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Table of contents
Introduction 🧾
About Facebook 
Software Engineer at Facebook 💻😎
Description 📄
Roles and Responsibilities🔗
Skills and Requirements 📌
Salary and Perks 💸💰
Preparation Strategy📍⏳
📍 Application Submission 📋
📍 Stage 1 - Technical Screening Phone Interview
📍 Stage 2 - Full Day Stage 2 Interviews
Resources and Study Material by Coding Ninjas
Interview Experience
Career Map
Frequently Asked Questions❔
What is the job of a software engineer at Facebook?
Is there a WFH option at Facebook?
What is Facebook’s history?
Does Facebook hire freshers from India?
Do research engineers qualify as scientists?
Conclusion 🔚
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Software Engineer at Facebook

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Introduction 🧾

Have you heard much about Facebook and want to be a Software Engineer at Facebook? So don't worry; we have you covered. Coding Ninjas will help you understand the job profile better.

Also, read our Facebook Preparation Guide article to understand better how to prepare.

Facebook Office


Check out our articles on Job opportunities at Facebook and Ways to Join Facebook. We have you covered even if you are looking for Internships at Facebook. 

Isn’t it incredible? ✨

So, let's get started. 😃

About Facebook 

Facebook is a social networking platform. Mark Zuckerberg founded it in 2004 with his other Harvard colleague. It is owned and operated by a US-based company named Meta Platforms. It was first made available only for Harvard students in 2004, then expanded and was made available for all North American university students. 

Facebook Logo

As of 2006, it was made available to anyone on the internet above the age of 13 to use Facebook. It is one of the world's first and most popular social networking platforms, with over 3 billion monthly active users.  

Software Engineer at Facebook 💻😎

Software Engineer at Facebook

Let us now discuss the job profile, skill requirements, roles and responsibilities, salary and perks, and preparation strategy for the Software Engineer profile at Facebook

Description 📄


Software Engineer is an essential and central role at Facebook. A software engineer ensures the smooth functioning of many of its products and services. A software engineer at Facebook works on real-world products like Facebook itself, its Andriod or IOS, Messengers, Whatsapp, and Instagram. 

Roles and Responsibilities🔗

Facebook is not the only product; under the brand name of Facebook, many products and services are there that work for different purposes. Following are the responsibilities of a Software Engineer at Facebook: 

📑 You will be responsible for innovating, experiencing, and adding new features to the existing applications of Facebook to enhance the user experience. 


📑 Introduce features or functions, or infrastructure to the Facebook platform by writing or editing algorithms at play.

📑 synchronize and coordinate server clusters and analyze system components and data structures for various platforms separately.

📑 Join teams and work for a team to develop new products and features to be launched in the market. 

📑 Work on Android or IOS systems, wireless connectivity, VR, and privacy. 


As a Software Engineer at Facebook, it is guaranteed that you will be working on cutting-edge technology that millions of people use all the time around the globe. You will work for many applications under the umbrella of Facebook. 

Facebook other brands

Following are the biggest applications on which a Software Engineer at Facebook works at

🚀 Facebook, the website platform, and its Andriod and IOS platforms.

🚀 WhatsApp, a cross-platform messaging application widely used. 

🚀 Instagram, a photo and video-sharing platform.

🚀 Messenger, a messaging application integrated with Facebook.

🚀 Workplace, the business connectivity platform.

🚀 Oculus, VR headsets developer.

🚀 Portal, hardware producer for video calls.

Skills and Requirements 📌


Following are the skill requirements for the position of Software Engineer at Facebook: 

📌 Experience and Proficiency in any programming language such as C++Java. Familiar with the concept of Object-oriented programming

📌 Good knowledge of fundamentals of Computer science and data structures

📌 Strong Coding skills and familiarity with programming methodologies, including Dynamic Programming.

📌 Knowledge of Software Design and architecture concepts and ability to implement them with front-end developers.

📌 Capable of testing and debugging software and maintaining it so that it remains usable in the long run and may be enhanced and corrected as needed.

📌 Experience with PHP and Javascript for client-side scripting.

📌 Working knowledge of CSS and HTML.

Salary and Perks 💸💰

Salary and Perks

Let’s now talk about the paychecks and perks of working as a Software Engineer at Facebook. The following table illustrates the approximated average salary depending on the entries of a few employees of Facebook: 

Experience Level Salary (in LPA)
Fresher (0-1 years Experience) 58.9
3-15 years  83.5

** Salaries mentioned above are only estimated, and approximations. They are subject to change. **


Apart from the money, you get a lot of other perks too when working as a software engineer at Facebook. Following are some of the perks you will get at Facebook being a Software Engineer:

🌟 Health and Wellbeing: This Includes health insurance, mental health support, pre-tax healthcare arrangements, dental,  and transgender coverage.

🌟 Sports and gym fees reimbursement 

🌟 Finance: This includes Life insurance, tax consultation, retirement plans, access to TurboTax, and legal support.

🌟 Family: This includes paid maternity and paternity leave, Fertility and family planning assistance, “baby cash” grants, and support for dependent care. 

🌟 Community: Various on-campus communities to help you build connections and grow together. 

🌟 Work-life Balance: You get time away from work to enjoy your life. Per year get 21 days of paid leaves. Sick leaves are available. 

