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About the role 
Skills and Experience Required 
Salary and Perks 
Perks you get as Site Reliability Engineer at Paytm 
Roles and Responsibilities
Career Map
Junior Site Reliability Engineer(Fresher) 
Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Preparation Guide and Resources 
Frequently asked questions
What is the role of a site reliability Engineer at Paytm? 
Is SRE Pay good? 
How to apply for SRE at Paytm? 
Are SRE and DevOps the same? 
Does SRE need Coding? 
Is it difficult to get a job as Site Reliability Engineer at Paytm? 
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Site Reliability Engineer at Paytm

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Would you like to work at Paytm as a Site Reliability Engineer? If you said "yes," congratulations! You are in the right place. We will go over every piece of knowledge that will aid you in getting ready for this job in this blog. 

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India's top digital payment and financial services provider, Paytm, aims to attract customers and merchants to its platform by providing them with various payment use cases. Paytm is in a unique position to do this thanks to the ecosystem's richness of data, 500 million+ enviable registered users, 21 million+ merchants, and democratize credit for deserving consumers & merchants, who are committed to it. 

About the role 

A Site Reliability Engineer is involved in the deployment, configuration, and monitoring of the code and takes care of availability, latency, emergency response, and management of services in production. 

About the role

By turning the manual duties carried out by the operations team into automated ones using software, a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) follows the ideas or methodology that can make the various IT operations easier to handle.

Site Reliability Engineering is essential since it is up to the SRE to deliver highly reliable and scalable software platforms for development.

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Skills and Experience Required 

The engineer must possess the following skill sets to be hired as a Site Reliability Engineer at Paytm.  

Skills Required


  • A CS/IT Bachelor's or Master's degree with 1–12 years of relevant work experience
  • Extensive programming knowledge in languages like Python, Java, or Go.
  • Ability to manage enormous amounts of data and cope with complex business flows.
  • Strong understanding of networking topologies and operating systems, particularly Linux/Unix.
  • Full-stack troubleshooting capabilities across the application, network, management fabric, and distributed services layers
  • Drive efficiency through software development and root-cause analysis, leading to service delivery, scalability, and maturity.
  • Familiarity with environments and installations of the hybrid, private, and public clouds.
  • Experience with frameworks for cloud-independent configuration management for concepts like config management, IaaC, deployments, etc.
  • It is familiar with containerization technology (Kubernetes, Docker, etc.).
  • Good familiarity with observability tools and APMs.
  • Experience with SLO/SLIs and service tiers.

Soft skills required for SRE at Paytm:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Energized
  • Enthusiastic

Salary and Perks 

Outstanding income comes with excellent skills. As you gain years of Experience in the field, your pay rises.  

Salary and Perks


Average Annual Salary  7,15,455
Estimated Take home salary  53,458-54,790

Perks you get as Site Reliability Engineer at Paytm 

  • Job Training
  • Parental leave
  • Sick leave
  • Child care
  • Medical health insurance
  • Performance Bonus

Roles and Responsibilities

Site Reliability Engineers at Paytm have the responsibility of fusing engineering expertise, a natural desire to enhance current systems and procedures, and the ingenuity to develop solutions (Process + tools) to new and evolving challenges that may impair the dependability, performance, and availability of essential platform services and applications. 

Most industries employ Site Reliability Engineers, and their duties are typically the same.

Know Your role

A site reliability engineer at Paytm is responsible for a few tasks, including:

  • Work on building and improving our tools for deploying, monitoring, and managing our systems
  • Share knowledge and Experience with other Engineers and develop a set of best practices.
  • Diagnose, troubleshoot problems, and develop a fix for them
  • Ability to complete the job regardless of the circumstance
  • Sense of ownership and willingness to get the job done
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Demonstrate a high level of trust, integrity, and diplomacy
  • Show strong initiative and self-motivation
  • Plan for situations instead of reacting to them - proactive
  • Participate in on-call rotation

Career Map

As a Site Reliability Engineer at Paytm, you can start your career as a fresher and then have the following career paths.  

