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💡About The Company
🧑‍💻About The Role
🤑Salary For The Role
✨Perks and Employee Benefits At Adobe
🧑‍💻Job Expectations
🧑‍🎓Skills And Experience Required
👀Preparation Strategy
🛣️Career Roadmap
Frequently Asked Questions❓
What is the job of a Software Quality Engineer?
Does Adobe provide work from the home facility?
Can a fresher join as a Software Quality Engineer at Adobe?
How many interviews will I have to go through for the role of Software Quality Engineer at Adobe?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Software Quality Engineer At Adobe

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Are you looking forward to joining Adobe as a Software Quality Engineer? Do you want to know about the company and also want a guide👀 to kickstart your preparation for the role? 

software quality engineer at adobe

If your answer is yes✔️ to the questions, you are at the right place. Coding Ninjas is all set to make you ready to grab this fantastic opportunity. Let us get started with familiarising ourselves with the company itself😌. 

💡About The Company

Adobe was initially known as Adobe Systems Incorporated. It is an American MNC. Its headquarters are in San Jose, California. It is a company that functions on creativity and innovation🌟. Adobe is committed to delivering exceptional design and unique digital experiences. It has a vast set of customers associated with it. Adobe has software in different categories like Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, etc. 


One of its products, Adobe Photoshop, the most popular tool for editing pictures and digital art. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. The second set of products Adobe offers, comes under the Adobe Document Cloud. Adobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe Scan, etc are of this category. It now has a significant hand in digital marketing software. It is a company that provides excellent customer experiences. It also has products that provide data analytics, content personalization, etc. These products come under the Adobe Experience Cloud category of products. 

Seeing the number of fields, Adobe has a market in; we can imagine the number of opportunities✨ it provides. In this article, we will discuss the role of a Software Quality Engineer. You can check about the other positions in this article. Let us now discuss the role a bit better👇.

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🧑‍💻About The Role

Software Quality Engineers check for the quality of the software before its release. Testing is performed at every stage of software development to check the product's quality. Software Quality Engineers plan and perform checks at different stages.

A Software Quality Engineer also writes test cases keeping the set of targeted users in mind. They also act as a medium of communication between managers and customers sometimes. Preparing guidelines😌 for the quality check of the products, creating plans for the tests, maintaining documentation for the tests, and ensuring that the product meets the guidelines stated are the primary jobs done by the Software Quality Engineers.

🤑Salary For The Role

The table below lists the salary💸 for Software Quality Engineer at Adobe:



salary table

**The salaries as mentioned above are subject to change.**

✨Perks and Employee Benefits At Adobe

There are a lot of benefits that adobe has to offer to its employees. Let us see some of those benefits: 

employee benefits
  • Adobe offers various healthcare🧑‍⚕️ plans to choose from. 
  • Adobe also provides telemedicine💊 facilities to its employees.
  • Employees can take up to 15 days of leave😎 each year.
  • The company has an annual break period🤽.
  • Adobe supports the well-being of its employees as well as their family🌟. 
  • The company also sponsors higher education for its employees.
  • The company provides adobe products and services for its employees at discounted rates💸.

These are some of the benefits which the company provides to its employees. Now let us move on to the section where we learn about the company's expectations🧑‍💻 from a Software Quality Engineer.

🧑‍💻Job Expectations

As a Software Quality Engineer at Adobe, your job expectations will somewhat look like this: 

1. Debugging✔️ the software to find bugs using systematic tests.


2. Creating guidelines for the company standards. These guidelines will be responsible for guiding the quality🌟 of the products.


3. Keeping a check🧐 on whether the products are meeting the guidelines.

4. Suggest modifications for the product to improve its quality.

5. Writing📝 and modifying automated test scripts for testing purposes.

6. Maintaining a document📃 for all the tests performed on the product and their results. These documents further help debug and modify the product in the future if needed.


7. After performing the tests, the Software Quality Engineer must suggest further improvements to the product quality if required.

8. The Software Quality Engineer is also responsible for checking if the product meets✔️ government guidelines. 

Now let us look at the skills Adobe looks for in the candidates applying for this position.

