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About Dell
About the Role 
Perks with the Job
Skills and Experience required 
Responsibilities with Job
Helpful Requirements  
Preparation strategy
Career Map
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the notice period at Dell? 
Does Dell offer remote work options? 
What makes a Software Quality Engineer at Dell good?
How tough are Software Quality tests? 
What is the work of a software quality engineer at Dell? 
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Software Quality Engineer at Dell

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Hello Ninja, welcome back. Almost everybody knows Dell as a great company for laptop stuff but it is more than that! 

Here in this article, we will talk about the role of the Software Quality Engineer at Dell.

Would you like to work as Software Quality Engineer at Dell? If yes then You're in the right place, yay!


About Dell

The parent company of Dell Technologies, which owns Dell, is an American technology. It creates, markets, fixes, and supports computers and related goods and services.  

About Dell

Dell sells tools. It includes personal computers, servers, data storage units, network switches, software, computer parts, HDTVs, cameras, and printers. The is known for the way it handles electronic commerce and its supply chain.

Now we proceed further with the role, salary, perks, and other benefits.

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About the Role 

If you wish to join Dell as a Software Quality Engineer. You will have a software team environment. In which you can do the best work of your career. In this profile, you have a social impact. 

About the Role

You will develop, iterate, and automate test strategies, and test cases for the Dell Edge software platform. Additionally, you will design validation processes and test perfect for fresh software parts. To help identify and fix errors, you will work with developers.



**The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.**

Perks with the Job

Dell as a multinational company provides many perks. Both long-term and short from daily needs to life-long insurance everything are covered by them. Some of the perks are mentioned below.

Perks with the Job

Skills and Experience required 

Skills Required

These are some technical skills that one should have to be fully ready for this job profile. Along with this good communication skills, confidence and good body language add more points to your personality.

💥 Docker

💥 Java

💥 OS

💥 Linux shell

💥 Registry


💥 Bash

💥 QA

💥 Dockerfile

💥 VMWare

💥 Linux

💥 Ansible

💥 Helm

💥 Kubernetes

Experience Required

These are some points related to the experience that you should have, including a degree in a required field.

  • It Requires a Bachelor's or Master's degree. And three plus years of experience in system testing and quality assurance. 
  • Robust Python, Robot Framework, API testing, and other automation skills. 
Robust Python, Robot Framework, API testing
  • Experience in checking new tools and technologies by Test Engineering Automation. 
  • Good working knowledge of Kubernetes container orchestration, Linux virtualization, and container runtimes. 
  • Knowledge of creating and operating a CI or CD pipeline for test automation. 
  • Knowledge of test-taker tools like Jira, Qtest, etc.
Jira & Qtest

Responsibilities with Job

  • Collect, find, and examine the software requirements before putting them into tests and automation. 
  • Be in charge of creating, carrying out, and using automation. 
  • Use a number of tools to automate and including internal automation systems, shell scripts, and Python. 
  • For test automation, create a CI or CD pipeline.

Helpful Requirements 

  • Having knowledge of automating end-to-end test cases.
  • Good in hardware platforms.

Preparation strategy

Preparation strategy


I am mentioning one video link below which might help you out in cracking the interview.

Career Map

Career Map

Although Software Quality Engineer at Dell has a good scope. But currently, testers are creating endless chances. You can make a simple living from manual testing. But if you want to grow and rise to the top. You must adapt to the latest evolving field of automation testing. 

When you have expertise with the automation framework and scripting language. You are far ahead of your co-workers just working with manual processes.

Below are some links to help in the Interview:-

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the notice period at Dell? 

The notice period is an important part to know before joining any company. Two months' notice with three monts of extra working. They don't treat employees of the services differently. 

Does Dell offer remote work options? 

We know how important having the tools is when working remotely. You can rely on Dell's expertise in enabling your productivity wherever you are because more than 65% of our worldwide team members operate in a flexible capacity.

What makes a Software Quality Engineer at Dell good?

A sound Software Quality Engineer at Dell is highly organized. It has skills in adjusting priorities. And has excellent attention to detail. Software Quality Engineer at Dell should e able to deal between the perfect ad a good enough result with being flexible enough for different product or process variations.

How tough are Software Quality tests? 

Software Quality testing is not code-intensive and is simple to learn. Although not to the same level as a software or web developer, you will need to learn some coding. Training for software quality tests usually lasts six to ten weeks, whereas web development training can last up to 26 weeks.

What is the work of a software quality engineer at Dell? 

The software quality engineer at Dell works to design, develop, and maintain the policies and procedures used to increase the use of quality.


We learned about the role of the Software Quality Engineer at Dell, their salary and perks, skills, experience required, job expectations, and career roadmap. If you would like to learn more, check out our articles.

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Happy Learning Ninja! 🥷

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