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About the Role✍️
How to Apply for Software Test Engineer?
Off-campus Amdocs Placement Drive 💻
On-campus Amdocs Placement Drive💻
Employee Referrals🤓
Salary and Perks💰
Perks as Software Test Engineer at Amdocs 
Salary of Software Test Engineer at Amdocs
Skills and Experience Required🎓
Job Responsibilities
Preparation Strategy⚡
Difference Between the Role of Tester and Developer
Career Map📈
Resources For Preparation
Interview Resources
Coding Resources
Aptitude Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
What does Amdocs stand for?
What is the estimated in-hand salary for Software Test Engineer at Amdocs?
What is the role of a Software Test Engineer at Amdocs?
What is the average annual salary for a Software Test Engineer at Amdocs?
What are the other roles that Amdocs offer?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Software Test Engineer at Amdocs

Author Juhi Sinha


Amdocs is a multinational corporation that provides software & services to the world's well-known communications and media companies. Software Testing is an essential procedure that checks to see if the software meets the expectations of the business and guarantees that the applications work correctly.


In this blog, we will discuss the Software Test Engineer at Amdocs. So, without any further ado, let's get started!

About the Role✍️

The Software Test Engineer at Amdocs has the following role:


📘Implement test scripts and/or procedures using automated tools or by hand.

📗With a focus on achieving exceptional quality, monitor and promptly report on the test execution.

📘Record and thoroughly describe the results of test executions as well as any other data required to support ongoing calculations and reporting on risks, flaws, tests, and coverage.

📗Evaluate script errors at a high level and analyse reports and discrepancies to find the source of the problem.

📘Based on business and technical requirements, compare and analyse system behaviour vs desired results/critical metrics, identifies problems, suggest system improvements, and execute repeated tests to fix problems.

📗You will take part in and make a contribution to internal testing material design reviews.

Recommended Topic, procedure call in compiler design

How to Apply for Software Test Engineer?

Ways to get into Amdocs for freshers are mainly via the off-campus mode and referrals; therefore, most applicants submit applications for the Amdocs Off Campus Drive 2022. Candidates with the necessary abilities for the open roles can easily land a position as an associate software engineer in Amdocs. 

Amdocs logo

Off-campus Amdocs Placement Drive 💻

After completing your education, the most crucial step is selecting a career. The world's most successful communications and media firm relies on Amdocs as a top software and service provider. You can visit here for the Software test Engineer Role and then click on the apply button. You can also visit the official career page of Amdocs to explore. Also, There are other ways to get into Amdocs like LinkedIn where we can see the off-campus opportunity. 

Off-campus Drive:
Candidates can apply from the Official career page of Amdocs.

On-campus Amdocs Placement Drive💻

Amdocs employs selective college recruiting. You can submit an application through one of those colleges' campus recruitment. Even if Amdocs chooses not to visit your university, the “Training and Placement Cell” is likely to know the right people. Ask whether they are willing to share their contact details. You can also visit the Preparation Guide For Cracking The College Placements for college placement Preparation.

Employee Referrals🤓

The best way to get a hiring manager to look at your CV more closely when you're applying for jobs is through a job reference. Here are some strategies for obtaining recommendations.

  • Use LinkedIn to Find Referrals: Begin by looking up contacts at the company on LinkedIn. Enter the name of the company you wish to learn more about into the search bar. You will see a list of contacts in your network who might be able to assist you.
  • College Placement Cell: If you are a recent graduate, see if the career services or alumni office of your college can put you in touch with former students who are already employed by the business you're interested in.
  • Explore Your Network: Ask your friends and professional contacts if they know someone within the organization who could assist you to get an interview.
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Salary and Perks💰


Perks as Software Test Engineer at Amdocs 

💰Amdocs has generous holiday gifts for you to enjoy.

💰Take advantage of a variety of complimentary learning and skill-upgrading opportunities to stay current in your field.

💰Take advantage of our generous paid parental leave programme.

💰Enjoy a variety of enjoyable company events for you and your family.

💰Obtain life and disability insurance to safeguard your future and that of your family.

💰Spend paid time off volunteering for the causes you care about.

💰Keep your feet on the ground with self-improvement tools, lectures, and courses on wellness and meditation.

Salary of Software Test Engineer at Amdocs

Average Annual Salary ₹ 7,39,848
Estimated Take-Home Salary ₹ 55,063 - ₹ 56,440/month

The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.