🧑‍🎓Skills And Experience Required

The minimum qualification for the candidates applying for this position is a Bachelor's degree 🧑‍🎓 in Computer Science or related fields. Let us now have a look at the skills and experience preferred in the candidates:

skills and experience


✅Candidate must have a strong knowledge of any coding language like C++Java, or Python.

✅Strong hold of SDLC phases. 

✅Knowledge of automation testing tools is required for this role.

✅The candidate must have strong analytical skills to analyze and generate significant test cases to perform the testing.

✅Knowledge of other core subjects like DBMSCN, and OS is also expected of the candidate. 

✅Knowledge of high-quality professional software engineering methods for the agile software development cycle, such as coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build procedures, testing, and deployment. 

✅Curiosity, excellent question-asking abilities, honesty, and integrity are also required.


If the candidate has some experience in the testing domain, it proves to be a plus point. Also, suppose the candidate has no experience in the field but possesses strong knowledge🤓 of the concepts and tools necessary for the role. In that case, having no experience is not❌ a problem. 

Now, if you think you are eligible to apply for this post and have all the skills needed to be a Software Quality Engineer at Adobe, head to the official career website to apply for the job!

Still, if you think there are fields you need to work on before applying for the job, follow the preparation strategy we provide in the next section of the article. If you regularly follow this strategy, there is a high chance✨ you will grab this opportunity at once.

👀Preparation Strategy

You don't want to miss out on this fantastic job opportunity. To make the recruiters not think twice before hiring you, you must prepare well. This preparation strategy will help you in acing the online assessment tests as well as the interviews. Let us now see the roadmap to prepare for the role:

There are generally four rounds of interviews, including technical and HR rounds.

Preparation Strategy


The first round will judge your mental ability, reasoning, and aptitude performance. It will also have two or more coding questions.

For this, you should practice DSA questions regularly. Once comfortable solving DSA questions, switch to practicing Competitive Programming questions. This will help you in solving real-life based questions in the online assessment.

After clearing the OA, there will be technical interviews. For the interviews, prepare the core subjects like software engineeringcomputer organization and architecture, and the language you have experience in, be it java or c++, or any other language.

Practice and prepare your projects very thoroughly. Projects can help you showcase all skills you have and how you have used them. 

Prepare interview questions from the testing topics.

There will generally be 3-4 technical interviews. The interviewer will cover questions from puzzles as well. You can prepare interview questions and interview puzzles from our website.     

We also have a list of resources below, which you can refer to complete your preparation.    


Also, check out an article and this video to learn about the essential skills you must possess to outshine everyone.

Steps to get your first job!


The last round of the interview would be the HR round. Common HR interview questions would be asked in the round.

🛣️Career Roadmap

Software Quality Engineer is an entry-level job at Adobe. After some years of experience, you will be in the Senior Software Quality Engineer position. You also can explore different domains in the firm if you want to explore new positions of responsibility. In the testing domain, after serving the role of Senior Software Quality Engineer, you can take up the position of Lead Testing Specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions❓

What is the job of a Software Quality Engineer?

Software Quality Engineers check for the quality of the software before its release. Software Quality Engineers plan and perform checks at different stages. They also write test cases keeping in mind the set of targeted users. 

Does Adobe provide work from the home facility?

Adobe follows the hybrid model of work. It expects the employees to work from the office for some time and from home.

Can a fresher join as a Software Quality Engineer at Adobe?

Yes, a fresher can join as a software quality engineer at Adobe.

How many interviews will I have to go through for the role of Software Quality Engineer at Adobe?

There will generally be four rounds of interviews for the role, including technical and HR rounds. 


This article was an insight into the role of a Software Quality Engineer at Adobe. We saw what the responsibility of a software quality engineer looks like, what the company expects from the software quality engineer, and the perks and benefits of working at Adobe. Also, if you want an insight into some more roles at Adobe, check out these articles👇-

Gear up your placement preparation by solving daily DSA problems. You can also refer to guided paths for learning about competitive programming. Read about hot topics such as big datadeep learningcomputer vision, and many more. You can always enroll in our courses to give an edge to your career. 

Happy Learning😊!

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