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Table of contents
About the job🧑‍💻
Salary and Perks💰
Skills and Experience required 🦾🧠
Primary Skills
Secondary Skills
How to become a Test Engineer🌐 
Earn a post-secondary degree
Participate in internship opportunities
Consider obtaining industry certifications
Start applying for job opportunities.
Be Passionate About Testing
Have The Right Skill Set Required For The Job
Choose Your Niche
Bust All Myths
Write A Perfect Cover Letter And Resume
Get Recommended
The cherry on the Cake: Proficiency in Communication
Float Your Resume
Few Other Tips
Career map📈
Alternate Career Tracks as a Software Tester
Levels of Test Engineer at Capgemini💯
Project Manager
Manager QA
Team Leader
Senior Tester or Senior Test Engineer
Associate Test Engineer
Junior Tester
Frequently Asked Questions❓
What is Software Testing?
Does software testing require coding?
What should I study to test software?
Can the tester become a developer?
Is software testing in demand?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Software Test Engineer at Capgemini

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Hi Ninja🥷! Must be tired of searching for Capgemini. Don't worry; you are at the right place🙌.

We will together explore the Software Test Engineer at Capgemini.

As a pioneer of innovation to address the full range of client opportunities in the developing world of cloud, digital, and platforms, Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation.

Software Test Engineer at Capgemini

Capgemini helps many organizations realize their business ambitions by drawing on its strong 50-year heritage and deep industry-specific expertise through a range of services, from strategy to operations. The belief that people and not technology create business value is the motivation behind Capgemini.

About the job🧑‍💻

To ensure that software programs function as intended, software test engineers are in charge of designing and putting test procedures into place. Software development companies typically employ them to ensure that goods meet specifications before being made available to the general public.

About the job

Function: Software Engineering → Backend Development, Engineering Management, Full-Stack Development




Responsibilities as Software Test Engineer at Capgemini:

📕 Design and implement Tests with C0/C1 focus (coverage > 95%), running tests on target HW, and Uploading in Test Management Tool

📕Requirement Analysis

📕Design the test cases (Positive, Negative, 100% requirement coverage, MC/DC)

📕 Execution of test cases as per the plan in the tool

📕Final test report

📕Test Execution Report

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Salary and Perks💰

Salary and Perks

Salary depends on years of Experience, education, and location. The total compensation varies depending upon whether someone qualifies for a stock grant or annual bonus.


The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.


When you work as Software Test Engineer at Capgeminiyou'll discover that the benefits go beyond money. You'll have access to fantastic benefits like working with brilliant colleagues with a wealth of Experience.

✨Salary continuance insurance

✨Paid parental leave 

✨Education assistance

✨Salary packaging

✨The ability to purchase additional leave

✨Discounts on entertainment

✨Financial and wellbeing services

✨Travel and shopping

Skills and Experience required 🦾🧠

To become a Software Test Engineer at Capgemini, you will need Experience in the following skills:

Skills and Experience required

Primary Skills

🔰Should be handed with Python automation with Robot framework.

🔰Should have worked in Selenium.

🔰 Hands-on experience with SD-WAN.

🔰 Hands-on experience in unit testing tools CANTATA / Google Test / RTRT /      POLYSPACE

🔰 Hands-on experience in Embedded Software Unit testing

🔰Experienced in Embedded programming using C++ languages

🔰 Knowledge of version & requirement management tools (Doors, SVN Etc

🔰Knowledge in White Box testing

🔰Knowledge of Embedded Multi-Core concepts and AUTOSAR will be added   advantage

🔰 Experience In test script development using PERL / PYTHON/CAPL

🔰Good Knowledge of AUTOSAR concepts & architecture

🔰Good understanding of Embedded Systems

Secondary Skills

🔰Should have networking knowledge.


🔰L4Analytical Problem Solving L3Analytical Problem Solving

🔰Business Knowledge

🔰Business Collaboration

🔰 Communication

How to become a Test Engineer🌐 

You can take the following actions to pursue a career as a  Software Test Engineer at Capgemini:

Earn a post-secondary degree

Make sure the degree you choose is appropriate for Software Testing engineering, regardless of the type. Software engineering, computer science, information technology, or computer information systems are typical fields of study for this position. You can acquire the theoretical and practical Knowledge required for this job by taking part in the coursework.

Participate in internship opportunities

Try to look for software testing or other pertinent internship opportunities while pursuing a degree. You can gain practical experience through internships that will help you prepare for the workforce. By listing this Experience on your resume, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you are already familiar with the responsibilities and duties of the position.