Skills and Experience Required🎓

Skills and Experience Required

The skills required for the role of Software Test Engineer at Amdocs are:-

💡Bachelor's degree in science, technology, or a related field

💡A minimum of five years of relevant experience

💡Experience in a Linux or Unix environment is required.

💡It is necessary to have full testing experience as well as front-end, back-end, or both development experience.

💡Shell scripting, bash scripting, and customer experience are required.

💡Preferably with certification in testing and experience in Java, Jmeter, Jenkins, Microservices CI/CD and Selenium.

💡Being open to working a regular or mid-shift; able to adapt to changing schedules.

Job Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a Software Test Engineer at Amdocs are:-

Job Responsibilities

👉You will deal with defects and ticketing issues as well as answer customer questions.

👉You will create, modify, fix bugs in, and/or maintain software code in accordance with technical, non-technical, and functional design specifications.

👉To ensure that code is maintainable, scalable, and supportable and to demonstrate the software products to stakeholders, you will adhere to Amdocs software engineering standards, applicable software development methodology, and release processes.

👉You will investigate issues by going over and debugging code, suggesting fixes and workarounds, and examining changes for functionality in order to maintain current software solutions.

👉You'll collaborate and add value by participating in peer code reviews, working with cross-functional teams to accomplish goals, and working within a team.

👉You will take technical responsibility for the unique work products you produce for an application, and you'll offer technical assistance when developing solutions to meet new requirements.

👉You will be urged to actively seek out innovation, ongoing improvement, and efficiency in all tasks that are assigned to you.

Preparation Strategy⚡

The preparation strategy for Software Test Engineer at Amdocs are:-

Preparation Strategy

📜Gain some experience with or knowledge of different software testing and testing methodologies and experience in development.

📜Working knowledge of DevOps and Agile techniques. Utilizing a CI/CD methodology, keep track of quality processes and document them.

📜Knowledge of integration architecture, application deployment techniques, large-scale application architecture and design, automation, testing, compliance, and auditing.

📜Understanding of all aspects of Quality Engineering and a desire to automate as many processes as possible. Experience with Selenium, JIRA, Rally, and QTest.

📜Make use of cutting-edge technologies like AWS, micro-service architecture, MongoDBJavaPython, and others.

📜Facilitate the tracking of Bugs and Enhancements (via JIRA and applicable tools).

📜Develop and implement the Test Automation strategy/effort. 

📜Work closely with developers, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters to review products.

📜Generate test scripts utilising a variety of tools and technologies.

Difference Between the Role of Tester and Developer

For a business, both teams are crucial, and they must remain connected. Before a project is released to the market, it must pass quality testing. Testers check specific documents at the beginning of every project, and they keep working throughout the entire project.
Software development work is done much later in the procedure. Jobs in testing call for a deeper comprehension of the software's overall operation, whereas jobs in development demand the ability to create and improve projects. It is admirable that software developers have such in-depth knowledge.

Career Map📈

Jobs in software development and testing have different growth paths but also share some similarities. According to the organisational structure of the company, developers become module leads, team leads, project leads, project managers, and more.

Career map

The testing positions take a similar route. They advance to become project managers, team leaders, test architects, and so forth. There is no reason to think that jobs in testing offer limited room for advancement. Both jobs have the potential to lead to management positions.

Resources For Preparation

Here are the resources to help you prepare for your recruitment exam and interview.

Interview Resources

Coding Resources

Aptitude Resources

Get detailed information about FAANG companies here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Amdocs stand for?

AMDOCS stands for American Directories Operations & Computerized Systems (corporate care & billing software company).

What is the estimated in-hand salary for Software Test Engineer at Amdocs?

The estimated in-hand salary for Software Test Engineer at Amdocs is ₹ 55,063 - ₹ 56,440/month. But the salary figure mentioned is subject to change.

What is the role of a Software Test Engineer at Amdocs?

Software Test Engineer checks to see if the software meets the expectations of the business and guarantees that the applications work correctly.

What is the average annual salary for a Software Test Engineer at Amdocs?

The average annual salary for a System Test Engineer at Amdocs is ₹ 7,39,848. But the salary figure mentioned is subject to change.

What are the other roles that Amdocs offer?

Other Job Profiles at Amdocs include Software Engineer - FullStack Developer, DevOps Engineer, Software Engineering Specialist, Software Engineering Team Lead, etc. These alternative jobs are rewarding and offer a great career path.


In this blog, we have explored the Software Test Engineer at Amdocs job role. We have briefly discussed the System Specialist role, salary and perks, skills and experience required, job responsibilities, and preparation strategy for the System Specialist role.

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