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What is Software Maintenance?
Why software maintenance is necessary
Categories of Software Maintenance
Software Maintenance Models
Quick - Fix Model
Boehm Model
Iterative Enhancement Model
Re-use Oriental Model
Key Takeaways
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Software Maintenance Process Models

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Software Maintenance can't be done without the proper knowledge of the software system. This occurs because the software maintenance team is unaware of the requirements and design documentation. 

What is Software Maintenance?

After creating a heavy software system by the software developers, they don't have the luxury of launching a product and letting it run as it is. They constantly need to be on the lookout to correct and improve their software to remain competitive and relevant.

Why software maintenance is necessary

  • Implement enhancements.
  • Improve the design.
  • Correct faults.
  • Interface with other systems.

Categories of Software Maintenance

  • Adaptive
  • Perfective
  • Corrective
  • Preventive

Software Maintenance Models

The software maintenance process model is an abstract representation of the evolution of software to help analyze activities during software maintenance. Which use kind of maintenance model, should be aware of the characteristics of various models and, based on preservation of the environment, decide. 

Quick - Fix Model

  • The Quick-Fix model is used for software maintenance, and Its main purpose is to identify the problem and fix it as soon as possible.
  • It will maintain the software system by modifying the software code for its impact on the overall structure of the software system.
  • It works quickly at a low cost.

Boehm Model

Boehm's theory is models and principles of economics can not only improve maintenance productivity but also helps to understand the maintenance process.


It represents the maintenance process in a closed-loop cycle, wherein changes are suggested and approved first and then are executed.      

Iterative Enhancement Model

  • The iterative model is used for small-scale application modernization and scheduled maintenance. 
  • The biggest risk here is that it doesn't include business justifications, i.e., the software team won't know if more significant changes are needed in the future. The iterative enhancement model treats the application target as a known quantity.
  • This model incorporates changes in the software based on the analysis of the existing system.

The iterative enhancement model is divided into three stages:

  • Implementation of requested/asked modifications.
  • Classification of requested modifications.
  • Analysis of software system.

Re-use Oriental Model

  • The reuse model involves building and then reusing the software components.
  • The parts of the existing system appropriate for reuse are identified and understood in the Reuse Oriented Model.
  • These components(can be reused) can work in multiple places or applications.
  • When applying the reuse model, the dev team should consider the existing application/system components for reuse and make modifications to them.

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  1. What do you mean by Software Engineering?
    Software engineering is based on the software development of systematic applications. The outcome of software engineering is to produce an efficient and reliable software product.
  2. What do you mean by software models?
    To overcome some problems( internal as well as external) of the software, Software maintenance models are proposed. Each of these models uses different approaches and techniques to simplify the process of software maintenance and make it cost-effective. 

Key Takeaways

Software maintenance is a must-needed practice for every software product. For example, if you have a vehicle and don't maintain it, it may often cause many problems. Also, the unperformed vehicle maintenance bill will cost you higher than the regular inspection or maintenance. Similarly, you have to take software maintenance seriously.
To make the maintenance cost-effective some models are introduced which are discussed in this article in detail.

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