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About the role 🧑‍💻
Salary and Perks 💸💰
Skills and Experience required ⚙️
Job expectations and Responsibilities 📑
Preparation strategy 📚
Career Map ✨
Junior SDET 
Senior SDET
SDET Manager
Tech Architect 
Managing Director
Frequently asked questions🤔❓
What does SDET stand for?
Is there a future in the role of SDET?
Does the role of SDET pay well?
What skills do companies look out for in SDET position?
Who can become SDET?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Software Development Engineer in Test at Apple

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Ever wondered what it would be like to work for tech giants? What about APPLE?

The name alone gets us excited! So let’s go ahead and explore the role of SDET at Apple.

intro sdet

Here, we will provide a complete description of the job role and requirements, the salary and other benefits, and the resources to prepare for the same.But before discussing other essential things related to SDET, let's first read about Apple.

About the role 🧑‍💻

Apple is a manufacturer of smartphones, tablet computers, personal computers, computer peripherals and software. It was the first successful personal computer company and the pioneer of the GUI (graphical user interface).

SDET at Apple role is a blend between a pure developer and a tester. SDETs are skilled professionals in Software Development and Quality Engineering.

about the role

SDET at Apple focus on automating repetitive procedures to ensure that manual testers can work on more complex scenarios that will better help them make use of their bandwidth and skills.

SDETs are largely responsible for writing reusable scripts/tools that help the team reduce repetitive efforts and automate test cases as well. Senior members of the SDET team are responsible for creating automation frameworks and allowing other SDETs to write tests using the framework.

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Salary and Perks 💸💰

Salary as an SDET at Apple :

salary and perks
Average Annual Salary ₹ 21,38,750
Estimated Take-Home Salary ₹ 1,39,150 - ₹ 1,44,306/month

**Above salary is subject to change**

Employee Perks as an SDET at Apple :

➡️ Employee Assistance

➡️ Health care & Insurance

➡️ Free transportation

➡️ Soft skill training

➡️ Internation Reallocation

➡️ Maternity and Paternity leave

➡️ Child Care Centers

➡️ Gymnasium

➡️ Team outings

➡️ Free Food

Skills and Experience required ⚙️

The minimum Qualifications required to be SDET at Apple are stated below:

skills required
  • Bachelor’s degree or Master's degree in Computer Science
  • Proficient in Software Programming 
  • Documentation - Test Plans, standard operating procedures, Cookbooks, etc.
  • Experience in configuring servers, switches, & routers
  • Drive resolution of hardware design and diagnostic issues
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes
  • Proficient in Coding Standards
  • CI/CD(Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Continuous Deployment) process & tools – Jenkins & Static Analysis
  • Knowledge of SCM(Supply chain management) - Bitbucket & Gitlab

Technical skills required for SDET at Apple are:

  • Agile methodology – ScrumMaster Certified
  • Proficient with automation platform
  • System hardware architectures, design concepts, and engineering development practices
  • Design lab experiments for Root Cause investigations to obtain Corrective Action
  • Independent, ambitious, and takes initiative
  • Adapt quickly in an iterative fashion

Soft skills required for SDET at Apple:

  • Good communication skills 
  • Good presentation skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Energized
  • Enthusiastic

Job expectations and Responsibilities 📑

The primary responsibility of an SDET at Apple is to provide functional test support, order verification, and hardware quality support for the business unit. SDETs mostly focus on automating repetitive scenarios to ensure that manual testers can focus on more complex and edge scenarios and use their bandwidth and skills more efficiently.

job expectations

A few responsibilities that an SDET at Apple has to work upon are:

  • Deliver test strategies and test plans
  • Manage test capacity, expansion planning, and execution
  • Develop and deploy automated tests and processes
  • Create framework/tools
  • Software design principles
  • Experience working with operational teams on deployment, monitoring, and management concerns.
  • Continuous yield improvement and test optimization
  • Engagement early during concept commitment & prototyping
  • Experience with Git, Docker, Kafka, Solr, Cassandra, Hadoop is highly desirable.
  • Train Partner on products and test development tools & procedures
  • Provide technical support
  • Define, design, & present robust test and Manufacturing test Fixtures
  • Raise or Investigate defects
  • Might have to contribute to testing along with developers.

Preparation strategy 📚

Trying to find resources for interview preparation all on your own might leave you exhausted but not to worry! We've got you covered with just the perfect set of courses and guides that will aid you in getting that job of SDET at Apple!

preparation strategy

Apple Preparation Guide - The perfect preparation guide doesn't exi- oh wait! You might have just found one!

Ways to join Apple  - prepare yourself to get into Apple!

Get proficient with The Basics of Software Testing and Various Testing Methods

Look into our Top Standard Algorithms for a Coding Interview to know the kind of questions you’ll be facing. 

Do not get sidetracked! Learn the most required skills required to be ab SDET at apple: 

Software Engineering

Computer Networking

Operating System

Competitive programming 

Learn Java 

Learn C++

Look into our Library to explore more courses!

Career Map ✨

career map

Junior SDET 

The experience level required is from fresher to 3 years. Responsible for participating in bug analysis, creating automation test scripts, and writing test cases, as well as learning new test automation tools.

Senior SDET

The experience level required is from 3 years to 7 years. Responsible for looking into a technical issue, working with different test automation frameworks, and being involved in software architectural design, ensuring product scalability, being involved in process management, evolving automation testing strategies, striving for optimum software performance, supervising juniors, and so on.

SDET Manager

The experience level required is from 7 years to 10 years. Responsible for working in collaboration with Senior SDET, the managing team, and other departments.

Tech Architect 

The experience level required is from 10 years to 15 years. Responsible for designing software architecture, collaborating with clients as well as supervising test and development teams for any technical dependencies.

Managing Director

The experience level required is 15 years plus. Responsible for providing strategic guidance to the management team, regulating the operation of a business as well as ensuring that the company achieves its targeted objectives.

Frequently asked questions🤔❓

What does SDET stand for?

SDET is a popular title for Software Development Engineer in Test or software testers in short. An SDET must have programming abilities and be good in software testing as they are mostly involved in developing testing-friendly codes. They should be able to generate testing data and add and improve automation, etc. 

Is there a future in the role of SDET?

There is immense scope for SDETs as they have gained popularity amongst the tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Google, etc, because of the increase in the use of new practices like Continuous Testing, Agile, and DevOps. 

Does the role of SDET pay well?

The salary of an SDET in India ranges from ₹ 5.5 Lakhs to ₹ 32.0 Lakhs and on average, the annual salary is ₹ 15.0 Lakhs. 

What skills do companies look out for in SDET position?

Here are some of the skills - Testing methodology, Knowledge about Automation, Programming, Designing, exposure to Agile + DevOps 

Who can become SDET?

Quality Assurance Test Engineers can become SDET by improving their programming skills and expanding the project's automation scope. To become a successful SDET, one should be involved in the development of the application and in the testing of the development.


In this article, we have discussed most of the vital things you need to know about SDET at Apple, along with a brief idea about the job, the most required skills, a quick roadmap, and how we will help you on this journey.

These articles will help you to explore more about technical roles at Apple:

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Ways to join Apple 

Refer to our Test Seriesproblem listsproblems, participate in contests and take a look at our courses that will help you become proficient in DSA in PythonC++Java, and Competitive programmingThese Interview experiences will give you a heads-up on what you need to prepare for!

Thank you!

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