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🌞About the role
🌞Skills and experience required
🌞Benefits and Perks 
🌞Preparation strategy
💤Build Foundation
💤Practice for interviews 
Career Map
Resources for Preparation
🟩Interview Resources
🟥Coding Resources
🧮Aptitude Resources
🟨Other Technical Resources
🌞Frequently Asked Questions
What does Hotstar use for the backend?
Who is the CEO of Hotstar?
Is Hotstar a product-based company?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar

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With over 300 million users today, Disney+ Hotstar is the largest and smartest video platform in the country. Along the way, they've set a number of world records, including the highest concurrent viewership at 25.3 million during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Disney+ Hotstar is now a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs, offering everything from live sports to Indian and international shows and movies, as well as all Disney content, including Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Disney+ Originals. Disney+ Hotstar is looking for the brightest minds to help them shape the future of television.


Let’s discuss about the role of Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar.

🌞About the role

A software developer's job involves identifying, designing, deploying, and testing a software system they have constructed from the bottom up for a business. It can involve anything from producing systems that can be bought and sold on the open market to developing internal programs that can make businesses more effective.


Software developers will assist with maintaining and updating the program to make sure that all security issues are resolved and that it functions with new databases after delivering the final software system. Software developers build programs on a computer or mobile device that let users perform particular tasks, while other developers concentrate on the underpinning systems that manage networks.

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  • Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar is expected to create robust, secure, and scalable microservices to power Hotstar's Personalisation engine.
  • Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar is responsible for designing and implementing low-latency caching and storage solutions.
  • Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar also creates real-time stream processing pipelines to compute personalized recommendations for Disney users.
  • Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar is also expected to constantly assess relevant technologies, as well as influence and drive architecture and design discussions.

🌞Skills and experience required

  • BE/B. Tech/M. Tech/PhD in Computer Science or a related field is required.
  • Excellent coding abilities (Python or Java or Golang).
  • Building distributed domain-driven microservices is a plus.
  • Solid knowledge of database and storage fundamentals.
  • AWS stack experience is required.

Each organization's software engineer job description is unique, but there are some common requirements that will be expected regardless of where you work.

These responsibilities can be divided into several categories, which include:


  • Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar performs modeling, simulation, testing, and quality assurance.
  • Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar is expected to design codes that are object-oriented.


  • They are expected to analyze user requirements, software, and code analysis.
  • Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar is also expected to complete the risk and reliability analysis of systems.


  • Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar monitors the performance of systems.
  • Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar maintains and integrates existing systems with software.
  • They also maintain or exceed industry standards compliance.


  • Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar is expected to develop the application for the entire software lifecycle.
  • They identify and evaluate new technologies, prior to implementation.

🌞Benefits and Perks 




Average Salary

Software Development Engineer

₹ 25,42,308

**The salary figures mentioned in the above table are subject to change.


  • Atmosphere/Casual Dress
  • Free beverages/Coke/Juice/Water
  • Paid Vacation / Holidays
  • Flex-Time / Schedule Flexibility
  • Notebook / Laptop 
  • Paid Sick Time
  • Snacks at no cost

🌞Preparation strategy

💤Build Foundation

After this step, you should be extremely comfortable coding major data structures and algorithms.

  • You should be able to calculate the time and space complexity. It would be fantastic if you could remember them off the top of your head.
  • Become acquainted with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP, commonly known as OOPs)
  • Learn to code in your preferred language using the OOP paradigm.
  • Discover the most common OOP features (Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism)
  • Have solid grounding in other CS subjects (DBMS, OS, Networking, etc.)

💤Practice for interviews 

  • Solve problems in problem-solving, data structures, and algorithms.
  • Concentrate on problems involving data structures, algorithms, and problem-solving.
  • Attempt to cover all topics completely.
  • Learn Good Coding Techniques
  • Examine the Design Principles to ensure that your code adheres to good coding practices.

After this step, you should notice a difference in your coding style.

