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About the Role👩‍💻
Skills and Experience🤓
Salary and Perks🔥
Perks you get as SDET at Zomato
Roles and Responsibilities👨‍💻
Career Map🚀
Junior SDET(Fresher)🏆
Senior SDET🏆
SDET Manager🏆
Technical Architect🏆
How to Switch from SDET to SDE?👨‍💻
Preparation Strategy and Resources for Preparation 🧾
Frequently Asked Questions
What is SDET Stand for?
Is SDET a high-paying job?
Is SDET and QA the same?
Do SDET engineers require coding?
What tools are used by SDET engineers?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Software Development Engineer in Test at Zomato

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Want to get a job as a software development engineer in test at Zomato? If your answer is yes, kudos! You're at the right place. In this article, we will discuss every bit of information that will help you in your preparation for getting this job.

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Zomato is a multinational company that connects with restaurants and shares its menu on its app. It is a food delivery company in India. This blog will give you information to grab the opportunity as a Software Development Engineer in Test at Zomato.

About the Role👩‍💻

Software Development Engineer in Test is an engineer who can work on software development and testing. The SDET knows the product from start to end. He is involved in every process of the software development life cycle.

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The SDET engineers have the capacity to handle the whole project individually. He is a trained and highly skilled engineer who can work effectively in both the field, i.e., developer and a tester. He works with the creative team in the development of the software. The SDET engineer ensures to help the team in the test case and tries to reduce the manual work by automating the work with the tools and software.

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Skills and Experience🤓

To get the job as Software Development Engineer in Test at Zomato, the engineer must have the following skill sets.

Skills image

✨Bachelor's degree of 4 years or master's or equivalent experience in the computer science field.

✨Strong Knowledge of programming languages like  PythonC# JavaC++, C, or any other relevant programming language.

✨Understanding of object-oriented paradigm and software development life cycle.

✨ Good understanding of agile methodologies.

 ✨Familiarity with Jenkins, Gitlab, and its CI/CD pipelines. Knowledge of Supply chain Management.

✨Knowledge of test cases in the software and familiarity with testing.

✨Knowledge of testing, unit testing, and testing tools like  TestNG, Selenium, WebDriver, MS Test, NUnit, etc.

✨Proficiency in software engineering.Knowledge of system design, system hardware, and its related issues.

✨Experience working with DevOps. Should have experience with the deployment and configuring of the servers.

An SDET engineer is expected to have some soft skills like

  •  Excellent communication
  •  Time management,
  •  Handling timelines,
  •  The attitude to always learn new things, 
  • Creativity, presentation skills, and enthusiasm to solve problems.

You can get a job as a fresher in Software Development Engineer in Test(SDET).

Salary and Perks🔥

With great skills comes great pay. The salary increases as you grow with years of experience in the field.


Salary Image
Average annual Salary ₹15,00,000
The average salary range in India lies between  ₹5,80,000₹33,00,000

The salary mentioned above is subject to change.

Perks you get as SDET at Zomato

⚡Job Training

⚡Parental leave

⚡Child care

⚡Medical health insurance

⚡Performance Bonus

⚡International Relocation

⚡Free Transportation

⚡Work from home

⚡Sick leave

Roles and Responsibilities👨‍💻

As a Software Development Engineer in Test at Zomato, you will be asked for the following roles and responsibilities. 


🎯The SDET engineers have to deal directly with the end users and meet their expectations.

🎯To build and create different test cases and test scenarios.

🎯You will be responsible for providing technical support to the team in the development and testing face.

🎯To provide hardware equality support to the business. To provide support to the SQA team.

🎯You will be responsible for automating the scenarios and reducing the work of the manual testers.

🎯To help the manual testing team in solving complex issues and helping them to build different acceptance test cases.

🎯You will handle, manage, and create the bug reports with the team.

🎯As a software development engineer in test at Zomato, you will directly communicate with the customers and develop the REST APIs according to the requirements.

🎯You will be responsible for software and test optimization and providing continuous support to the development and testing team.

🎯To develop and deploy the automated process and follow the SDLC principles.

🎯You will be responsible for communicating with the partners and providing them training, if needed, regarding the products.

🎯To work closely with Git, Kafka, Solr, Docker, Cassandra, and Hadoop is a must.