Consider obtaining industry certifications

After receiving your degree, you can work toward certifications proving your software testing engineer's expertise. The American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB), the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), and the International Institute for Software Testing are just a few of the vendors from which you can obtain certifications (IIST). The International Software Testing Qualifications Board's Foundation Level Certification (CTFL) is a popular choice for someone just starting their career.

Start applying for job opportunities.

Examine the job description before applying for software testing engineer positions to find keywords you can use to modify your resume and highlight your qualifications for the position. You can also research typical interview questions to help you practice and get ready for interviews.


Most new graduates choose software testing as a stepping stone toward an IT career.

It is always a smart idea to start as a software tester, even if you intend to switch to becoming a software developer later in your career.


Be Passionate About Testing

Why do you want to work as a tester? In all testing interviews, this is presumably the most asked question.

The following inquiries should be answered in detail by you:

  • What made you decide to study to be a software tester?
  • Why did you not choose software development if you are a computer science engineer?
  • Why do you not look for a job in your area of expertise if you are from another stream?

The best jobs on the market are only awarded to applicants who are passionate about this industry and want to advance as Quality Testers.

Have The Right Skill Set Required For The Job

Most of your time as a  Software Test Engineer at Capgemini would be spent trying to "break" the program. In addition to having a strong aptitude and analytical abilities, you should be familiar with testing methodologies and tools.

The interviewer will undoubtedly ensure that you possess all the fundamental Knowledge of software testing and the required skills for the position.

You can follow these links:

📚Basic of Software testing

📚Security Testing

📚Software quality assurancee

📚Data Structure and Algorithms

📚Competitive Programming

📚Operating Systeme


📚Computer Network

📚Computer Organization and Architecture

Use the following resources to develop Software Testing skills:

💡Training Institutes

💡Freelancing & Crowdsourced Testing



Choose Your Niche

The phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" may be familiar to you. You need to specialize these days rather than generalize, especially in the IT industry.

Most businesses always favor specialists over generalists (even though it's not a good idea to choose specialists because of their narrow scope, most HRs find a simple solution to fill the position quickly).

You can select from a number of the most well-liked testing niches, including:

  • Manual Testing: In this approach, the tester must assume the end user's position. The person who will use the software product is the end-user. The tester must manually use every aspect of the software during this process to find the bugs.
  • Automation Testing: In automation testing, a tester must verify the software's features by creating scripts that carry out the test procedures automatically. Because it does not require manual labor, it saves time. This is frequently the most economical method of long-term software testing.
  • Performance Testing: This testing approach uses a predetermined workload to test the software. The evaluation of specific metrics will include responsiveness and maximum load capacity.

Bust All Myths

Sadly, the industry and students have numerous misconceptions about software testing jobs.           


🔖Software Testing is a simple job. So anyone can do it:

Testing requires much effort and intelligence from the tester, even though it's not rocket science.

🔖Testing is a second-tier job when compared to development:

Software development and testing are two distinct processes. Any comparison regarding the degree of difficulty between the two is absurd.

🔖Testers get paid less as compared to developers:

Contrary to popular belief, testers are paid less than developers. The pay for a tester solely depends on the role and responsibilities of their job, their skills, company standards, their employment status, the type of testing they perform, etc. It is not a good idea to compare the pay between a tester and a developer!

🔖Automation testing means clicking a few buttons, and the software will do it for you:

While this may be true for some test cases that already exist, you would typically need to write a script for automation testing. Therefore, don't think that it will be simple and that this is the ideal opportunity for you if you don't know or dislike programming.

🔖Testing is boring:

If you find testing boring, you are not conducting it properly. It's fun to test! Testing provides the ideal daily opportunity to learn new things, explore the product, and think creatively.

Write A Perfect Cover Letter And Resume

How many times have you submitted the same resume for a series of jobs at once without even considering including a cover letter?

Like most job applicants, you'd probably respond with "most of the time" or "always" to this question.

Cover letter

Several resumes are sent to recruiters daily by applicants who blindly apply for jobs by attaching their unformatted, fresher-level resumes without even reading the job descriptions or requirements. Do you believe a recruiter will go through the trouble of interviewing you after such an effort?

Constantly personalize your resume, and be sure to attach a unique cover letter to every application. Apply to just a few pertinent employers instead of attempting to contact 50 at once.

This will significantly increase the likelihood that your employer will respond.

Get Recommended

The most straightforward and quickest way to find a job is through recommendations from friends, family, or other close relatives. Many job openings are filled by current employees recommending to people they know who have the necessary skill set.

The cherry on the Cake: Proficiency in Communication

 Software Test Engineer at Capgemini must be proficient in oral and written communication because they must accurately document test-related data and communicate bugs and issues to stakeholders to ensure complete comprehension.

As a result, before applying for a software testing job, brush up on your communication skills.

