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Table of contents
About Cisco
About the Role
Perks with the Job
Skills and Experience Required
Hard Skills
Soft Skills
Job Expectations
Preparation Strategy
Eligibility Criteria
Recruitment Process at Cisco
Career Map
Levels of Software Engineer at Cisco
Frequently Asked Questions
What does a Cisco software engineer do?
What kind of expertise is required of software engineers?
What is the best language for software engineers?
How many rounds are there in the Software Engineer in Cisco?
Which Cisco certification is in high demand?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Software Engineer at Cisco

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Are you interested in knowing what a Software Engineer’s life looks like, and do you want to become a  Software Engineer at Cisco?

If yes, you're at the right place, my friend😊

Software Engineer at Cisco

In this article, we'll discuss the Software Engineer at Cisco, which will help you know everything you need about this role.

So, let’s get started.

About Cisco

The American multinational technology company Cisco Systems, Inc., also known as Cisco, is located in San Jose, California. Cisco develops, produces, and distributes telecommunications equipment, networking hardware, software, and other high-tech products and services.

Cisco logo

The business is crucial to the growth of Silicon Valley. Leading manufacturers of cutting-edge technologies like Webex, OpenDNS, Jabber, Duo Security, and Jasper include Cisco. It focuses on specialized technology fields such as domain security, videoconferencing, energy management, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Cisco, one of the largest technology companies in the world, ranks 63 on the Fortune 100 with $49 billion in yearly revenue and close to 80,000 employees.

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About the Role

A software engineer’s role is essential to the domain of software design and development. The engineer typically contributes to developing how a software design team's generated software functionalities will operate. 

  • The software engineer will collaborate with designers to assist in bringing various program features together into a cohesive unit. 
  • The engineer also collaborates with coders and programmers to organize numerous coding chores and smaller functionalities, which are combined into larger, functional programs or new features for software already in use.
  • The engineer will typically participate in both the design and development phases of the software creation process. 
Software engineer role
  • Dedicated designers or design teams will collaborate with the engineer to bring out the fundamentals of the program during the design phase.
  • The engineer will typically participate in both the design and development phases of the software creation process.
  • During the design phase, dedicated designers or design teams will collaborate with the engineer to determine the fundamental tasks the program or upgrade will need to complete. The engineer will normally assist in outlining the many components of the required automated tasks, frequently using flowcharts and design documents to clarify the procedure.
  • An individual typically needs a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, computer science, or a related discipline to work as a software engineer. 
  • Many employers favor applicants who can demonstrate real-world programming and coding skills.
  • Most software developers work in an office or computer lab during regular business hours on a weekday.


The average software engineer's salary in India rises steadily as business competitiveness rises.

Base Salary ₹ 839k - ₹ 2m
Bonus ₹ 64k - ₹ 360k
Profit Sharing ₹ 364k
Total Pay ₹ 939k - ₹ 3m

The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.

Perks with the Job

For its employees, Cisco Systems Inc. provides a variety of bonuses and retirement benefits. Like Cisco Systems Inc., many US businesses provide health insurance, with the corporate sector frequently going towards a sizable portion of employee premium costs.

Following are some perks of working in Cisco:

Perks with the Job
  • Paid vacation/holidays.
  • Casual attire and setting.
  • Life and disability insurance.
  • Paid Sick Time Off.
  • Reimbursement for education, training, tuition, and certification.
  • Flexible Work Hours/Schedule.
  • Work From Home
  • Health Insurance
  • Gymnasium
  • Softskill Training
  • Child Care
  • Education Assistance
  • Free transport
  • International Relocation

Skills and Experience Required

Hard Skills

Creating efficient websites, applications, and software is your main responsibility as a software engineer. You, therefore, need some hard, concrete talents, such as the ones listed below.

  • Understanding of both front-end and back-end code
  • Knowing agile development
  • Debugging and testing your code
  • How to create clear comments and clean code

Soft Skills

You'll discover that your job isn't only coding as you get more expertise in your field. Additionally, you'll need to communicate with other departments and lead teams while training others. Plan to rely on these clever soft kills as well.

Soft skills
  • Technological information communication ability
  • Time Management 
  • Group Co-operation

If you can succeed in a handful of these, you'll be a valuable member of any engineering team and a highly sought-after worker.

Job Expectations

Work on networking technologies at every layer, from physical to application.

Programming knowledge in C++JavaPythonscripting (TCL and UNIX shell), and web (HTML, XML) is necessary, depending on the position. Support the creation of device drivers, network feature programming, and new network equipment architecture, including switches, routers, web services, and voice-enabled network applications. Depending on the position, programming experience and knowledge of networking concepts and protocols are also required.

job expectation

The candidate should have demonstrated practical expertise using continuous Integration/deployment while developing software using an Agile DevOps methodology. The job is fast-paced due to the expansion of the India team, and this profile anticipates wearing numerous caps and switching between them. In some circumstances, the applicant might need to go deeply into network equipment to resolve problems.

Strong technical skills, excellent teamwork, excellent oral and written communication skills, experience with a customer and quality-focused approach, ability to derive solutions from product requirements, self-motivation with a "can-do" attitude, and the capacity to meet or exceed schedule requirements with a track record are all desirable qualities.

