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About Facebook
Salary and Perks
About the role
Required Skill Set
Responsibilities of Software Test Engineer at Facebook
Preparation Strategy
Recruitment process
Career Path
Frequently Asked Questions
What does an engineer who tests software do?
Being a software engineer at Facebook is challenging.
How to get ready to get employed at Meta?
How do I ace my interview for a software engineer position at Facebook?
What does Facebook's development mode entail?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Software Test Engineer at Facebook

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We all have heard of Facebook, and most of us have an account on Facebook, but what if you want to join Facebook as a software test engineer? Here comes Coding Ninjas with this blog so that you achieve your goals.

This blog will provide info on what needs to be done to become a software test engineer at Facebook.

Software Test Engineer

Check out our article on Ways to join Facebook.

So, let's get started.

About Facebook

Facebook is an online social media service owned by an American company. Meta Platforms was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with fellow Harvard College students.

Initially, it was open only to Harvard students. Now, membership has grown to include students from other North American universities and as of 2006 anybody over the age of 13.

Facebook claimed approximately 3 billion monthly active users as of July 2022. It was rated third globally among the most popular websites. It was one of the most popular mobile apps in 2010.


Mobile phones, tablets, and personal PCs all have Internet connectivity; therefore, they can all access Facebook. Users can post text, images, and other files shared with friends or, depending on the privacy settings. 

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Salary and Perks

This section will look at the salary of software test engineers at Facebook.



Average Base Salary (per year)

Additional Pay Average (per year)

Software Test Engineer

₹5,94,706 - ₹6,44,411



* The salaries mentioned above are subject to change.

About the role

In this part/section, we are going to look at the role that needs to be performed by the software test engineer at Facebook.

About role

A test engineer who decides how to effectively test a particular product in manufacturing and ensure it complies with relevant specifications. To provide proper test coverage, test engineers must also decide how to conduct a test.

📘 Required experts in quality control and validation.

📘 They should know how well the existing systems are working.

📘 They will conduct requirement analysis, and develop test strategies to guarantee improved results.

📘 They will be required to design a testing environment that follows actual conditions.

📘 You will participate in internal testing material design evaluations and contribute.

📘 Implement test scripts manually or using automated tools.

📘 Keep an eye on the test execution and report back as soon as possible.

📘 Record test execution results and describe them in detail, reporting risks, faults, tests, and coverage.

📘 To identify the issue, evaluate script failures at a high level.

Required Skill Set

In this part/section, we will look at the skill set required to be a software test engineer at Facebook.

Skills and Experience

💡Applied mathematicsstatisticscomputer science, engineering, etc. Bachelor's degree in a quantitative field.

💡5+ years of experience working with significant amounts of data in a related industry.

💡Experience in a Linux or Unix environment is required.

💡Testing experience in front-endback-end, and development experience is required.

💡Having the flexibility to work regularly.

💡Should be aware of at least one programming language.

💡Knowledge of either front-end or back-end engineering, data processing, modeling, or both.

💡Hands-on experience in Embedded Software Unit testing

💡Knowledge in White Box testing

💡Hands-on experience in test script development using PERL/PYTHON.

💡Good Knowledge of architecture.

💡Good understanding of Embedded Systems.

Responsibilities of Software Test Engineer at Facebook

Job Responsibilities

In this part/section, we will look at the responsibilities that need to be performed by the software test engineer at Facebook. Some of them are listed below:

👉As a part of the testing team, your main duties would be to create test plans and plan project execution.

👉To fix problems, you'll create test cases.

👉Ensure that tests are carried out successfully.

👉You will develop a test strategy, and track and monitor project plans.

👉You will develop strategies for project quality.

👉Capacity to work with the project team and other QA testers.

👉You will be pushed to pursue innovation and constant improvement.

👉Make sure that teams in our data ecosystem share best practices and standards.

👉Start working on tasks and see them through to completion with no direction.

Preparation Strategy

Preparation Strategy

In this part/section, we will learn how to prepare to select a software test engineer at Facebook.

📘 Learn about several software testing approaches, and gain experience in them.

📘 Start using tools like AWS, MongoDBJavaPython, and others.