Preparation Strategy📍⏳


Now that you know everything about the software engineer role, let’s get you geared up with the best preparation strategy and study material to help you crack this job profile at Facebook. The selection process for Software Engineer at Facebook includes the following three steps:

✅ Application Submission

✅ Stage 1 - Technical Screening Phone Interview

✅ Stage 2 - Full Day Stage 2 Interviews

Let us discuss each stage in detail with the study material offered by Coding Ninjas. 

📍 Application Submission 📋

Application Submission

Your application is the first thing you will be judged on. You can only move forward in the process if your application is selected. Also, you can apply for 3 roles in 90 days, so choose the roles wisely depending on your skills.

📍 Stage 1 - Technical Screening Phone Interview

Telephone Interview

This is a screening round, which means a Meta Engineer will interview you to see if you should be considered for the complete interview process or not. It is to understand the candidate's career aspirations and coding ability.

The whole technical screening interview can be viewed in three sections: 

  • Introduction: Be precise and prepare an introduction where you include who you are, where you have done your training and work, and what your expertise is. 
  • Coding: You will be asked to solve 2 coding problems based on simple computer science fundamentals like algorithms, Recursion, and binary trees. If it is remote, the interviewer will share an editing tool; if it is in-person, you have to solve it on a whiteboard.  
  • Ask questions: You will be given a chance to ask the interviewer about the role, process, or anything related. 

📍 Stage 2 - Full Day Stage 2 Interviews

F2F interviews

This is the most crucial round; here, you will be tested for your coding, design, and behavior. It is conducted at the company premise but can also be scheduled remotely. In all these interviews, you will get 5 minutes to introduce yourself in the beginning and 5 minutes to ask questions at the end. 

This stage is divided into three separate interviews: 

  • Coding Interview: This round would be a little more complex than the previous screening round. You will be asked to solve more complex problems.
  • Design Interview: This round does not involve coding and mainly focuses on solving a non-trivial engineering design problem. The problem can be from a system design or a product design perspective.
  • Behavioural Interview: This round focuses on understanding your thinking skills and attitude towards the work and company. You will be evaluated to understand whether you can thrive in the high-paced environment of the company or not. 

Resources and Study Material by Coding Ninjas

To clear the coding rounds, you must be good at programming and coding in at least one programming language. Here are the links to the courses on the most used programming languages: 

📘 C++ with DSA

📙 Java with DSA,

📗 Python with DSA.

After the languages, you will need programming concepts. You can visit the below links to understand or brush up on your programming concepts:

📚 Data Structures and Algorithms

📚 Recursion | Learn & Practice from Coding Ninjas Studio 

📚 Types of Algorithms and their Uses 

📚 Dynamic Programming 

📚 Object Oriented Programming 

📚 Greedy Algorithms | Learn & Practice from Coding Ninjas Studio

📚 Introduction to the Divide and Conquer Algorithm - Coding Ninjas Coding Ninjas Studio     

📚 Software Design Course

📚 Principles of Software Design - Coding Ninjas Coding Ninjas Studio

📚 Software Design | Learn & Practice from Coding Ninjas Studio  

📚 Software Design - Coding Ninjas Coding Ninjas Studio  

📚 System Design 

Interview Experience

Many people who have gone through the Facebook selection process have shared their experiences with Coding Ninjas.  

Interview Experiences

You can also check out Facebook Interview Experience to learn about Facebook’s hiring process.


📋 Facebook Interview Experience by Shivansh Srivastava | Off Campus - May 2020

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📋 Facebook Interview Experience | On Campus - Jul 2021


Career Map

Career Path

Although there are many job options for software engineers, they all have some features/ qualities/ traits. Opportunities to develop your career in a few different areas could present themselves to you. Depending on your goals and interests, you could advance into data science, management or even keep working in development area and be promoted.

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Frequently Asked Questions❔

What is the job of a software engineer at Facebook?

As a software engineer, You create pipelines for training data, keep an eye on data quality, develop and test models, and conduct experiments. Software and infrastructure engineers frequently add a lot of new code to their products to improve them.

Is there a WFH option at Facebook?

Yes. Facebook provides an option to its employees to opt to work from home. Any employee to select this option can work from the comfort of their home.

What is Facebook’s history?

Facebook is a social networking platform. Mark Zuckerberg founded it in 2004 with his other Harvard colleague. It is owned and operated by a US-based company named Meta Platforms. It was first made available only for Harvard students in 2004, then expanded and was made available for all North American university students 

Does Facebook hire freshers from India?

Facebook used to hire only experienced software engineers before, but now they have started hiring from India as well. They go for on-campus placements in top engineering colleges and hire from off-campus as well. 

Do research engineers qualify as scientists?

Although writing papers usually helps, the research engineer function doesn't. A research engineer and a research scientist working on the same teams in certain organizations. Research scientists should be engineers first and foremost. Both research scientists and engineers develop concepts and put those ideas into practice.

Conclusion 🔚

This article discussed the Software Engineer role at Facebook. We discussed the required skill sets along with the approximate salary.

To learn more about the joining process at Facebook, you can check out this Ways to Join Facebook article. 

To check out coding problems specific to Facebook, visit Top Facebook Coding Interview Questions 

I hope you would have gained a better understanding of these topics now!

Are you planning to ace the interviews with reputed product-based companies like AmazonGoogleMicrosoft, and more? 

Attempt our Online Mock Test Series on Coding Ninjas Studio now!

Happy Coding !

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