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Table of contents
Salary and Perks
About the Job
Tasks for Software Developers
Roles and Responsibilities
Why Consider Working for Nagarro
Skills Required
Circular Aptitude Test
DSA Round 
Coding Round test
Technical Round
Second Technical Round
HR Round
Preparation Tips and Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Software Developer?
What is the Nagarro notice period?  
What kind of company is Nagarro?  
What is a fresher's salary in Nagarro? 
Is Nagarro a corporation based in India? 
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Software Development Engineer at Nagarro


Are you interested in knowing what a Software Developer at Nagarro life looks like, and do you want to become a  Software Developer at Nagarro?


In this article, we'll discuss the software developer at Nagarro, which will help you know everything you need about this role.

So, let’s get started.


Nagarro drives technology-driven business innovations for market leaders and upstarts. Our clients come to us when they need to create something quickly.

Siemens, GE, Lufthansa, Viacom, Este Lauder, Assa Abloy, Ericsson, DHL, Mitsubishi, BMW, the City of New York, T-Systems, SAP, and Infor are just a few of their clients. Working with these clients allows them to continuously push the limits of what is technologically and quickly achievable.

They now have more than 5,000 professionals spread across 20 different nations. Together, we make up Nagarro, a part of Allgeier SE situated in Munich that provides global services.

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Salary and Perks

Salary and Perks

** Above salary figures are subject to change

About the Job

Tasks for Software Developers


💻 Software testing and documentation for client applications

💻 Write code to develop stand-alone apps that access servers or services that are single-threaded, multi-threaded, or user interface event-driven.


💻 Write, alter, and debug client application software.

💻 Utilize visual development environments and source debuggers.

Roles and Responsibilities

Software Development and Software Engineering

🤹 Strong consulting, project management, and cross-group collaboration backgrounds are required.

🤹 Three to four Salesforce projects in the Sales, Service, Community, or Marketing clouds should have been handled.



🤹 Good familiarity with the Salesforce ecosystem and the features of various clouds.

🤹 Capacity to communicate a message in a straightforward and organized manner tailored to the recipient and the communication channel.

🤹 Language proficiency in both writing and speaking.

🤹 History of leading intricate, highly technical development projects.


🤹 Expertise in end-to-end development and technical leadership.

🤹 Strong technical knowledge and the capacity to delve deeply into technological issues.

🤹 Possibility of managing many projects at once while multitasking in a globally distributed delivery configuration.

🤹 Excellent knowledge of agile metrics and procedures.

Why Consider Working for Nagarro

They specialize in finding agile solutions to the most challenging technological problems. And we carry out this work for more than 100 clients, ranging from Fortune 500 behemoths to start-up businesses. Today, a sizable portion of the world is run by systems that we have developed!

Work Life Balance

Nagarro is the place to be if you have a passion for technology, an eye for quality, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

They have a flat organizational structure and a positive, amiable workplace. Once they join us, they rarely leave. We have meager attrition rates, which fosters a sense of family among the employees. Industry studies consistently place them very high regarding HR practices.


It depends on the project you are working on in the first place, followed by the business unit you will be allocated to.


The Fresher Policy will apply to you, thus your promotion cycle will differ from that of the rest of the organization until you are a Consultant. A few other aspects, however, will remain the same.

Skills Required

Top Skills for Software Developer at Nagarro    

🏆  SQL, Javascript, Agile, Python

🏆  Coding, Testing

🏆  Experience in data systems, analytics, data aggregation, and visualization

🏆  Able to use cutting-edge cloud-based technology.

🏆  Ability to use contemporary libraries and tools to produce UX/UI designs.

🏆  HTML, JQuery, Web Services, CSS

🏆  Knowledge of modern DevOps techniques (Continous Integration, pipelines, etc.).

🏆  Any aptitudes or pursuits in engineering or aviation.

🏆  XML, Core Java, Unit Testing, Cloud


The path to becoming a software developer at Nagarro will now be discussed.

The three phases of the Nagarro hiring process include an online test, a technical interview, and an HR interview. To be considered for the post, an applicant must do well in each of the three rounds. The goal of each round is to assess the candidate's qualifications and abilities for the job role that the business has stated. Throughout each stage of the Nagarro hiring process, the emphasis is on evaluating a candidate's personality from numerous angles. Candidate preparation for the Nagarro hiring drive must therefore focus equally on each round.

Interview Process

Circular Aptitude Test

Attitude test results The questions range from easy to medium difficulty, and more were often asked on every company's aptitude test.

Aptitude Test

DSA Round 

After the aptitude test round, a DSA round window was opened immediately. There were 15 DSA questions, which ranged in difficulty from easy to medium and included problems with pseudocode.

DSA Round

Coding Round test

As a result, as soon as you pass the DSA phase, they provide you with a link for the coding round. This round consists of 3 questions, 2 of which must be answered correctly while the test cases are running for you to advance.

Coding Round

Technical Round

You would receive an invitation to Technical Round 1 if you performed well in the Coding Round. There are two Technical rounds and one HR round, and all of them are elimination rounds. Therefore you must exercise extreme caution. Thus, in the First Technical Rounds.

Technical round 1

Second Technical Round

Prepared for the next round after your first TR round because you will receive a mail two days later saying that you have been selected for a second interview. 

Technical Round 2

HR Round

You receive the HR round mil. After 30 minutes of my second TR round, You received a message that you had been shortlisted for the HR round. Only 10 minutes were allotted for the HR round.

HR Round

Preparation Tips and Resources

To prepare, we must have a collection of good resources. As for Python Developer at Cisco, refer to these resources given below: 


To prepare for these interview rounds, here we have a few more resources for you 

Be Prepared

Also, prepare yourself with attractive answers to the below-mentioned questions:

  • The instance in which you disagreed with the team and how you handled it.
  • Describe a scenario when you were in charge of a group.
  • How do you reply to your client's outrageous expectations in a certain circumstance?
  • When you assume formal or informal leadership responsibilities
  • The period during which you were at danger for a specific difficult project.

While giving your interview, just be relaxed and give answers calmly and confidently.

We wish you all the very best.🤗

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Software Developer?

Software Developers are experts in computer science who use their knowledge of engineering concepts and programming languages to develop software products, produce computer games, and manage network control systems.

What is the Nagarro notice period?  

If the candidate is yet to serve notice at their current organization,” Fuloria said, adding, “Nagarro's notice period is two months but many of our peers have three-month notice periods.

What kind of company is Nagarro?  

Nagarro is a digital engineering firm. It provides managed services, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud solutions, digital marketing, IoT solutions, digital commerce solutions, and application development and management, among other things.

What is a fresher's salary in Nagarro? 

The average compensation for a Nagarro Trainee in India with less than a year of experience is 4.1 Lakhs. At Nagarro, the starting pay for trainees is between 3.5 and 6 lakhs rupees. Our calculations show that it is 52% higher than the typical trainee salary for IT services and consulting firms.

Is Nagarro a corporation based in India? 

An area of business consulting and software development is Nagarro-Software. It was established in 1996. its headquarters are in Munich, Germany, and Gurgaon, India, houses its major development office. North America, Europe, and Asia are the regions where the corporation has operational hubs.


This blog discussed Software Developer at Nagarro. We discussed the duties and benefits of becoming a software developer at Nagarro, the qualifications needed, the career path for software developers at Nagarro, and the steps to take to get hired by Nagarro.

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