📘 Make it easier to monitor bugs and improvements (via JIRA and applicable tools).

📘 Develop and put into practice a test automation plan.

📘 Review products closely with developers, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters.

📘 Produce test scripts using a range of tools and technologies.


📘 Working knowledge of Agile and DevOps.

📘 Knowledge in large-scale application architecture and design, application deployment methods, integration architecture, and testing.

📘 Practice and prepare your projects very thoroughly. Projects can help you showcase all skills you have and how you have used them.

Recruitment process

Resume selection

🌟 Application Submission: Your application/resume is the first thing you will be judged on.

  • Match the job description's requirements and experience. Link your work directly to the criteria of the position.
  • Give a thorough description of the projects you've worked on or supervised.
  • If you're a fresher or have little professional experience, include any school-related projects or coursework showing you have the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Although there is no minimum length requirement, clarity and accuracy are crucial.

🌟 Technical Screening:  This is a screening round, which means a Meta Engineer will interview you to see if you should be considered for the interview process or not. It is to understand the candidate's career aspirations and coding ability. 

The technical screening interview can be viewed in two sections: 

  • Introduction: Be precise and prepare an introduction where you include who you are, where you have done your training and work and your expertise.
  • Coding: You will be asked to solve coding problems based on simple computer science fundamentals. If it is remote, the interviewer will share an editing tool or if it is in-person, you have to solve it on a whiteboard.

🌟 Interviews: Here, you will be tested for your coding, testing, and behavior. It is conducted at the company premise but can also be scheduled remotely. Some of the techniques they employ to assess applicants during the process:

  • Online Assessments
  • Short Virtual Chats
  • Project Work
  • In-depth Interviews



📌 Data Structures and Algorithms Web Technologies

📌 General Aptitude

📌 Tips and Strategies

📌 Data Interpretation 

📌 Percentages  

📌 Time and Work

📌 Permutations and Combinations

📌 Probability 

📌 Ratio and Proportions 

📌 Order and Ranking

📌 Cause and Effect

📌 Error Detection and Correction 

📌 Aptitude | Learn & Practice

📌 Competitive Programming 

📌 Java

📌 Python 

📌 Mobile Technologies 

📌 Guide to Open-Source 

📌 Ruby 

📌 IT Certifications 

📌 Database Management System

📌 Basic software testing and methodology

📌 Learn the basics of Python

📌 Resource to learn

📌 Computer Networks

You may look into the following to have better practical knowledge:

📌 Best Web Development Projects For Your Resume

📌 How to Practice for a Technical Interview? 

Career Path


Testing and software development positions have separate career paths but have things in common. Depending on the business structure, developers can advance to become team leads, project managers, and more.

The testing positions follow a similar path. They progress to become test architects, team leaders, project managers, and so on. There is no justification for assuming that careers in testing have few opportunities.

You can also check out Facebook Interview Experience to learn about Facebook’s hiring process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an engineer who tests software do?

To ensure that software programs function as intended, software test engineers are responsible for devising and putting test methods into place. Software development organizations typically employ them to ensure that goods meet specifications before being made available to the general public.

Being a software engineer at Facebook is challenging.

Facebook has a less than 3% acceptance rate for software engineering positions, making it extremely difficult to find employment there. However, you can succeed in Facebook's challenging technical rounds of interviews if you have a well-organized preparation approach, planning, and execution.

How to get ready to get employed at Meta?

One of the hardest organizations to secure a meeting with and a proposal for employment is Meta, which has many job hopefuls. However, the internet giant has offered employment to three clients for vocational training.

How do I ace my interview for a software engineer position at Facebook?

To help you prepare, practice some questions using a whiteboard or pen and paper. Practice while the clock is ticking. For the coding question, you'll only have a certain amount of time; doing it quickly is crucial.

What does Facebook's development mode entail?

Facebook automatically sets newly developed apps to Dev Mode so that developers can set up and test the app before submitting it for review or publishing it to end-users.


This article provides insight into what it takes to be a software test engineer at Facebook. We had also seen the Facebook preparation strategy and career roadmap.

Want to learn more about the Facebook process, follow the link given below:

I hope you would have gained a better understanding of software test engineer at Facebook now!

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Happy Learning!

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