At this point, adhering to the following design principles should suffice:

DRY (Don’t repeat yourself)

YAGNI (You aren’t gonna need it)

KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)

Separation of Concerns

SOLID Principles

Career Map

A typical path for a software engineer's career is shown below:

  • Junior Software Engineer: At the outset of your career, you'll be in an entry-level role with little experience. As a junior software engineer, you will be responsible for creating software on time that satisfies client needs. Your team leader will serve as a mentor to you and be your point of contact. 
  • Senior Software Engineer: You'll become an expert in the software development lifecycle and pick up new programming languages. You might get the chance to mentor aspiring engineers or perhaps run a small group of your own. You'll learn about other business aspects, such as project budgets and high-level corporate goals.
  • Tech Lead: As a tech lead, you will be in charge of every step of the software development process. You'll be in charge of a sizable group of software design and development experts. You will be expected to update stakeholders on the status of the development project and contribute to decision-making.
  • Team Manager: You can advance into a managerial-based position with good leadership abilities. You'll be in charge of managing the team's overall well-being and career development.
  • Technical Architect: You are expected to oversee all aspects of the technical design and architecture in your role as a technical architect. You'll need to develop team processes and exercise technical leadership. Additionally, this position will involve investigating how support systems are scaled.
  • Chief Technology Officer: A CTO oversees a company's technology requirements. They oversee R&D and use technology to enhance their clients' products and services. This is frequently regarded as the career high point for software engineers.

Resources for Preparation


Here are some links given below it will help you in your preparation:-

🟩Interview Resources

Interview QuestionsIt is always essential to go through the interview questions before applying to any role in the company.

Interview PuzzlesThese interview puzzles will help you quickly get your answers. You will be able to understand the interviewer's point more precisely.

A Complete Preparation Guide for Coding InterviewsTo help you with preparations, coding ninjas have a comprehensive guide to help you in your interviews.

Interview Experiences of top tech companies for practiceHave a thorough read of the interview experiences of different candidates.

🟥Coding Resources

Data Structures and AlgorithmsIt is important to have strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

Free Coding Competitions | Coding Ninjas StudioFree coding competitions will help you in your interviews.

CN Library | Free Online Coding ResourcesAmple resources are available in the CN library.

Coding Ninjas programming coursesSystematic and well-structured programming courses will help you prepare for the interview and exam.

Competitive ProgrammingTo help you better understand the topic, competitive programming helps you problem-solve.

Coding Ninja Test Series: Various test series will give you insights into how interviews happen.

Problem List: Solving the most frequently asked questions helps you in the interviews.

Java | Learn & Practice: Java is the fundamental programming language, and this structured course will help you prepare.

🧮Aptitude Resources

Permutations and Combinations: Get familiar with permutations and combinations.

Probability: Get the best and most asked Probability aptitude questions.

Ratio and Proportions: Learn ratios & Proportions for your aptitude preparations.

Data Interpretation: Easily learn the Data Interpretation topic.

General Aptitude: Prepare your aptitude for every exam.

Tips and Strategies: Get the best advice and strategies to solve aptitude problems.

Percentages: Get knowledge of percentages, the most asked aptitude problems.

Time and Work: Learn Time& Work aptitude problems.

🟨Other Technical Resources

Mobile Technologies | Learn & Practice: Learn about Mobile Technologies and their related technology.

Web TechnologiesKnowledge of web technologies will help you further.

Python with Data Structures and AlgorithmsLearn the basics of Python with data structures and algorithms.

Java with Data Structures and Algorithms: Learn the basics of Java with data structures and algorithms.

DBMSKnowledge of Database Management Systems is a must for an Engineer.

Computer NetworksComputer networks and layers of the OSI model play an important role.

Operating SystemKnowledge of different operating systems should be there.

Data ScienceLearn the fast and most demanding field of Data Science at Coding Ninjas.

Data Structures and Algorithms | Learn & PracticeGet Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

You can also refer to this video,

🌞Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hotstar use for the backend?

The team behind Disney+Hotstar ensured a powerful backend by using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting and Akamai as their CDN partner.

Who is the CEO of Hotstar?

Sajith Sivanandan of Google has been named EVP and Head of the Indian streaming service Disney+ Hotstar.

Is Hotstar a product-based company?

Disney+ Hotstar (also known as Hotstar) is an Indian brand of over-the-top subscription video-on-demand streaming service owned by Novi Digital Entertainment, a subsidiary of Disney Star.


In this article, we discussed the role of Software Development Engineer at Disney+ Hotstar, what are the benefits and perks, how we can prepare for the same, and a lot of other things. You can also refer to the following blogs,

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