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If you haven't heard about the term Squarespace, or have heard it but do not have a clear understanding. Then this is the article to have a look at. At the end of this article, you will be clear about Squarespace and the difference between Squarespace and WordPress. 


Let's first move toward "What is Squarespace?"




Squarespace is a space for website building designed to help creative minds and website owners build incredible sites. With Squarespace, you don't need any coding knowledge whatsoever.


While anyone can use it to design a website, the solution is designed first and foremost for designers, photographers, artists, and others in the creative space.


To get started, all you need to do is create an account, choose a template for your website as per your needs, and you can start editing it. The beautiful design options available through Squarespace is part of what has made this website builder one of the most popular options in the eCommerce and selling space.


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Features of Squarespace


  • Email marketing tools
  • Search engine (Google) and SEO solutions
  • Social media integrations
  • Drag-and-drop website editing and design
  • Website analytics and reports
  • Appointment tools


Pros of Squarespace


1). Good Spread Of Templates

So, if you're using Squarespace, look past the number of templates, and you'll realize that 67 templates are all they need to offer a little bit of everything. It offers the best templates to use as per your requirements.


2). Drag And Drop Interface

The drag-and-drop interface that Squarespace offers is a bit of a problem. But it includes other features like:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Useful Widgets
  • High Level of control
  • Various Page Types


3). Fantastic Support

Squarespace also has an extensive knowledge base for self-help. This includes a searchable directory of sorts and has video tutorials.


Cons of Squarespace


1). No Free Plans

Initially, Squarespace gives you a 14-day trial on their editor. This means that you can sign up, create an account, and choose a template for your website as per your needs. After this, you can't use it. Unless you're willing to buy into one of the paid plans, once your trial expires and is locked, you'll no longer be able to modify any part of it.


2). Limited SEO Customizations

Search Engine Organization(SEO) is the most crucial part of a website. It helps the search engines rank and index websites, drawing readers into your content. SEO-wise, all you can do on Squarespace is edit your site title and meta description part. That's it. You can't twist specific content keywords, you can't tag segments separately, and you can't do anything.


3). Doesn't Play Well With Third-Party CDNs

Although there have been several complaints that the CDN used by Squarespace faces issues in some areas and is poorly optimized, as of 2018, So the company has decided to cease the support offered to customers trying to connect their accounts with Cloudflare.


Squarespace Vs. WordPress


Before heading towards the comparison, let me give you a little idea regarding WordPress.


WordPress was developed by its founders, American developer Matt Mullenweg and English developer Mike Little, on 27 May 2003.

WordPress is open-source content management (CMS) written in PHP and connected with MySQL or MariaDB database. It can be used to create a website, blog, and mobile applications. It is also used to create an online store using WordPress plugins.


Features Squarespace WordPress

Before heading towards the comparison, let me give you a little idea regarding WordPress.


A lot of choices when it comes to themes, but not out-of-the-box types, and you'll need to have some coding skills for a good website to reap the full benefits.
Ease of use A very user-friendly, drag-and-drop website builder. You can build a website having any prior knowledge of coding skills. A steep learning curve is required, especially if you are a beginner. You need to be technically savvy or hire someone who already knows all this.
SEO A range of in-built features with impressive quality covering a variety of areas. Smaller range of in-built features – due to more dependency on third-party plugins for extra functionality.
Security All security and updates are managed for you in advance.  You are solely responsible for managing the security of your website.
Help and Support A dedicated support team is there with organized tutorials. You can also get their help through live chat or email to the support team. In WordPress, there is a big community with resources and tutorials, but not well organized.
Apps and plugins The most important apps are already fully integrated into Squarespace, which means they're all compatible and updated. There are thousands of plugins to choose from to install to your WordPress site. Endless extra functions are available. 
Pricing There is a 14-day free trial initially to help you get started. And after that, four premium plans range from $12 per month to $40 per month. Much more flexible pricing! WordPress is free, but you pay for various factors (hosting, themes, plugins, hiring help, etc.)


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key features of Squarespace?

Live support chat

Flexible building blocks

Mobile friendly blocks

Extensive help and support

2. What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source CMS written in PHP and connected with MySQL and MariaDB Database. It can be used to create a website, blog, and mobile applications. It is also used to create an online store using WordPress plugins.

3. Who will benefit most from Squarespace?

Squarespace is particularly useful for business owners – specifically those with small but growing businesses. You can find many great companies online that already use Squarespace to power their sites.



Squarespace shines in its extensive back-to-back offerings that are open to e-commerce sites. The fact that they don't charge e-commerce sites a fee per transaction is a very inviting prospect and not easily found elsewhere. This probably won't help small online businesses struggling to survive, though, due to steeper monthly fees.


After reading this article, what have you learned about Squarespace? What is better, Squarespace or WordPress? 


Overall, we can see Squarespace is better than WordPress. There are a few reasons why Squarespace should be your go-to choice in most the cases: 

  • You get to choose from stunning designer themes and templates.
  • There are many built-in tools, so you don't have to go searching for any
  • It's much easier to use and modify, with no coding/technical skills required. 


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Happy Learning!!!




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