Float Your Resume

Join discussion boards for software testing, apply for positions on job sites, and post your resume on all of these places.

You can sign up for forums like STS, where many Software Testing jobs are advertised.

Few Other Tips

There won't be many expectations of you because you're new. Just be assured, review the fundamental testing concepts, and speak freely during the interview.

Be true to who you are!

Give more and more mock interviews!

Don't falsify information for the CV. You ought to be able to discuss the information on your resume.

Career map📈

The typical CMMI level of your software testing career growth as a QA Analyst will vary from company to company.

  1. QA Analyst (Fresher)
  2. Sr. QA Analyst (2-3 years experience)
  3. QA Team Coordinator (5-6 years experience)
  4. Test Manager (8-11 years experience)
  5. Senior Test Manager (14+ experience)

Alternate Career Tracks as a Software Tester

After gaining Experience with manual testing, you can pursue the following specializations.

  • Automation Testing: You will be in charge of automating manual test case execution, which would otherwise be time-consuming, in your capacity as an automation test engineer. IBM Rational Robot, Silk Performer, and QTP were used as tools.
  • Performance Testing: As a performance test engineer, your duties will include evaluating the responsiveness of applications (loading times, maximum loads that they can support, etc.). Applied tools WEBLoad and Loadrunner
  • Business Analyst: The fact that testers are more business-savvy than developers is one of their significant advantages. Being a Business Analyst is a logical career move for testers to make. Your company's business model and workflows will be subject to analysis and evaluation by you, a business analyst. You will incorporate technology into these models and workflows as a BA.

Levels of Test Engineer at Capgemini💯

There is a distinct group of professionals who fit the profile of software testing in every IT company or software-based company. Software testing is an investigation to determine the caliber of the goods or software being created or used by the company. This contributes to risk mitigation, quality enhancement, and increased profitability. The department employs a hierarchical job position structure because numerous job positions are involved in the software testing process. A thorough job hierarchy for  Software Test Engineer at Capgemini is provided below.

Project Manager

The project manager or delivery manager oversees all aspects of software testing jobs, including proper planning, Execution, and delivery of test results to the business or other senior staff members. The project manager is responsible for many tasks, including resource management, supervision, creating automation frameworks, and designing automation architecture.

Manager QA

Manager QA is the position that is second in the software testing job hierarchy and is in charge of analyzing the project or testing procedures and providing advice to the project lead regarding adherence to the project process, among other things.

Team Leader

To complete specific testing tasks, a team of testers is hired, and the team leader, a professional who works for the project manager, is in charge of the team. They perform various other tasks, including assigning duties, reporting results, executing test cases, and providing onshore and offshore coordination.

Senior Tester or Senior Test Engineer

A senior tester or test engineer is the fourth person in a software testing position hierarchy. They are skilled and knowledgeable tester who completes the majority of technical work by the budget and case requirements. They create the test plan documents and participate in peer and lead reviews.

Associate Test Engineer

The manual testing of web and Windows-based applications is the responsibility of the associate test engineer, who is also a member of the testing team. They also create manual test cases while analyzing the functional specifications.

Junior Tester

The junior tester, who occupies the lowest position in the software testing job hierarchy, is likely the least skilled engineer in the team. Although they carry out significant tasks, they are still being learned, so they may need guidance from seniors to complete tasks for tests.

Frequently Asked Questions❓

What is Software Testing?

A method of examining software to find discrepancies between actual and desired conditions (i.e., defects) and to assess the software's features.

Does software testing require coding?

Although testers are not expected to write efficient code as well as developers do, it is always a good idea to learn something new. Manual testers don't need to know how to code or write it.

What should I study to test software?

You must first become familiar with the tenets and varieties of software testing. The best course of action would be to learn Selenium, which will familiarise you with creating, executing, and testing scripts in languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, etc. Last but not least, JMeter enables functional testing of web applications.

Can the tester become a developer?

A tester can become a developer. However, a tester should have a good knowledge of at least one programming language before becoming a developer. This is usually a win-situation for the company and the tester.

Is software testing in demand?

The testing industry has never experienced a downturn in the various IT-related fields, and professional software testing is always in demand. The profile of a software tester has significantly increased over the past year.


In this article, we have discussed most of the vital things you need to know about a Software Test Engineer at Capgemini; a brief idea about Capgemini, the most required skills, a quick roadmap, and how we will help you in this journey.

These articles will help you to explore more about technical roles at Capgemini:


Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio for aptitude preparation. Enroll in our courses like data analyticsdata sciencemachine learningdatabase management, etc. Refer to the mock test and problems available. Take a look at the interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

Happy Learning!                 

Thank You
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