Career Map🚀

As an SDET engineer, you can start your career as a fresher and then have the following career paths.

Career Image

Junior SDET(Fresher)🏆

You can start as a junior SDET. An SDET engineer is primarily responsible for the software's automation, testing, and development. You will be learning new automation tools and developing test plans.

Senior SDET🏆

After having 3 to 7 years of experience, you become a senior SDET. As a Senior SDET engineer, you will be guiding the juniors, helping with technical issues, and contributing to developing the functional integration tests. You will be working under the guidance of your supervisors.

SDET Manager🏆

With 8+ years of experience, you can become SDET Manager. You closely work with the product and development team to understand the use cases and ensure smooth delivery of the product and satisfaction of the customers.

Technical Architect🏆

With ten years to 15 years of experience in this domain, you can become Technical Architect. To solve the technical dependencies and create the software architecture. You will be directly collaborating with the clients and understanding their business needs.

How to Switch from SDET to SDE?👨‍💻

There is nothing wrong with switching your career from SDET to SDE,  as it gives you more opportunities, a good salary hike, and a high start to your career.

There can be multiple ways by which you can do this.

It totally depends on your skills and if working in the company, depends on the project, your performance, and your management teams.

You can try to switch if working in the company internally, or by having a good amount of skills and knowledge, try for referrals or new job opportunities in other companies from their career website, LinkedIn, or any other job portal.

Must have skills to become SDE.

Also check out, Zomato Interview Experience to learn about Zomato’s hiring process.

Preparation Strategy and Resources for Preparation 🧾

For becoming a software development engineer in test at Zomato, you need to prepare yourself well. Don’t worry about the preparation. Coding Ninjas will always help you in your preparation.

Prepare Image

To become SDET, you need to have good development and testing skills. Below are the resources that will ease your preparation.

▶You need to prepare your coding skills. Prepare any one programming language. Learn PythonJava Programming LanguageC++, R, etc.

▶Learn the basics of Java and python with data structures and algorithms. Java with Data Structures and AlgorithmsPython with Data Structures and Algorithms

▶Learn Software testing and Testing methods. Having strong knowledge of testing is a must.

▶ As an SDET engineer, you should know about cloud computing. Learn Cloud Computing.

▶As an SDET engineer you should have sound knowledge of Database Management systems. Learn Databases technologies. Get your hands on SQL and NoSQL.

▶prepare your knowledge of the Operating System. Get Hands-on experience with working on Linux.

▶To become an SDET engineer, you must know about Computer Networks and Software Engineering Principles.

▶ Knowledge of computer organization and architecture is an added advantage.

▶ Learn version control systems.

▶Get Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms. Learn Data Structures and Algorithms.

 Knowledge of web technologies will help you further. Learn Web Technologies

▶To help you with preparations, coding ninjas have a comprehensive guide to help you in your interviews. A Complete Preparation Guide for Coding Interviews.

▶Good knowledge of compiler design is a must for SDET engineers. Learn Compiler Design.

▶Solving the most frequently asked questions helps you in the interviews. Learn Problem List.

you must have proficient knowledge in a scripting language(Linux/Unix Shell Scripts/ Go/Ruby). Study about them from here.

▶ It is always essential to go through the interview questions before applying to any role in the company. See Interview Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SDET Stand for?

SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test.

Is SDET a high-paying job?

Yes, SDET is a high-paying job. You have a great career when you become an SDET engineer. You have skills both as a developer and a tester.

Is SDET and QA the same?

An SDET engineer focuses on the code quality, the development of the software, and understanding the customer's needs, whereas a QA engineer focuses on testing the tools, designing the test cases, and managing the test plans.

Do SDET engineers require coding?

As an SDET engineer, you are asked to write quality code and do the testing. You are expected to have strong knowledge of the programming language. 

What tools are used by SDET engineers?

The SDET has mastery skills in Selenium, Soap UI, Rest, and Appium. They use Software testing tools for testing the software. SDET engineers have knowledge f the coding language, platforms, and browser ability.


In this article, we have discovered everything required to get a job as Software Development Engineer in Test at Zomato. This article has given you insights into enhancing your knowledge about becoming an SDET engineer. 

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