road map to help Google and other search engines locate and comprehend your content.

  • Directing search engines to the key pages on your website so they may crawl and index them.

  • Assisting search in determining when fresh pages are available and when old ones get updates.

  • Assisting search engines in locating translations of your page in other languages.

There are two different site map formats that you should be aware of:

  • HTML site maps are more like the site map of your content that visitors may access and utilize to explore your website. You may also refer to them as your "website archive." HTML sitemaps are viewed as antiquated or even unnecessary by some marketers.

  • XML site maps: These site maps must be manually provided and are only used for indexing and crawling your website. It's a more sophisticated way to manage how all of your material is saved on your website.

As John Mueller noted, HTML site maps might benefit users in locating specific pages on your website, but internal linking should take care of that. Therefore, XML site maps should be the main focus from an SEO standpoint.

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Types of Site maps🗺️

Page Site map

The indexation of pages and posts is improved using a page sitemap or regular sitemap. A page sitemap can also include the photos and videos on each page for websites that are not image- or video-focused, such as photography and videography sites.

Video Site map

Similar to a page sitemap focusing primarily on video content, an XML video sitemap is only necessary if videos are essential to your company. If not, add the video link to your page sitemap and conserve your crawl budget (the limited number of pages and resources that can be crawled across your site).

News Site map

You need a news sitemap if you post news and want your content to appear on top stories and Google News. A key guideline here is to not include articles in the file that were published more than two days ago.

Make sure you only submit news articles because Google News sitemaps aren't favored in standard ranking results. Additionally, Google advises using structured data to indicate your content thumbnail as they do not enable picture links.

Image Site map

Image sitemaps are only required if photos are crucial to your business, such as a photography or stock photo website, similar to the case with video sitemaps. If not, you can still include them in your page sitemap and mark them with the picture object schema so that they are crawled together with the URL and content of the page.

Site map Index

It's possible that you'll need more than one sitemap. You require an index file that contains a list of all the sitemaps when you use multiple sitemap files. It is the index file that you upload to Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console.

You should be aware of the following restrictions while using sitemaps:

  • Too many URLs will only prevent some of your pages from being indexed.

  • Except for the news sitemap, all sitemaps should include no more than 50,000 URLs.

  • A news sitemap should contain no more than 1000 URLs.

  • A sitemap's uncompressed file size shouldn't exceed 50MB.

Things to Consider💡

To make a sitemap manually, stick to these instructions precisely:

things to consider image

  • Select the pages on your website that Google should crawl, then decide which version of each page should be the canonical one. Avoid including URLs that are password-protected, need a login, or are prohibited by robots.txt files since search engines cannot crawl them. Only if you add them will you encounter coverage issues in GSC.

  • Identify whether you require more than one sitemap. For pages, posts, and categories, many websites employ distinct files. Keep in mind that you require numerous sitemaps if you have more than 50,000 URLs.

  • All of your URLs should be coded using XML elements to resemble the sitemap you intend to produce.

  • Create a sitemap index file and include links to each of the sitemaps you made if you have multiple sitemap files.

Adding Your Sitemap to Google➕

The most effective way to send Google your sitemap is via Google Search Console (GSC).

  • Goto sitemap in Google Search Console.

google search console image

  • To submit, provide the URL for your sitemap. You only need to enter the URL for the sitemap index file if you have several sitemaps.
  • You may inform Google that you have one by adding the following line to your robots.txt file:

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a website's sitemap do?

You can describe the pages, videos, and other resources on your site and the connections between them in a sitemap file. This file is examined by search engines like Google to improve the way they index your website.

What does a site map look like?

A visual sitemap is a hierarchical graphic that displays the website's information architecture. It helps you understand how the site is structured and how the various sections relate.

How does blackhat SEO work?

Black hat SEO is used to manipulate search engine algorithms to boost a website's rankings.

What is "grey hat" SEO?

In its broadest sense, Grey hat SEO uses methods that may err a little from what would be seen as best practice but are not explicitly against Google's standards.

Describe White Hat SEO.

A website's position on search engine results can be improved by using white hat SEO, which consists of only legal search engine optimization techniques (SERP).


This article covers everything you need to know about SEO Site Map. We hope this article on SEO Site Map helps you in your journey.

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