Preparation Strategy

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for an individual to apply for the role of Software Engineer at Cisco are:

  • Should have 60% and above in 10th, 12th, Diploma, Graduation (Aggregate of 8 semesters) / M.Tech (Aggregate of 4 semesters).
  • No active backlogs are allowed.
  • Qualification - All branches are allowed for MCA, B.E. / B.Tech, M.E. / M.Tech.
  • Must have a good command of communication skills.
  • Must be open to relocating to any Cisco location, work across technology or domain.

Now that you think you are eligible for the company.

Eligibility Criteria

Recruitment Process at Cisco

Round 1Online assessment test

In the first round, there will be separate slots of questions to test your reasoning and thinking ability-

  • MCQ-Based English Communication Test
  • Game-Based Aptitude Test
  • Behavioral Competency Profiling

Round 2Technical interview round

In the technical interview, Cisco focuses on analyzing your application skills & knowledge of technology. Hence to clear this round, an individual is supposed to have the knowledge of:

Technical interview round

Round 3HR interview round

In this round, the candidate will be asked questions on the following domains:

  • Projects you worked on: Make sure you know in and out of every project that is mentioned in your resume. From the logic to components used(if any) including the flow/circuit diagram.
HR round
  • The subject of Interest: Before getting into technical questions, you will be asked about your favorite subjects/subjects of interest. All the questions in the interview will be focused on testing your knowledge in those subjects.
  • Latest Technologies: You must also be aware of trends like AI(Artificial Intelligence)Cyber Security, etc. There is a chance that you might be asked about these topics.

Career Map

Following is the career map for a Software Engineer at Cisco:

Junior Software Engineer: At the outset of your career, you'll be in an entry-level role with little Experience. As a junior Software Engineer, you will be responsible for creating software on time that satisfies client needs.

Junior Software Engineer

Your team leader will serve as a mentor to you and be your point of contact. You have the chance to develop new abilities and acquire crucial Experience working on actual software projects at this phase of your career.

Senior Software Engineer: After a while, you'll advance to the senior software engineer position. You'll become an expert in the software development lifecycle and pick up new programming languages. 

Senior Software Engineer

You might get the chance to mentor aspiring engineers or perhaps run a small group of your own. You'll learn about other business aspects, such as project budgets and high-level corporate goals.

Tech Lead: As a tech lead, you will be in charge of every step of the software development process. You'll be in charge of a sizable group of software design and development experts. You will be expected to update stakeholders on the status of the development project and contribute to decision-making.

Tech Lead

Team Manager: You can advance into a managerial-based position with good leadership abilities. You'll be in charge of managing the team's overall well-being and career development.

Technical Architect: You are expected to oversee all aspects of the technical design and architecture in your role as a technical architect. You'll need to develop team processes and exercise technical leadership. Additionally, this position will involve investigating how support systems are scaled.

Technical Architect

Chief Technology Officer: A CTO oversees a company's technology requirements. They oversee R&D(research and development) and use technology to enhance their clients' products and services. This is frequently regarded as the career high point for software engineers.

Levels of Software Engineer at Cisco

These are some levels that Cisco follows:


Year of Experience

Grade 4 (Entry Level/ New Grad)

0 to 2 years

Grade 6 (Software Engineer 2)

0 to 3 years

Cisco Fellow (Software Engineer)

1 to 11 years

Grade 8 (Software Engineer III)

3 to 8 years

Grade 10 (Software Engineer IV)

5 to 15 years

Grade 11 (Technical Leader 1)

9 to 20 years

Grade 12 (Technical Leader 2)

12 to 20 years

Grade 13 (Principal Engineer)

19 to 20 years

Distinguished Engineer (Software Engg.)

18 to 22 years


Are you still unsure about how to start gearing up? We're here to help, so don't worry! We always need a systematic way to learn things. Here are some necessary resources which help to become a Software Engineer at Cisco:


You may look into the following to have better practical knowledge,

  • Understanding Software Engineer Salary and Job Role
  • Software Engineering as a career path
  • A day in the life of a software engineer
  • For Coding, you can do regular practice in Code studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Cisco software engineer do?

According to Cisco's description of prospective software engineers, you might be in charge of creating device drivers, implementing network applications, and creating new programs using web and scripting languages.

What kind of expertise is required of software engineers?

Most software engineering positions demand at least a bachelor's degree. The best education is a bachelor's degree in software engineering, but computer science or other STEM fields like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can also be beneficial.

What is the best language for software engineers?

C++ is the most used language for system programming, even if Python and Java are excellent options.

How many rounds are there in the Software Engineer in Cisco?

In total, 3 rounds are there, first is the coding test second is the assignment round plus technical interview and the last is the HR round. 

Which Cisco certification is in high demand?

The top certification you can earn in Cisco's program is the CCIE designation (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert).


This blog covered the role of a Software Engineer at Cisco. We went through responsibilities as a Software Engineer at Cisco with salary and perks, skills and experience required, a career path as a Software Engineer at Cisco, and a roadmap to becoming a Software Engineer at Cisco.

If you would like to learn more, check out our articles on:


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