Carrer Path

Junior Site Reliability Engineer(Fresher) 

As a junior SDET, you can get started. The software's automation, testing, and development are handled mainly by an SDET engineer. You will be creating test plans and learning new automation tools. 

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

An entry-level Site Reliability Engineer may advance to the senior Site Reliability Engineer post after two years. Your Site Reliability Engineer career path may need you to obtain extra schooling, advanced degrees like a master's degree in a relevant discipline, or specialized certifications.

Seniority Levels -

  • L2 Site Reliability Engineer [2 - 4 years of experience].
  • L3 Senior Site Reliability Engineer [2 - 4 years of experience].
  • L4 Lead Site Reliability Engineer [5 - 7 years of experience].
  • L5 Principal Site Reliability Engineer [8+years of experience].
  • L6 Senior Principal Site Reliability Engineer.
  • L7 Director of Site Reliability Engineering.

Preparation Guide and Resources 

To become a Site Reliability Engineer, you must adequately prepare to pass the Paytm test. Don't stress about the planning. You can always rely on Coding Ninjas to aid you with your planning.

How to prepare
  • Competitive programming: Competitive programming surely give you an edge in interviews. Check out the mentioned link if you want to learn competitive programming.
  • Web technologies: To become an SRE, you should have a decent knowledge of web technologies. You can see the mentioned link for the information.
  • Java: Java is a requirement for an SRE. If you have any doubts about Java or are a beginner, check out the link below.
  • Ruby: Ruby is a requirement for an SRE. If you have doubts about Ruby or are a beginner, check out the link below.
  • NGINX: check out the mentioned link if you want to learn about NGINX and Apache.
  • IT Certifications: This mentioned link will tell about the various certifications that will be helpful for you and will enhance your resume too.
  • Data structure and algorithms: Click on this link to expand your understanding of these topics. When attending any technical interview, one of the most important topics in which you should be completely confident is data structure and algorithms. 

Now that you have the resources, you surely want to test out your skills or might be confused about how to prepare for the interview so that you can become a site reliability engineer at Paytm. Check out the links mentioned below:

  • Paytm Interview Questions: This mentioned link contains the questions asked during the Paytm interview for other positions provided by the employees shortlisted for Paytm interviews. You can check out their interview experience too.
  • Problems: You can check out the link at the beginning for DSA issues.
  • Interview preparation guide: check out the link for the ultimate preparation guide for aptitude and puzzles. For more information, see the blogs, so you don't have doubts about the interview experiences.


  • Contests: Participate in a coding competition the Coding Ninjas offers if you wish to practice more.

Check out the courses that might help you in succeeding in an interview.

Competitive programming

Java DSA

Interview sessions


If something is missing and you know it is essential for your interview, you go to our main library, which contains all the topics you need.

Code studio library

Frequently asked questions

What is the role of a site reliability Engineer at Paytm? 

Site reliability engineers at Paytm are responsible for bringing together engineering expertise, a natural desire to enhance existing systems and procedures, and the ingenuity to develop solutions. 

Is SRE Pay good? 

Yes, working as an SRE pays well, depending on your skill and Experience.

How to apply for SRE at Paytm? 

You can go to the career page of Paytm to check for the current opening of a site reliability engineer. 

Are SRE and DevOps the same? 

 DevOps automates development, while SRE automates redundancy.

Does SRE need Coding? 

An SRE must be proficient at understanding code and building things from scratch.

Is it difficult to get a job as Site Reliability Engineer at Paytm? 

Paytm is such a big tech company, so obviously, getting a job at Paytm is difficult, but if you follow all the above resources properly, you can get a job at any big tech company.


In this blog, we discussed everything required to get a job as a Site Reliability Engineer at Paytm, along with a brief idea about the job, required skills, and career roadmap.

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