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Table of contents
Types of Sparklines
Inserting Sparklines in Excel
Editing the DataSet o the Existing Sparkline
Changing the Sparkline Type
Highlighting Data Points in Sparklines
Sparklines Color and Styles
Ungroup and Group Sparklines
Deleting the Sparklines
Key Points
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024


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Sparklines are the small chart diagrams and pictures that reside in a cell in Excel. Users can use these charts to show a trend over time and variations in the datasheet. Sparklines are used to make your data look better.

These Sparklines works excellent as they can be used to create and show trend and make the reports more reader-friendly and understandable. It doesn’t work as a regular chart; instead, it resides in a cell as the cell's background.

Essential points about sparklines in excel are:

  • They are dynamic and are dependent on the dataset. If the dataset changes, then the corresponding sparkline would automatically change. 
  • The size of the sparkline is independent of the size of the cell. It can adjust itself according to the size of the cell. 
  • You can also add text in the sparkline.
  •  Sparkline can be customized- the color, adding axis, highlighting maximum and minimum, etc. 

Types of Sparklines

There are three types of sparklines in excel:

  1. Line
  2. Column
  3. Win-Loss

Given below is the image of all three types of sparklines: 


                                                                                                        Source: Image

The first one is in G2 is a line type sparkline, G3 is a column type, and in G4 is the Win-Loss type sparkline. 

Inserting Sparklines in Excel

Here are the steps for inserting sparkline in excel:

  1. Selecting cell in which sparkline is to insert.
  2. Click on the Insert tab.
  3. Go to the sparkline group and click on any type of sparkline you want to add.
  4. In the “Create Line” dialog box, select the data range.
  5. Click “OK.”




It’s the primary step to insert the sparkline in excel. You can also customize the sparkline by going to the “Sparkline Tools Design” section. It will be available once you input any sparkline.

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Editing the DataSet o the Existing Sparkline

You can edit the data of the existing sparkline using the Edit Data option. Then you will get the following options:

  • Edit Group Location & Data: You can use this when you want to change the data of the entire group of sparklines.
  • Edit Single Sparkline Data: You can use this the edit sparkline data of the single group.



Changing the Sparkline Type

You can change the sparkline from one type to another, like from line to column and vice-versa using the following step:



  1. Click on the sparkline you want to change.
  2. Click on the sparkline Tool Design Tab.
  3. On the type group, select the sparkline of your choice.

Highlighting Data Points in Sparklines

You can use the sparkline to mark the highlights in the sparklines. You can highlight the maximum, minimum data points of the data set, the first and last, and the negative data points.

You can find this in the Sparkline Tools Tab:

Given below are brief descriptions of the options available:

  • High/Low Points: You can use these to highlight the maximum and minimum points in the data set.
  • First/Last Point: You can use these to highlight the first and last point of the data set.
  • Negative Points: You can use these to mention the negative data points in the data set. 
  • Markers: It can be used only for line sparkline. It will highlight the entire data points in the sparkline.

Sparklines Color and Styles

Sparkline's look can be changed by using the style and color options. It will allow you to change the color of the sparkline and the markers.


You can also use the ready-made option. It contains the collection of ready-made collection of sparklines.


Ungroup and Group Sparklines

If you have many sparklines in an excel sheet or dashboard, you can use them together. By doing this, you can change the whole group instead of doing it one by one.

To Group Sparklines:

  1. Select the sparklines which you want to group.
  2. Clicking on the Sparklines Tool Design tab.
  3. Select the Group icon.


This way, you can select the sparkline that has been grouped; all sparklines in the group will be set all at once. You can also ungroup the sparklines using the Ungroup icon. 

Deleting the Sparklines

Sparkline can be deleted by selecting the sparkline and pressing the delete option or key. Follow the steps to delete a sparkline:

  1. Select the sparkline cell which you want to delete.
  2. Select the “Sparkline Tool Design”: tab.
  3. Select the “Clear” option.


  1. What is the difference between a sparkline and a regular chart?
    Sparklines have limited functionality as compared to the regular chart. But sparkline is a user-friendly option because it can fit in tiny spaces.
  2. How many types of sparklines are present in excel?
    Sparkline is of three types:
    1. Line
    2. Column
    3. Win-Loss
  3. Is it possible to change the type of sparkline in excel?
    Yes, It is possible to change the type of sparkline in excel. You can first select the sparkline cell then select the sparkline type of your choice. Hence the respective sparkline will get changed.
  4. How many cells in the worksheet does a sparkline use?
    Sparklines in Excel use only one cell of the worksheet. They work great in showing trends.
  5. When you should not use a sparkline?
    You should not use a sparkline in the worksheet when you need to show specific details of the chart or need to augment the informative chart elements. 

Key Points

In this article, we discussed what Sparkline is. The importance of sparkline. Types of sparklines and different functions of the sparklines like insertion, deletion, editing, etc.

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