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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Site Reliability Engineer at Cvent

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Hi Ninjas!! Have you ever wondered about the role for monitoring the future possibility of bugs and errors. Well, it's the Site Reliability Engineer who monitors such tasks. Would you like to be a Site Reliability Engineer at Cvent? Well, you are at the right place to explore all the details of it.

Site Reliability Engineer at Cvent

In this article, we will discuss the profile of a Site Reliability Engineer at Cvent. 

Without further ado, let's get into the details of the role.

About the Company

Cvent is a leading software provider company. It offers Software as a Service to the clients. Cvent optimizes the entire event management value chain. 

Cvent Image

They have enabled clients around the world to manage millions of meetings and events. Cvent has more than 4700 Working employees and are listed in more than 29000 hotels and venues worldwide. They have made meetings more secure with a new virtual environment.

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About the role

A site reliability engineer is a professional Job that bridges the gap between IT operations and development. They use automation tools to develop reliable software. They are focused on building new services and features.

Role Image

SRE teams are responsible for proactively developing and delivering services. They tend to improve the performance of IT and support. Site Reliability Engineers can update tools and documentation to enable other teams to get ready for upcoming problems.

Salary and Perks with the job

Site Reliability Engineers are highly paid professionals. The average salary of the Site Reliability Engineer at Cvent varies between ₹ 21.8 Lakhs to ₹ 25.8 Lakhs per year based on their experience.

Salary Image
Average Salary Image

However, the salary figures which are mentioned above are subject to change.


The Perks available at Cvent are:

🗓️Paid time off and sick leave.

🧑‍🏫Employee assistance programs

⏲️Flexible Working Hours.

💫Employee discount programs

🪙Short term income protection and supplemental life options 

👶Maternity/Paternity Benefits.

🏥Comprehensive health and dental insurance programs 

🔶Retirement savings plan

Skills and Experience required 

A Site Reliability Engineer follows the approach to make IT operations easier to manage. They provide a solution for the manual tasks by the operations team. They convert them automatically through the software. 

The skills required for the position of Site Reliability Engineer are as follows:

Skills Image

✔️Relevant education qualification in project management course.

✔️Ability to collaborate with other teams.

✔️A good command over the monitoring tools.

✔️Passionate about solving complex problems.

✔️Ability to work with complex business flows.

✔️Familiar with tools like Chef, Ansible, Terraform, GitLab CI/CD, and Kubernetes.

✔️A prior experience as a Site Reliability Engineer.

Responsibilities with job

The following are the responsibilities of working as a Site Reliability Engineer at Cvent:

Responsibility Image

✨Build systems and software to manage platform infrastructure and apps.

✨Management of data traffic to avoid congestion. 

✨To stop issues from ever occurring.

✨Building surveillance that warns of symptoms.

✨Developing solutions to avoid future problems.  

✨Communicating with other departments.

Preparation strategy

Preparation plays an essential role in getting a job. You are at the best platform if you are preparing to get a Site Reliability Engineer at Cvent.

Preparation strategy books Image

You can have a look at the following Resources:

🔷Aptitude: Aptitude is the key requirement for the Online Assessment Examination.         

🔷Data Structures and Algorithms: DSA improves your problem-solving skills. 

🔷Web technologies: You should have a decent knowledge of web technologies.

🔷Competitive Programming: Competitive programming surely gives you an edge in interviews.

🔷Interview Questions: You can review the Questions to strengthen your preparation.

🔷Interview Puzzles: The interview puzzles will make your thinking skills stronger.

🔷Diversified Section: The diversified section will help you to go through different technical topics.

🔷IT Certifications: IT certification can boost your confidence, expand your knowledge and increase your reliability and performance.

Practice links:

🔷Test series

🔷Tech Problems

🔷Interview Bundle

🔷Interview Questions


Checkout the video:

Career Path

The career path of the Site Reliability Engineer at Cvent is depicted below:

Carrer Path Image

The Junior Site Reliability Engineer is the starting position of the SRE. Each advanced site reliability engineer position requires approximately two years of experience at each level to upgrade. 

The position with their experience level are as follows:

🎖️Junior Site Reliability Engineer [Freshers]

🎖️L2 Site Reliability Engineer [2 - 4 years of experience].

🎖️L3 Senior Site Reliability Engineer [2 - 4 years of experience].

🎖️L4 Lead Site Reliability Engineer [5 - 7 years of experience].

🎖️L5 Principal Site Reliability Engineer [8+years of experience].

🎖️L6 Senior Principal Site Reliability Engineer.

🎖️L7 Director of Site Reliability Engineering.

Checkout the following Site Reliability Engineer preparation guide articles:

🔷Cvent Preparation Guide

🔷Ways to join Cvent

🔷Job opportunities at Cvent

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is SRE and DevOps same?

No, DevOps works on products using an agile approach whereas SRE works from the end-user's perspective.

Do Site Reliability Engineers need coding?

Yes, Site Reliability Engineers need to have a good command over coding skills.

Is the Site Reliability Engineer high paying?

The average salary of the Site Reliability Engineer at Cvent varies between ₹ 21.8 Lakhs to ₹ 25.3 Lakhs per year.

What is the next position after Site Reliability Engineer?

You can be promoted to Senior Site Reliability Engineer based on your experience.

Is a Site Reliability Engineer a tester?

Yes, Site Reliability Engineer also performs application testing tasks.

Can a fresher join as Site Reliability Engineer?

Yes, Cvent offers the position of Junior Site Reliability Engineer to the freshers.


In this article, we have discussed the Role of a Site Reliability Engineer at Cvent. We hope the article has helped you enhance your knowledge regarding the Role of Site Reliability Engineer at Cvent and its preparation guides. 

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